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Wot are you playing?


This is less an statement of wot I’m playing (which atm is only Hearthstone) and more of one of intent. Quinns mentioned in the most recent newsletter that Sunless Skies wasn’t selling as many pre-orders as Failbetter had hoped, so I immediately went out to purchase a copy. While I had never completely finished Sunless Seas, I played enough of it to be completely ensorcelled for a couple weekends and I’d really like its sequel to succeed. I remember aggressively tinkering with some files to equip myself with more echoes and ship upgrades as to read more of its story, so I’m very excited for Skies’s hopeful improvements on the original’s design.


I just got done with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. (It’s a lead-up to Life is Strange 2).

Wow, that was a roller coaster of whimsy and heartbreak.

I played it twice to get all the map and try different options, but it doesn’t get easier, emotionally. There’s no “good” ending. But it’s a good game. It may hit a little too close to home for some people, but it’s worth playing.

It’s short, and it’s free, there’s no reason not to play it.

EDIT: Yes I did cry, a lot. It’s not a light game, even though it’s filled with light moments. There may be triggers.


Apparently I’ve spent 5 hours today playing Two Point Hospital. I hope these sort of sim games are coming back into fashion. While a lot of TP Hospital is nostalgia for Theme Hospital, it’s a great game, but I’d love to see some new, original sims being made!


Been playing a lot of Invisible Inc.

Released in 2015, still one of the best games ever made.

I’m trying the “endless plus” game mode for the first time, and it is very interesting to see how things like always-on daemon programs and elite spec ops with 360 degree awareness shake things up in the “mid” game. I’m kind of scared by the prospect of the “late” game.


Been playing a bit of Into the Breach ever since it hit Switch. Very good, but very tough game.
Still plugging away at Dead Cells and Injustice 2 every now and then.

I also tried jumping back into Hollow Knight…but that map mechanic can go f*** itself!!! Seriously! Everything else about the game is great, if not amazing, but that keeps pushing back. I think it will stop me from ever beating it. Especially with how many games have hit the Switch this month, and whats hitting PS4 this year.
Thinking about finally playing Bastion and Wasteland 2; I never played Bastion when it came out, and while I tried WL2 on PS4, its not the kind of game I want to play on the “big screen”. I actually feel that way about most indies (or games like WL2), which is why I feel like I’ve played more in 8 months on Switch, than a few years on PS3/PS4.

Edit: Spelling. Because phone.


Bastion is well worth your time for the voice work alone! But, as far as Supergiant games is concerned, I prefer their second game - Transistor. Just wonderful combat, audio and video.


Still plugging away at God of War. It’s been a fantastic experience overall so far. I’ve been focusing on a lot of the side content rather than finishing the story. I feel like I’m near the end, as I am ready to enter Jotunheim, but I just have a couple more Valkyries to defeat, the realm tears in Niflheim, 15ish ravens and a few artifacts to collect yet.



@MrJackdaw I think I’ll grab Bastion this week. I did play Transistor a bit on PS4 (it was a PS Plus game awhile back) but I never beat it. I might give it another try on Switch.

@COMaestro GoW is SO good. I beat it awhile back and was slowly plugging away on the end game content. I’ve only beaten 1 (maybe 2) Valkyries, so there is still a lot to do. Apparently the New Game + adds some additional things; like new enemy AI that is only in a specific difficulty. I’m interested but not sure when I’ll ever have the time.


It is, hands down, my sons favourite game. And it is rather good!


I’m really enjoying Dead Cells. Only issue is in the latter stages I find myself being over reliant on traps, which kinda feel like not playing the game properly. Maxing out on tactics seems especially strong. I’m edging forward on my progress though. One day I’ll get to the Hand of the King…

On the other hand, I find shields next to useless. You’re still taking damage so why do it for a slight buff? Avoiding damage in the first place is a much better tactic.


I bought Reigns on Switch a couple days ago and I’m having a lot of fun running through generations of a monarchy with my terrible decisions! I’ve only tried the king side so far, but it’s my new go to game when I have a couple minutes.


Don’t forget the music! It’s one of the few games I went out of my way to get a soundtrack for. It’s amazing.

Supergiant has been making some fantastic stuff, Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre are all phenomenal, and very different from each other, which is admirable from a small team. As far as the A-class indies go, I put them right up with Behemoth.

I have to say Bastion’s my favorite. I got emotionally invested in it. I wanted to be “the kid.” Transistor had a great story, and I loved their take on turn dynamics, and that lead straight into Pyre. But my favorite one will probably always be their first.


Reigns. It’s kind of a “bad” game that I really like playing. I mean, seriously, how many of those choices are just a coin toss? ALL OF THEM.

It’s still fun, though. Sometimes you get someone to rule for 89 years, and you get someone to rule for 89 seconds. And, yes, I was being a little hyperbolic about the coin-toss, but not a lot, the huge focus on RNG is part of what makes it entertaining.

It’s kind of the perfect portable game you can play at the bus stop or waiting for an appointment or in a cab.


I tried out Steamworld Heist and while it feels pretty light for me turnbased strategy lover it looks and feels really polished and plays super fast. It is very enjoyable and I always want to play another mission :smiley:


It is great fun! It’s pretty short though. I was hoping it would develop into something a bit more complex.


In two days time I will be playing episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. And that’ll be the last one we ever see by the look of it. I am sad for all the people losing their jobs, and I REALLY WANT THE END OF THAT STORY.


Yeah, it’s sad to see so many people lose their jobs. Crazy to think they were hiring new staff as little as a week ago!

…but as an outsider looking in, it was kinda funny seeing how OTT emotional Twitter got over Clem.


Damn. I didn’t realize this was happening. I tried 2 or 3 of their games, and while they were never for me (I think I lasted about 20 minutes once), they had a really strong following.

It sounded like after the changes they made last year, which unfortunately also included lay offs, that they were going to be ok.

The only positive is that from what I’ve head, it can be a fairly supportive industry (when it comes to situations like this). Hopefully the employees affected are able to find work elsewhere before too long.


Has anyone tried the new Star Control?

On the one hand… Starcon2 is probably my favourite game of all time, and the music/writing formed much of my childhood. Even Starcon1 was staggeringly important in my development as a human.

On the other hand… F**K the heck outta Stardock. Those bastards are getting exactly zero of my money ever again.

But on the gripping hand, if it’s REALLY good… I may take steps to see if somebody else who is bothered less by Stardock’s utter moral vacuity (it’s a word shut up) can secure me a copy.



That being said I loved Star Control 2, but the Ur-Quan thing was not playable for me and I couldn’t get into it. I am hoping that this incessant obsession has produced something good.