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Wot are you playing?


It’s not your fault. It’s Telltale Games.


@Kir clearly you need an empathy test. How are you with the first 10 minutes of Pixar’s Up?


Just grabbed Dead Cells on Switch…I’m enjoying Hallow Knight, but it still hasn’t really grabbed me. Going to load it up soon…and than die frequently, lol.


God of War completed! Loved it loved it loved it! Excited to see what they do with the lore next time.

Slight spoiler

I guess part 2 will be Asgard and Yggdrasil with Freya bringing in Thor as the big bad? Part 3 Ragnarok?


Have you seen the real ending? I don’t know how to put a spoiler tag, so I wont write it out.


I hadn’t, but was listening to the spoiler cast from Kotaku which mentioned it, so YouTube’d it. Interesting!

I thought they’d use the time between sequels to progress things and take it to another place. Cool to see it all starts with another knock at the door!

(FYI to spoiler type [spoiler] TEXT [/ spoiler] (without the space after the / )


Yeah, I haven’t seen it either but heard about on the Kind of Funny spoilercast. Been holding off as I’m slowly picking away at the end game stuff, at least until some thing else grabs my attention.


Did you think Atreus was a little OP by the end? In late game I found myself spamming stun arrows to R3 the hell out of people. Fought ogres without a single axe swing. Fighting the brood and Hel with Atreus bouncing around with lightning arrows was phenomenal though, such a gorgeous game!

Narratively it was nice to fight beside Atreus rather than carry him… but gameplay wise I felt like I was kinda cheating.

Not felt this bad about using game mechanics against a game since realising you could stealth suit through most levels in Crysis 2…


Honestly, I never found that. Though, I dont think I used him all the time. I would actually often forget about him until I was almost overwhelmed. By the end game I was using him more often, and I constantly do during emd game challenges as well.

I do like that he was an effective “side kick” that you rarely, if ever, had to wait for.

As far as feeling bad about using a mechanic, the two worst cases for me, are both Bethesda games: Fallout 3 GotH Edition getting the stealth suit early on, plus a high sneak, made you unstoppable. Same with Skyrim, high stealth and a bow was ridiculous. That engine is easy to break when you use a stealth build. Somehow, both were still fun though.


I don’t think I want to play Walking Dead until all the episodes are released, once I play one I’m going to want more, and I’m really not going to like waiting.

Before the new Assassin’s Creed comes out I’m playing Syndicate, the last game in the series I’ve yet to play. Simultaneously I have a few Mario Games going on the 3DS and Breath of the Wild I just recently started. I don’t have a ton of time for games when work and school gang up on me but I sneak a little time in here and there.


I couldn’t get into to Origins, but Odyssey looks great! Even more of an RPG. That said, I probably wont get to it until the holidays with Red Dead dropping soon! Also, Fallout 76, which I know very little about, but I’m intrigued because I love everything Fallout.


I’ve been back into Into the Breach since the Mac release (amazing how much easier it is to play games when you don’t have to boot into a different partition!) and yeah I feel I’ve reached my skill cap. I don’t think I’ll ever unlock the last island but I’m okay with that. Great for a little turn-based strategy hit.

Something else I keep going back to for a hit is Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 I just can’t get enough of it. I love getting into a flow with it. Also great because I don’t have anyone in my house who likes playing co-ops to knock over Overcooked 2 with me at the moment.


It is a nice, tight game. Is the “last island” some kind of hidden content? I’m at the point where I’ve won with all the pre-set teams, but I can’t bring myself to do all the medal hunting to get what seems to be the last unlock(?)


I mean just unlocking the 4th island. I think I’m just very bad!


I have a friend who handles series like this and I never understood that mindset.
The ending of the current episode is constantly floating in the back of my head, the possible repercussions, the possible ways to resolve this situation.
I would never trade this for not knowing anything until december - the creeping anticipation is one of my favourite feelings.

It depends massively on the team, I think.
I breeze trough the game with the Rusting Hulks, but fail on every level with the Steel Judokai or the Acid Assholes. :smiley:


My wife and I are playing through Overcooked 2 and at the request of our children we’ve let them play with us. It’s been a parenting opportunity to explain to my 8 year old and 6 year old that were not actually mad at them, but we are yelling because we’re having fun. Hoo boy!


I’m worried about Fallout 76, I’ve never played a survival type of game. Did you like the home base building portion of that last game? Loved the DLC for that one. Embarrassingly enough I’m just now getting around to playing New Vegas, I expect great things from it though.
Ancient Egypt is my favorite ancient civilization so I loved Origins. I think this one will be the same style, but potentially more appealing to most people.


I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much about F76. If nothing else, it’ll be a fun sandbox for my friends and I (which I what always wanted while playing Fallout 4).
New Vegas is amazing. Unfortunately, I played it (twice) on PS3 where is was borderline broken.
I can see the appeal of Origins. I think in any other media, I would enjoy it more. A baren desert as the majority (of what I saw) of the background of a giant open world game was just not enough of a grab. Also I didnt like any of the characters.

Edit: As far as the building in F4, I didn’t love it. I tried! It was just so tedious and unintuitive. That said, a friend of mine spent more time doing that than almost anything else in the game.


Bah, it felt like such a gimmicky tack-on. I play Bethesda-RPGs to explore the world, not to sit on my ass building a little castle for myself. (For that, I have Dwarf Fortress)
But then again, the dialogue system and overall writing of F4 turned me off the game so fast.


I can see that. I spent 90% of my time doing repetable missions for the BoS or Railroad. I never did beat the game, though I know most of the endings. I just didn’t really care for any of the factions, and the story sucked.

I did LOVE playing around in that world though! Most of the time I spent with a friend in chat on PS4 as we both just did random “stuff” lol. I also “broke” the game with the Caps glitch and bought EVERYTHING! There’s something about Bethesda games, in that they are the only games I can say I always enjoy more once I’ve cheated them. I didn’t really do that in New Vegas, but it’s not really a Betheada game. I mean…it had an actual story!

Edit: I am also more of a hoarder in those games than in any other! In NV I had something like 2000 Incendiary rounds for the 50. Cal!!! When would I EVER use that?!?!?! But I wanted to have them “just in case”.