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Wot are you playing?


To put it mildly.


(The only thing I’d like more is a modern and faithful version of Scorched Earth: The Mother of All Games. There are good online versions, but I want a reboot that isn’t just Worms stealing the original play mechanics.)


Jumped back into The Witch 3: Wild Hunt, my favorite game of all time (it dethroned Chrono Trigger after 15 or so years, lol).

I stopped near the end of Blood and Wine, during a key point on the hardest difficulty. Its been a…challenge getting back into it! Fighting a bunch of high level vampires is something else when you haven’t played in well over a year! I lowered the difficulty by one setting which makes a huge difference (which is also why I played on Death March when I was playing)

I would just start a New Game+, but I’m worried I would never beat it and see the end of B&W (as if I remember what happened up until now!). Especially after God of War, because while I love this game, the controls now feel “loose” in a way they never did at the time.


I rented the new Tomb Raider for a few days hoping that’d force me to relax finally, but I did everything but relax (including playing some Splendor with my aunt).

Even though I only put a few hours in it seems like I’m almost done. It’s the first of the new games I found disappointing, I’m not sure if that’s the prevailing sentiment or not. I’ll rent it again and finish it, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it. After that, going back to Syndicate before the new Assassin’s Creed comes out.


The last few weeks of my life have been devoted to (aside from school) Spider-Man on PS4.

I laughed, I cried profusely and I enjoyed one of the single greatest adaptations of the web-slinger of all time (definitely in my top 5).

Can’t recommend it enough, the team at Insomniac did a phenomenal job and the performances come through with a resonance i’ve never experienced in a video game before.


YES PLEASE (To Scorched Earth). I played a lot of Gunbound in the early 00s trying to feed my longing for more Scorching…


I finally finished God of War, finding all the collectibles except for two legendary chests that I just can’t be bothered with. Maybe someday I’ll go back and do the New Game+, but for now I need a break. I’ve been faffing about with MGS: Ground Zeroes again, trying to get back into the groove to where I can actually make Snake do what I want. Been fun.


After struggling to get back into Witcher 3, I decided to load up MGS V: The Phantom Pain - it’s still as good as I remember. The story is crazy, even by Metal Gear standards, but the gameplay? Some of the best ever! Not perfect; Snake does get caught on very small rises in the environment, but overall, it’s so satisfying. I have over 40hrs in, and only made it about halfway through the story, because I love just driving around taking bases SO MUCH!

It’s just so fun, sneaking around a night, with NVG, and sniping them with a silenced rifle, than watching them run around looking for me, as I knife them in the dark!!! Or dropping C4 around the bases and blowing it all away! Man…I wish i was playing right now…


As of tomorrow, or more likely Saturday given the size of the D1 patch, I will be playing Red Dead Redemtion 2. I’ve had it fully paid off since March 2017! Entirely because after 30 minutes I had to trade in the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda…seems like a good deal!

**EB Games allows you to trade in a pre-order one time at full value if you dislike the game. Unfortunately you don’t get extra if the game actually hurts you soul…


After enjoying Origins far more than I expected and entering the Google Stream beta I’m trying out Assassin’s Creed Oddessy. I think I prefer Origins for the most part. My leaps from I to II and II to Origins were interesting. Even as the “RPG Elements” got more tedious and fiddly, Origins moved more towards that spark of original weird that I loved so much in the first Assassin’s Creed whereas Assassin’s Creed II felt like a step away from that albeit into a less clunky experience.

The leap to Oddessy was a bit mystifying. Oddessy feels smaller, more crowded and larger at the same time. Many things are the same. A few are improved–leaping onto horseback from a sprint or jumping off onto an overhanging causeway feels fantastic, The Kick is immensely satisfying, the relationship between the protagonist and the token secret societies feels more engaging to me this time around if still a bit rough around the edges, and the excellently re-seated connection between the supernatural/alien elements of the game’s gonzo mythos from Origins are (so far) even more confident and coherent here.

But those blasted RPG elements feel even more frustrating. Gating the world not by a coherent spectrum of tough challenges in major forts vs. rural outposts or small villages vs. sacred sites or similar but by a coarse and sporadic region-by-region leveling curve that bounces around the map roughly with how the designers imagine you following the main plot. This was a weakness of Origins’s open world as well. Only, Oddessy’s plot slings you off in a disjointed zig-zag across the greek world and tries to get you to stay in each spot a lot longer where Origins pushed you out of Siwa and into a smoother, faster spiral through its Egypt. The difficulty feels more … esoterically balanced. Powers feel odd and there are far more numbers to worry about for all the upgrade tree is simpler and cleaner. This awkward shuffle slightly backwards is a pattern that repeats throughout, such as the HUD which allows you to disable pretty much everything … but without quite enough granularity and with a much more mechanically tedious and visually off-putting experience when you leave the HUD on as intended.

