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Wot are you playing?


I mean, the best amiga available to buy right now is a raspberry pi running ambian… but it’s just not the same!


Yeah. It has to be “the OG” or nothing.


My PS1 died from critical design failure (which almost everyone experienced and is one of the reasons anything that plays any kind of a disk today can be propped either horizontally or vertically). Running it upside-down only worked for a few months before the laser disk reader conked out permanently. Which sucked, I had painstakingly chip-modded it with a soldering iron!

I still have a lot of defunct systems, from my original Game Boy to my SNES, Dreamcast, N64, PS2, etc, but I do miss my PS1 (and my Commodore 64).

@SleepyWill There has been a lot of mess over Star Control for years, it’s one of the most sloppy franchises out there (for such a simple and playable game, it’s gotten bonkers in courtrooms and licensing).

The main reason why The Ur-Quan Masters even exists at all, instead of under something that said “Star Control” on the tin, was because some people really wanted it, and some other people really wanted to make it, but no one could untangle the leftover legal spaghetti from the 90s.

That crap is still haunting us today.


Just so long as you’re informed! I’ve made my opinion of Brad Wardell known before, I won’t repeat myself :face_vomiting:


All I have left are my Panasonic 3DO, my PS1 (still runs!), PS2, Dreamcast, XBOX 1 (the real 1, not the ONE…I refuse to buy any more MS hardware), XBOX 360, and PS4. Until fairly recently, I still owned an original, functional Atari VCS (before they called it a 2600), but I sold it to a worthy recipient. Part of me would still like to buy an original ColecoVision and/or Vectrex. Mostly I would like a Vectrex. :wink:

Addendum: I maintain that the Atari 2600 version of Space Invaders is not only the best version, but that it is one of the best video games ever made.


I don’t disagree!


Don’t I know it.

I’m just going to let other people sweat this one out for a while, and eventually get the most legit copy I can find from GOG or Steam or Humble Bundle or wherever.

@Boydesian I’ve been meaning to take an inventory of all of my old platforms, I’ll post the list here once I have it compiled.

I can mention some of the fallen soldiers. I miss my Atari 2600 (and the Sears clone), the GBC (I had three, one remains), my previously mentioned PS1, my NES, the handheld electronic football and basketball games (just some controls and LED lights and a pre-printed display, the 80s rocked when you were a kid), and I suppose my original Speak and Spell which finally just decided that silence was needed, back in 2007.


I very much disagree with both of you nerds. There are several arcade versions (both pre- and post-Atari) that are superior.


That is a very unsound opinion. :face_with_monocle:


Semi relevant


That seems pretty relevant to me.

  • Dragon 32 :dragon: Oh yes, they best micro ever made in Wales!


  • Then my first Microsoft - the Toshiba MSX 64


  • Then an Amiga 500 (Still going strong)
  • Then an Amiga 1200 (Deceased)
  • Then IBM’s a 386 -> 486dx2 66 -> Pentium 100 & Voodoo 2 -> (It all gets hazy - I alternated between AMD and Intel/NVidia machines until AMD went dolally with their drivers) -> Laptops & Consoles, starting with the gamecube and XBox, and I’ve owned them all since - > Desktops again with Intel/Nvidia and now a dual system with one Threadripper 2 and one 8086 based system and Titans.
  • Then I got nostalgic and picked up a new* (sealed found spanish stock) Amiga 1200 for silly money


Acorn Electron
Amiga 500
PC all the way


We’re the same age (-ish, I can’t speak for SleepyWill). We spent a lot of time in arcades, back when they were actually fun. The cabinet and table versions of Space Invaders were much more responsive and had a much better pixel count because the mobo and RAM was built for the system, that’s the only thing it did! The Atari was built to play a variety of titles, and as such, kind of sucked at arcade titles, including Space Invaders.


@Benkyo and @SleepyWill I hope you know I really do try to keep up with vintage systems from across the pond (yea, I know @Benkyo is much further than that, I believe).

@Boydesian is just as USA as I am, we probably would have been friends in high school and played/hacked the same games and systems (although he’s been way more all over the world than I have).

Anyway what I’m saying is we might not always get the references you make to your older systems (Holy cow, why did I have to lead up to that for so long?)


I forgot the BBC Micro! Ah, nostalgia, playing colonisation a colonisation like game on that thing!



Nope. I totally disagree. The VCS version was customizable (tons of variety there), had a super-fun co-op mode, and had a greater variety of aliens (they were different in each row!)


I always wanted one of those, but we lived in NTSC scan world!


A friend of mine had one of those when I was growing up, it was the first time I ever saw Elite.

My cousin had a ZX80 and ZX81, and for my birthday I got a ZX Spectrum. I wasn’t allowed it out till the day itself, but they gave me the manual to read, and I read it cover to cover. It was damn well written and it helped me get a start in programming.

Still got it too!

My stock;

  • ZX Spectrum (2 off)
  • Amiga A500
  • NES
  • American NES (With gold Zelda cart!)
  • SNES (2 off I think)
  • PS1
  • PS2
  • Gamecube
  • Wii
  • Wii U
  • PC

I always wanted a PS3/4 and a Switch but the cost of the games puts me off!

Currently Playing: Divinity Original Sin 2. Do I like it? Still unsure after 12 hours!


@SleepyWill I think the BBC’s Domesday Project was run on those wasn’t it? Streetview for the '80s! :sunglasses: