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Wot are you playing?


My favourite assassin’s creed was always the first one. I loved scouting out the location and researching the hit - it felt like a natural development that genuinely helped you play the game in an engaging way. If you listened you could learn about the hit’s route or a secret passage to get close. It did play a lot like a proof of concept, doing the same thing over and over, but it was really good at that one thing.

That’s what made the game special, not the running up walls! Feel like the rest of the series took everything I wasn’t particularly fond of and left everything I loved out. Too often I found myself bungling a kill, but getting away with it anyway. AC shouldn’t be trial and error, it should reward preparing as much as possible!


This! It felt like it could become a thief style game, instead of hiding in shadows, hiding in crowds - but as you say, it went a different direction, removing almost all consequences for stealth failures


Yeah, my one biggest criticism of the first game was the information was all baked into the course of the main mission. You can get to a hit with the minimum number of research missions, but it’s all still very much signposted with ‘do this, this and this, and you’ll know everything’. It’d be cool for some information that could change how you approach a mission to be locked away in side missions or GTA/RDR style pop up events where you’d least expect it. AC could be great at integrating environment, side missions and main missions together.


Yep, that and map markers did take a lot away from the game, sometimes it felt more like a dot to dot simulator, there was no need to learn any of the nuances of the city, just hold down the climb button, face the dot on the map and push forward


Finsied Arkham City and moved on to Gravity Rush 2*. Its super anime, but also gorgeous, and the movement is a lot of fun (though it’s a bit tricky, as you can flip upside down in the blink of an eye, and not realize it).

Either way, for $7, I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth.



Don’t get me wrong, it was seriously flawed in so many ways (I love that I now don’t somehow jump at right angles to the direction that I was moving towards, just to land in water for an insta-death).

But it lost a lot of having both that having to “out-smart” it as well as having to be able to kill everything (even though it was in order to run away and hide. Now all you have to do is find a convenient bush. Combat and mobility, up a billion percent! Thoughtfulness and creative ways to solve something, down to a modern brawler).


It’s no worse than the dotted line on roads. Map markers at least made you figure out where you’re going on your own a little. (still working on turning off this stuff more completely in some open-world games).


Tell me about it!! This is how I play Skyrim, I get rid of a lot of the hud, much of it - health, fatigue and magica only pop up when it needed, The crosshair appears if there is something you can interact with, or you have a spell or ranged weapon armed.

There is no magic g.p.s, no magic maps (work in progress) no magic knowledge of when someone is about to notice you when you’re sneaking! No level up sound or text, no text on screen telling you exactly what to do now, just Skyrim!


I tried playing Witcher like that @SleepyWill, and it was pretty amazing.


I picked up Cuphead again.

And then I threw it on the floor and stomped on it, mot#%f&#r!!!

And then I picked up Cuphead again.


Just completed Detroit: Become Human. Personally I adore narrative based games, so I’ve completed a ton of “walking simulators” too. Whilst David Cage’s writing might not be perfect and despite me finding some of the characters a little annoying (Marcus especially) I really enjoyed this one and there haven’t been many narrative games that have made me feel as a part of the story as this one did. Plus the graphics are absolutely stunning.
A solid 7.5/10 for me.


There was a 50% Steam code for Frost Punk so I picked it up. It’s been on my radar for some time but the price was a little more than I was willing to put out.
I’ve only played about an hour but so far definitely seems interesting.


Did you try the extra stuff after? A lot of it’s a bit dry, sure, but I thought they came up with a really neat way to put the makers’ commentary into the actual gameplay. Valve did something similar in Portal (I think a few games have tried this, too, since then).


I did actually. I thought it was really nicely done, I agree plenty of it was a bit dry but that’s always going to be the case, and I think they did it in an interesting way at least.


I’m playing Ace Combat 7 on the ol’ PS4, and I love it. The story is characteristically dopey and nonsensical, but that’s okay for an Ace Combat game, in fact I expect it now. AC:04 is my all time favorite of the series, but this is a very close second (despite the amazing sound and graphics, AC:04’s planes handle a tad more realistically, especially when landing. Not too shabby for an 18 year old game!) Anyway, I’ve gotta go; those damn Erusians are attacking again, so I’ve got to scramble!


I’m playing Bioshock… yes, somehow I’ve missed playing it all these years! Bit disappointed that dying doesn’t seem to do anything.


I never finished Bioshock. It just never grabbed me the way it seemed to for everyone else.

I’m back to playing The Bard’s Tale (the one with Cary Elwes and Tony Jay (RIP)) on my Vita. I turned it on last week for the first time in a month or two and this game had an update. They finally fixed four of the trophies that were bugged, so since I can actually obtain a platinum now, I’m doing one last playthrough on easy to get that trophy (unlike most games, trophies for easier difficulties don’t automatically pop when you complete the game on a harder difficulty).

On consoles, I’m slowly working my way through Horizon: Zero Dawn and working to unlock more fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on our Switch. Since I’ve unlocked Jigglypuff, my older kid is a bit more interested, as he had lost interest when we first started it up and there were only about 8 fighters to choose from.


I lived that game SO MUCH! My only real complaint was that the “big reveal” happens just past the halfway point, and the game seems to lose a lot of steam after that. There is also a section in the second half that is extremely tedious (imo).

That said, its still one of my favorite games of that generation, and easily one of my favorite themes ever.


I would just like to revisit this little bit of my previous statement here, and say that I would’ve paid an extra $20 for my copy of AC:7 if it had included a “Turn Off The In-Game Blather” button. The inane chatter in this installment is…constant. :wink:

Also, one of my pet peeves resurfaces numerous times in this game: the word “aircraft” is both singular and plural. There is no need to put an “s” on the end! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Still love it, though! :sunglasses::+1:


Tried the Anthem demo. It is: a game wot can be played on computer.

It’s a strange thing. The movement feels good outside of in-flight default mouse sensitivity, the movement animations and the suits in general look fun, there voice acting for some of the little between-mission and over-the-radio chats ranges from pleasant to quite lovely, and it’s all very pretty. Once you’ve unlocked them, Javelins can be swapped out in-between missions so unlike Destiny there’s no need to start a new character to try out all the different classes. The hubworld is a nice density–the layout is weird, but in terms of population it feels like the right amount of people hanging about in a way I’m so unused to seeing in games I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m used to game spaces feeling oddly big or empty of people so I have a sense that achieving this feeling is not easy and the demo fort in Anthem hits it just right for me.

But the gunplay is aggressively medicore as are the special abilities–it’s strange that the game decided to go all in on guns as your primary interaction with the game instead of activated abilities or suit-mounted gunnery only to have all of them feel samey and lifeless. A heat management system prevents you from spending all that much time in the air. The lore and storytelling are all the way towards the boring, bewildering nonsense end of even your standard MMO or loot collection game spectrum. The game has some very strange area partitioning–it needs to load a separate area for post-match victory screens as well as the hub-world inventory terminal. Speaking of inventory, it’s cumbersome to manage because of this and some annoying choices in how equipment stats are displayed and inventory is inaccessible during play (there’s an inventory button that’s ONLY usable during play, but it’s not actually for accessing load out or looking at stored equipment).

All in all a disappointment. I was pleasantly surprised by Destiny 2’s gunplay and accessibility–things like being able to access inventory, stats and so forth during loading screens, conveniently displayed weapon stats, being able to switch sub-class or weapons on the fly at any time, and just the way weapons feel to use and fire. But where Destiny had me clinging to under-leveled gear that looked and felt good to use, Anthem had me mostly interested in the damage capability and unclear on how guns compared to one another. Anthem has had me enjoying the moments that in Destiny I tuned out of or hoped to be done with soon–the traversal between combat, the returns to hub areas. Unfortunately that’s not a favorable inversion when gunplay is still the vast majority of time spent in the game and conservation is still just added spice.

The demo build is also a bit of a mess. It feels like a beta build in terms of connectivity and other bugs encountered over a short evening of play. Hopefully the demo build is pretty out of date as the release isn’t too long from now and I wouldn’t recommend even someone who enjoyed it more than I did hop in at launch if the demo is representative. Too many connection issues and weird glitches. The demo build isn’t bad enough to be unreleasable or unplayable, but it feels like a mid to late period early access build that just turned on the newer, better servers and hasn’t got them dialed in yet.


I haven’t played it, but this mirrors the long discussion I head on the Bombcast.

I’m very sad. While I loved my time with vanilla Destiny 2, I was really hoping this would be good, as I always prefer 3rd person to first person.

I’m not gong up hope entirely. The game could be tweaked to be something special (I love those mech suits!), but I don’t trust EA to put the time in. Oh well…its not like I have the time for something like that anymore anyway, which is why I haven’t really touched D2 over the past year. Though Forsaken has been tempting me to jump back in for months!