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Wot are you playing?


I’ve started playing Celeste. I want to eat my hands.


Finally finished getting all the trophies for Uncharted 3 on my PS4. Started up Horizon Zero Dawn, but only just got to the part where I can control Aloy as a child before having to turn it off. I’ll get back to it soon.

Meanwhile my wife and I have been messing around with Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. Ultimate on our kids’ new Switch, working to unlock characters or vehicles to give them more options (well, him, our older kid, as the younger is not interested in playing yet). Sadly realized that the unlocks are unique to the logged in account, so the work we had done on our own profiles we are having to repeat on our older kid’s.


Red Dead 2. It is an impressive experience, but is surprisingly lacking in…fun. I would enjoy this as a movie, but the game is sort of like the SIMs meet The Outlaw Josey Wales. Anyway, I have to go meticulously search a cabin, then eat some stew, then make sure my coat is heavy enough, then oil and clean my Spencer, then bond with my horse, then blah, blah, blah.


Sounds a lot like my actual life, only with an Old West theme.

To be honest, that’s not without its appeal, but you’ve brought it down to earth and away from the hype-mongers. Thanks, that was useful, man.


It’s a game best enjoyed if you want to enjoy being an outlaw member of an outlaw gang trying to keep their heads down, and very occasionally, you get to have a lot of fun playing really interesting and well written stories, before it’s back to your outlaw life again.

If you’re the type of player who prefers to walk, rather than run everywhere, and who stops just to look often, you stand a good chance of enjoying the pacing of the game, otherwise trying to force the fun to happen more quickly becomes frustrating!

One of the early quests where you get drunk in town, legitimately had me crying with laughter! I really do mean it when I say well written! But you can be riding sensibly through town, knock over a drunk who staggers into your path and find yourself being hunted by a posse, while the locals can be shooting you right in front of the sheriff while he watches, not caring. Defend yourself, and he joins in trying to gun you down! So I also mean it when I say it can be frustrating!


I do actually enjoy games where you have nothing to do, sometimes, except for enjoying the scenery and settin’ fer a spell.

I rarely used fast-travel in the last one because I loved riding my horse from the snowy mountains to the arid plains in the south, and every place in between. (Same thing with the latest AC games, Witcher, Zelda [Breath of the Wild], all the Bethesda nonsense, etc.
Screw maps, environments have gotten way more fun in recent years).

Give me any game where I can go from adventuring and heroically bashing bad-guys heads in, to just taking a break and fishing, or planting a garden.


I don’t disagree, but in the previous game one had the option to do, or not do certain things. Not optional here, and it bugs me. I find myself wishing they had just kept the old UI, and simply improved the graphics and map. It would probably be better. Plus, it would’ve been done four years ago. :wink:


Non-optional time wasters. OK, I get what you’re saying, I think.

It’s like the game forces you to “enjoy” all this peripheral content they included, just so the players notice it, whether they wanted to or not. “Hey, look at all this immersive stuff we built in! LOOK AT IT!”

(I am assuming, I don’t have a PS4 or an XBone, I just got the PCs and a huge basket-full of retired platforms).


No, the optional time wasters are still there (Poker, Blackjack, etc.) Plus a whole host of others. It’s the performance essential maintenance stuff that has me tearing my hair out.

I bought a PS4 specifically to play the GTA V reboot. And XCOM 2, so RDR2 is a bonus. In all likelihood, the PS4 will be my last console. I am getting to the stage where I would rather play Star Control 2, or Wing Commander III on my old 3DO instead.

In any event, perhaps my criticisms of Red Dead 2 are a little over the top. Truthfully, it is simply beautiful to look at, the voice acting is fantastic, and the missions are seamlessly melded into the story. All in all, I think tha…hold on a sec…I just received a notice that my horse has too much mud caked to his coat. If I don’t brush him, or ride him through a river, he will lose speed. WHAT?! :wink:

(That’s 100% true, by the way. I actually did receive that notice, and it blew my mind. I shut the game off at that point because I have enough chores to do in real life that I’ve been procrastinating about without adding digital housekeeping and maintenance to the mix.)


This is why I quit MMO’s and have never gone back.


Never got into those. I’m kind of happy about that.


Yeah, I’ve only played one: Star Wars Galaxies. I am a huge SW fan and a friend of mine was playing it and wanted to have friends to play with, so gifted it to me for my birthday. For a while it was a lot of fun, as I was just running around doing my own thing. Eventually I joined my friend’s guild where we all diversified to be able to provide goods for each other. That made me go into being the guild’s chef, which was somewhat interesting but over time became a chore.

Then I finally realized: I go to work to make money, I pay some of that money each month for this game where I work to make money to pay for my house and equipment upkeep in the game…WTF am I doing!?

Walked away and never looked back.


Why would you not do that anyway?!?!? (I say this as I’m pining for some of my old Commodore games).

Anyway, get over it everyone and wash your poop-covered horse already! :laughing:


Odd you should mention that, because the horses really do poop in the game. A real eye-opener for sure. :grin:


I got that from your post. Much like irl modern vehicles (?really? They sell special car-wash soap that’s supposed to make your car go faster?!? Yes. Yes they do. :facepalm:)

Cleaning all the poo and twigs and moss off of your horse makes it more aerodynamic. OBVIOUSLY. Duh.

Anyway, I still can’t get over Star Control 2. The Sega console version Vs mode was the closest thing to a fighting game in space I’ve ever played. It was all about area control and timing, closing distance or opening up distance to your opponent to get a well-timed shot in.

The campaign was also a lot of fun, I loved the RPG elements of making new friends with alien races, or otherwise just shooting them.

Star Control: Origins came out recently, I’m hoping to give that a shot, I’ve been hearing good things about it.

Don’t get me started on any of the Wing Commander games.


The PvP Melee in Star Control 2 is fantastic, but Return Fire is my all-time FAVORITE head-to-head game. They made it for multiple platforms (the 3DO version was the best, but it also came out on PS1 if you still have one).


Yeah… just be careful about who you are giving your money too on that one - it’s going to someone who knowingly stole parts of the Starcontrol IP they didn’t have the rights too.


Don’t get me started…:anguished:


That’s why I bend over backwards to keep my Amiga’s running!


Oh man…so jealous. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: