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Wot are you playing?


Oh, right, this is the wot are you playing thread…

well, I suppose:


With a few mods:

You don't want to look

Told ya!

Took me two days to get this install stable!


That’s right, and laser discs! You can still go and play with one of them


I still don’t know if I like it either, but why the hell couldn’t I stop playing it?!?


Oh, crap, I thought I was the only one. Bethesda games (at least the Elder Scrolls and the Fallout single player games) are so moddable that customizing the game perfectly can take almost as much time as actually playing it.

Also the modders generally fix all the bugs that the devs couldn’t be arsed with the first time around, apparently.

That’s how to do a beta, triple-A devs! Leak source code before releasing an unfinished game and let the random unpaid nerds fix it up for you.

An effective and proven strategy, there are lots of geeks in the wild who enjoy doing this for fun, all you need to do is give us a canvas to work on and we’ll do it for free.


Can confirm… been writing the same audio bug fix since Morrowind. It’s still to this day included in the unofficial patch! My small claim to fame.


My son and I have been playing far too much Smash Bros. Ultimate since our Christmas on Saturday. I forgot how much fun those games are! I’m sure once we unlock all 70+ characters it will be played slightly less, but were probably a few weeks away from that (based on schedules, lol).


I’m falling out of love with Battletech. I’m going to grind out the campaign to the end, but once you get to the point where you can 80+ % focus fire the CT of each mech you encounter, mostly one-shotting anything 70 tons and under, it gets a bit silly. In other words, the core game is fine, but the AI is stupid (no surprises there), and highly skilled mechwarriors in suitably tanky mechs (you get a very good one for free in an early-ish storyline) with sufficiently high morale make most fights very trivial.

I’d like the same system, but with heavily re-worked called shots, so maybe that’s an option somewhere. Of course, if you don’t exploit called shots you are heavily out-tonned, so the campaign as written would be pretty grindy…

Perhaps a heavily tweaked career mode can salvage the core gameplay hook. EDIT: nope, no such options. Looks like I’ll have to wait for an expansion fix?


I haven’t continued either but plan to do so at some point. The procedural missions are fun but at some point they get a little bit repetitive.
And I also skilled tactics (or trying to do so) on all my mech warriors to 9 for the precision mastery. And I also paid outrageous wages to increase morale really fast for the increased bonus so I can do precision shot every turn. But if I don’t snipe the hostile mechs with called shots I have to fight two to three lances with my one, so I have to abuse the system.


If anyone loved Assassin’s Creed: Origins and played it until you had sucked the marrow out of it’s bones, you will be mildly amused with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

It’s just fine. Great controls, lots of stuff to do, challenging, blah blah blah, but they dumped the kitchen sink on this one. There’s so much, I can’t give a crap about any of it. Not to mention blatantly rubber-banding to your level in most quests (gods, I hate that. Some things should be way beyond your ability to handle at the time, challenging at another, and a cake-walk when you’re truly awesome).

I appreciate the immense work that went into Odyssey, it’s a beautiful and expansive game. I just wish I hadn’t bought it. It’s more like a chore, sometimes. Alexios or Kassandra are super fun characters, but they’re no Bayek or Ezio.

(I still miss hiding in the crowd, but the sailing bits with the shanties help a little. I love the shanties.
My god, I’ve really lost it for the AC series, haven’t I?)


As I jumped on board with this generation (pretty late) I’m playing a bit of catch up on PS4.

Currently enjoying

  • Uncharted 4
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Onrush (it was free on PSN and I have to say after initially not enjoying it I’m really getting into it)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Observer (Rutger Hauer voicing a character about dystopian sci-fi future? YES PLEASE)
  • God of War

There’s more that I’ve started but I now have way too many good games to play so I need to just actually focus on completing a few. I mean I don’t know what I was thinking, it’s hard enough to complete 1 game let alone about 10 at the same time.


I stopped playing because of this, but I was led to believe a patch had removed it, or at least made it an option?


Whaaa? When did that happen? I haven’t played since the 5th.


Dunno, but it seems to be in the options now - Gameplay, Level Scaling Default, Heavy Medium or Light.

Default - Content will be set according to difficulty
Heavy - Content will stay at your level
Medium - Content can fallup to 2 levels behind
Light - Content can fall up to 4 levels behind

Guess the game was balanced to such an extent with scaling difficulty, it can’t be dropped. personally I would have preferred an option where the content scales as normal the first time you visit an area, but locks to that level but there we go!


I fired it up and I saw that, but it’s a band-aid for something that needs sutures. It’s basically an additional difficulty scale, and does not address the root problem.

In Origins, you could accidentally meet up with insta-kill baddies randomly, or in specific areas, and later (after getting pumped up) could encounter these same baddies and mop the floor with them. It’s not the same satisfying experience. This system is just an additional, unnecessary, fine-tuning layer of “difficulty.”

Meh, I say! Meh.

(I’ve never said “meh” with an exclamation point, before, it seems unnatural. The word is supposed to reflect distasteful ambivalence, but somehow I got to the point of active, passionate, ambivalence. “Meh!” indeed.)


I think what I’ve found is that I can only really do one Assassins Creed game a generation. When I get into it, I really get into it, but these days they are packed full of content but also pretty samey gameplay wise.

I’m still working through Origins and I kept looking at the Odyssey thinking I might make the leap. Kind of glad to hear it’s not quite there, saves me having another 100 hour game to complete!


I started an interesting thread in the Paradox forums where I got a lot of very good tips on how to modify the game to my liking. Things I’m changing include switching the -4 bonus for precision shot to a +4 penalty, and making the odds of hitting a targeted location much lower at all skill levels, but making it moral independent. Then adding a +1 penalty to hit when moving, increasing evasion by 50%, adding another +1 penalty to indirect fire, halving all gunnery and piloting bonuses, and making inspiration require 100 morale. Debating whether or not to allow the AI to reserve.

With all that, it seems a lot closer to the tabletop game.


I agree, I think this patch might have saved odyssey for me, but that’s because I haven’t played an assassins creed game since black flag, and before that I bounced off 2 and 3 - I feel they took the series in the wrong direction! I’m into it because I like the sailing and the protagonists are interesting, I’ve restarted with the other and she’s wicked! But mostly I play assassins creed games for sailing now!


I tried getting into Origins and couldn’t. I didn’t really care about anyone, I didn’t like the theme, and I kept wanting the stealth elements to be deeper (I kept trying to lure people MGS style, but it just wasn’t that good).

I completely skipped Oddysey as it seemed like more of the same, but worse?!

To date, my favorite Assasins Creed game has been Black Flag. It wasn’t perfect, but I loved so much of it, especially how your character basically hated the Assasins for most of the game!

For me, the worse part of that series has always been the ongoing story between the Assasins and Templar. I just never cared, but the gameplay was often very fun, and I liked individual characters.


Sea shanties :white_check_mark:
Hiding in plain sight :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Naval battles :white_check_mark:
Navel lint :grey_question:
Awesome and creative ways to assassinate people :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Taking out an entire garrison (eventually) :white_check_mark:

Black Flag (and AC3) were the games that left behind a lot of content we’re not going to see again.


Have to disagree on this one and can only assume you didn’t get to a certain point in the game… where you might discover what that pyramid thing in the loading screens is.

But I’ll add in a:

Futuristic stuff spilling into the actual game, as well as pulling you out of the game :negative_squared_cross_mark: