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Wot are you playing?


I need to get on and play more HZD. I’ve not even left the starting area yet.

I say this while wearing a HZD hoodie I recently bought …


Gave up on Red Dead 2 after about 10-12 hours. Every thing just takes so long, and Arthur controls like a truck…with 4 flat tires, and a busted steering wheel! It definitely plays like a game that started development 8 years ago. Traded it in today for 50% off Smash Bros. Ultimate (xmas gift for my boy).

Grabbed Return to Arkham, Burnout Paradise Remastered, and Gravity Rush 2 during the PSN Black Friday sale for a total of $30!!! Jumped back into Arkham Asylum, and man I forgot how good that game was!!! Burnout is still the fun distraction it always was. Going to save GR2 for when I get through Arkham. So far, I’m having much more fun than I ever did with RDR2.


Yep, I’m really tired of games receiving critical acclaim because of the studio and franchise it belongs too. So few people actually highlighted any of the issues with the game. And how trigger happy the police are too - that damned city - please do round up a posse to run past the literal murderer so you can gun me down - my crime, lightly brushing past someone.

And who in their right minds has the “say hello” control mapped to the same button as “shoot”

Don’t get me wrong, I love it for what it is - but then I used to mod civilisation to play out for a few thousand turns per tech advancement, slow paced is my thing and I understand, my tastes are not widely shared!


Funny, I picked up Return to Arkham from Best Buy a few days before the Black Friday sale, as I had an expiring certificate, and then bought Gravity Rush 2 during the sale. Great minds think alike.

As for RDR2, I haven’t played it yet, but I have heard upping the controller sensitivity helped with the sluggish feeling of the controls. Not that it matters to you now, but just an FYI of you happen to pick it up again in the future.


@SleepyWill I actually listen/watch Giant Bombcast and Beastcast every week, and fortunately they did discuss the those very issues. A lot of the crew still enjoyed the game, despite those issues, but they at least they went into them.

That was actually part of the reason I bailed on the game; their comments made me realize that while the game is technically impressive, it’s not for me anymore. I dont have time to spend 15 minutes riding to a mission, have it fail because I walked 6 inches the wrong way, and have to restart back at camp.

@COMaestro Indeed they do! The original Arkham games are so good, and I’ve heard GR2 is a great sleeper exclusive.

I did hear that about the controls, but they were only one factor. I also didn’t have the patience for how every thing felt like it took forever. They basically went full cowboy SIM, but I realized I wanted a cowboy “video game ass video game”. Its part of the reason why Hitman 2 is on my radar for boxing week. You can’t get much more video gamey than that!


I really enjoy the main meat of RDR2, but a lot of the periphery is indeed ridiculous.

  • Everything about the food system is completely screwed. Stores are few and far between, often far away from missions. A lot of food doesn’t do what you want it to (so many foods don’t improve core health!). And you can hardly carry anything at once so after a few hours I’m constantly being told I can’t pick anything else up. (really hoping this is fixed in a patch)
  • Grading pelts randomly is like pseudo-loot boxes (given up on crafting anything now). I like the idea that precision killing provides better pelts, but making the animal itself a lottery of quality is far too laborious to bother with. And if I’m lassooing a deer then killing it with a knife, surely it’s pelt should be perfect?!?!
  • It is really easy to commit accidental crimes in the cities (best so far is running up to my horse to mount it, but Arthur locked onto the policeman walking beside the horse and rugby tackled him to the ground).
  • I initially had a hard time keeping horses alive, but the first few areas seen a lot more mountainous and rocky than the later areas.
  • Upgrading camps feels largely pointless since you start out with hardly any money, and then suddenly have shedloads - so you can only afford one or two things, then can upgrade everything else to max with a few massive payloads.
  • And I despise any kind of morality track!!! Terrible innovation in gaming that’s done nothing to improve the experience.
  • I wish turning behind you and shooting while horse riding was made easier - it’s one of the most important skills in the game. They’ve fitted the horse with a rudimentary autopilot for cinematic mode, so why haven’t they implemented that for horse chasing? I find myself slowing down when I have enough space between us to shoot.

But all that stuff is side stuff to the main game so not too bothered. Got to admit, I didn’t think they could do much with a cowboy story, but they’ve done a fair bit with it.


Been playing Return to the Obra Dinn tonight. It’s so so good!!! A logic puzzle/adventure game where you’re working out the cause 60 deaths as an insurance assessor - you have to identify the victim, how they died, and by what method (plus who the murderer was if it was murder). Really simple idea, but they make the most of the tiny clues you can pick up from minimal information. And together all the deaths tell a grand narrative! It’s so simple but works so well!!

The logic puzzles are interesting and challenging. It clearly sign posts what you can and can’t work out so you’re not totally lost (but also very frustrating when the game states you can work out the identity of someone you’ve barely seen!). Really love how it confirms correct answers when you get three complete sets correct - so your correct suppositions are eventually set in stone to move forward, but you can’t get by with random guesses. And if you think you should have a set of three but don’t, it’s fiendish trying to work out what you got wrong!

Definitely recommend for anyone who likes detective games or logic puzzles.

So far played for 88 minutes, and confirmed solutions for 6 deaths.


Yeah, I think a visible, simple, morality track is reason enough for me to write off a game completely these days. Do it properly, like Witcher 2, not with a ridiculous track.


I hate that it always encourages min/max-ing. If I want to play in character or for my own enjoyment, I want to do what I want to do. If I get massive benefits from being super good or super bad and nothing for being somewhere in the middle then that’s just going to discourage me from playing the way I want to play! It’s completely antithetical to a game like RDR2 that plays the ‘there is no black and white, just different shades of grey’ card, that’s so popular now.


Playing Zelda - Breath of the Wild on my Switch. It is a really good game, very relaxing and beautiful. You can look so far and know what you see is where you can go. I enjoy it a lot.


That’s the game that makes me want a Switch more than any other console.

(Oh, I suppose I have to admit Mario Party, because, yes, I am that type of dork.)


I bought Slay the Spire, BattleTech and Undertale. Have only played BattleTech really the last days but it is a lot of fun! Great turnbased strategy!


Slay the Spire is very good. I’m also having fun with Battletech. Are you familiar with the tabletop source material? I’m curious as whether there should be some additional restriction on weapon size (slots) that is missing from the computer game. In other words, it’s very tempting to put the biggest guns possible on most of my mechs, but it also feels a bit like cheating with all the called shot bonuses.


We bought our kids a Switch for Christmas and a few games. So far only Mario Kart 8 has been played. By played, I mean our older kid starts up the game and sets the controller on the ground and lets the auto accelerate and auto steering take over. He will sometimes use the items but often he just likes the race to finish so he can go over the replay again and again.

My wife and I were able to play a quick Grand Prix together this evening, which was good fun. We haven’t played MK together for a while.


I am not familiar with the tabletop but I loved Mechwarrior 4 a lot. I think a good balance is important not just to put the biggest guns on the mechs. Though I try to increase tactics for all my warriors because the called shots feel really strong if you can hit the target reliably.


I’m still experimenting, but it seems that a one-two with say, the 8 medium laser Hunchback to maximise damage, but spread out, followed by a breaching called shot with an AC/20 mech is a very fast way to take down the opposition. 100 damage to the location of your choice is a lot more effective than 200 spread out, but you can’t guarantee called shots so…

It’s fun, anyway. Just played a hit and run mission where we were massively out-gunned (190 tons to 350 plus turrets), which made me regret keeping salvage rights - after trashing the base we legged it without taking down a single mech.


Oh that’s what you mean. I thought you always prefer e.g. large lasers to middle lasers. Yeah AC cannons are really strong, like them a lot because of the minimum heat development (though the recoil is annoying but can be diminished by skills).

I have no AC/20 mounted yet but maybe I should do so, it looks super strong. Needs a good Tactician though for the high hit chances with called shot.

It is a lot of fun, stopped at 3am in the morning :smiley:


I am almost ashamed to say that I just finished South Park:The stick of truth… And I, mostly, enjoyed it. Think a crude, as in humour, Costume Quest.

Some of the jokes disgusted, rather than amused… But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.


I played a bunch of “The Stick of Truth” up until the City Beef section… my partner is half Chinese, and was, let us say, unimpressed with the way they made fun of Chinese pronunciation.

I still respect how clever the South Park guys can be, but it’s a pity they’re so mean so often. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!


When I shattered my ankle after Hurricane Irma, I played that until my pain meds wore out (not precisely, I stopped taking them when I could walk again).

It had a bunch of simple systems that could combine effectively, and that was super-interesting (at least for me while I was on painkillers), but it was pretty damned good for what I needed at the time.

The jerk-ass reactions from myself may have been muted because of medication. I thought it was a fine low-impact RPG at the time. (I never sat well with City Beef even in the aired cartoons, tbh. Not just because of the gross pun, but the fact that they used it over and over and over until it was majorly cringeworthy)

Looking back, it was a bit distasteful, but what the hell would you expect from South Park? It actually exceeded my expectations as not being as horrific as it could have been and still gotten away with it. It was a surprisingly soothing, if somewhat expectedly offensive, way to spend my time recovering.

Also, somewhat related, West of Loathing was a huge time sink, and that helped a lot! Highly recommended, medicated or not!

And, no, I don’t have any of those pain meds anymore, unless you count acetaminophen or naproxen or aspirin. Don’t be that person.