I want to follow Kassandra around some more and explore this beautiful, impressive place they’ve built even filtered over a streaming connection that makes it far less pretty and the combat less responsive (though honestly I can’t tell the difference which could mean that ACO is a step up from past AC games, as this feels about par for the course in terms of aliased inputs and unclear animation timings). But I’m definitely not regretting all the AC games I missed in-between. I didn’t miss all the “Ubigame” stuff and it’s quite wearying here.

This does make me much more interested in Red Dead Redemption 2, should it ever hit PC, as by all accounts it slows down a lot. Less fast travel, fewer low level wolves tackling me off my horse out of nowhere, less inventory management, and so forth. I’d like that. I’m given this stupidly massive playground and I feel constantly chided forward to the next shiny object when mostly I just want to leap, climb, watch, and listen to the work that has gone into making this place and its people feel so lively when the game isn’t trying to get me to side with Athens or Sparta for a little extra loot and XP. There’s a lot here that I really like, and there’s a lot here I find compulsive despite disliking; between the two I find it hard to put down but rather dissatisfying.


In less ambivalent news, I started Prey as well (the new one). It’s mostly very, very good.

I got a bit carried away.



Help I can’t stop throwing things into the recycling chamber.

It’s like that Half-Life 2 Ravenholm sign marathon all over again.


Playing Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s alright.

Can I borrow $35 from someone? Accidentally got myself a bond…


I still play Duelyst a lot which is such a good tactic games. It is so rewarding and you always know you lost because of some misplay.

On the side I looked into several games like OneShot which is a fun and mysterious adventure game. It is charming :slight_smile:

Steamworld Heist is a more casual tactic games but it is really well made and enjoyable.

Northgard is a little bit too hectic for me on higher difficulty so I reduced that and enjoy it more now. It seems I am not that good anymore at RTS games :smiley: But I like the game and its ideas a lot. In some ways it feels more like a 4X game than a classical RTS. It combines both types in an interesting way and can be really hard if you want to (though the easiest difficulty makes it pretty relaxed).

I tried the latest Deus Ex (forgot its full name) and deinstalled it after the tutorial mission (like 2-3h in). I don’t know I am not so much in the shooter genre anymore. Deus Ex feels so much the same somehow, especially compared to its predecessor. Prey on the other hand I liked a lot but had to take 1-2 days breaks in between. It has maybe to do with the fact that I am the guy who searches every room and corner for useable items and loses a lot of time doing that :smiley: But Prey’s world and story was more interesting than Deus Ex I think.

Last game I am trying to get into is Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. I love the tv show, I love space opera but the game feels very slow and I feel like totally inept to do stuff. I win the missions but I feel so clumsy doing it. Maybe because I read too much of David Weber’s Honor Harrington , have certain expectations of a skillful space battle and shudder to imagine what Honor Harrington would have said about my performance.


Nothing, but her psychic space cat would’ve given you some dirty looks.


You are absolutely right but her silence would have made her opinion more than clear. Nimitz’ looks aren’t helpful either!


I love Ancient Egypt so I loved every ? in Origins yet I didn’t love the story. It should have been compelling, I should have cared about the characters, but I didn’t. Now in Odyssey most of the areas look pretty similar, fall leaves, woods, rocks, yet the story seems really intriguing. There is MUCH more to do with so many question marks and areas and side quests but it’s almost too much. The leveling of everything with you changes things as well. So far I’m really enjoying it, but it is different from Origins to me. Syndicate is really good too, I look forward to getting back to that at some point.



I played a couple rounds tonight and it’s so good! All the old levels trigger my nostalgia so hard and they’re so pretty now. I love the changes they made to the speed of the game. Every hit feels like it carries more weight. And it looks so good! Did I mention it was pretty?

Gonna sleep a few hours and play with friends tomorrow!


I’ve been playing the Uncharted collection on PS4. It’s like visiting an old friend. Just finished the third one last night, playing on Crushing difficulty. Now there’s just some trophy clean up for the platinum and I’ll be done with it.

I have to say, 2 is definitely the best of this lot. They’re all fun and enjoyable, but 2 had the best story in my opinion, and while 3 offered some interesting new mechanics (throwing back grenades, more involved melee system), it seemed to take a step back in the controls. Drake often goes to cover somewhere other than where you want, pressing the jump button near an obstacle causes a jump when context in past games would have just vaulted it, trying to jump backwards when clinging to the wall seems sluggish compared to past entries, and the aiming reticle is so large it’s hard to do any pinpoint aiming, like at an enemy’s head when they are behind a wall.

Moving on to Horizon: Zero Dawn afterwards, I think. I’ve had it for a while now and after using Uncharted to take a break from open worlds (last game played was God of War), I feel ready for another open world title.


Oooh, you’re in for a treat! That’s one of my favourite ever games (Silly protagonist name notwithstanding)