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Wot are you playing?


Yeah, I ended up using a guide for that bit. Not ashamed in the slightest, even doing everything perfectly took far too long. You can see what you need to do easily enough, but my god it takes a while.


Beat Hollow Knight on the Switch with 77% complete. Took about 24 hours and change! The game is crazy big for a Metroidvania! I really recommend it if you like the genre.

Some of the “extra” bosses and platforming sections are stupidly hard (for me), but so satisfying when you complete them.

The game could really use a better system to get around. Too much backtracking over old areas. A quick teleport would have been handy. The mapping system is dumb too! Both minor gripes to an almost perfect game.


Well, there are three Dark Souls and and a Bloodborne game to tide you over until God of Wars shaky cam. :smiley:


I own Bloodborne. Played the first 20 minutes for maybe 5 hours? I love it, but it’s too unforgiving and multi layered for me!


Yeah, BB has the most unforgiving start out of those games. DS3 is still my go-to game whenever I’m bored :slight_smile:


I was watching let’s plays of BB to see what I’m getting wrong. My god, there are so many hidden rules around parrying etc!!! I was taking ages to defeat everyone (or just getting mullered), while these videos had strong monsters destroyed in seconds with a few times strikes.


Yeah, the entry barrier is steep. But when you finally ‘get’ it and manage to kill your first boss (after countless tries) your dopaminlevels will go through the roof. :smiley:
Also, after encountering your first boss, you get your first point of insight and can finally use your blood echoes to level up.


Still slowly working in the final challenges in God of War. Also grabbed Hallow Knight on Switch, but I’m torn. I really like the game, but I’m in the second area, and have been for an hour or two, and still haven’t found the “map guy”. I really hate this whole having to buy a map for each area, before I can even note my path. It may actually kill the game for me, as I’m not playing frequently enough to remember where I’ve been all the time. Maybe I’ll just grab Dead Cells


Yep. The mapping system is so dumb. Especially when you buy a quill charm to record map progress… but you still have to find the map guy. DUMB!

The beginning of the game can be pretty slow, but if you can stick it through it gets better.


I caved… Worked all night (working on call is brutal psychological warfare!) and have no mind power to do much today, so bought God of War. I am weak.

(Bought the horizon zero dawn dlc too!!)


Just started God of War myself last night. Pretty awesome so far.

First, though, I finished Batman: The Enemy Within. I really liked this version of the Joker.


I’m currently knee-deep into Unavowed and it’s amazing.
The story is gripping, the characters are interesting and the voice acting is great - I’m completely hooked.


Yeah, I’m really enjoying it. I’m in Alfheim at the moment. Really interesting changes to the old GoW. At first I felt really limited by the move set, but it’s really opening up now. Loving the Norse mythology. I’ve just read Gaiman’s interpretations, and there’s lots of lovely little touches in there.

Alfheim Spoilers

That was intense!!! When Acreus drags Kratos out of the light!! I was expecting something like that to happen somewhere in the game, but not so early.


Just played the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Steam Link…

If you’ve played the other episodes, this does not disappoint. If you haven’t - eh, well, you probably won’t care! Wonderful narrative experience, not much game really. I love it though!


It’s out already?
But I haven’t finished Unavowed yet!
I need to get home!



Seriously, playing the first game I remember telling my wife I couldn’t come for tea as “Clem needs me” during the bit where she goes missing. I couldn’t eat till I saw her again, and was having a full on panic the whole time.

Yes, this game got to me.


Had a day off work so I’ve been slaying God of War. Soooooo good. Just finished what I assume is the second act, and the story’s been surprisingly touching. The enemies are a bit samey, and it’s annoying how much of the moveset is tied into leveling up, but other than that the game is flawless. Very small for an open world game, and better for it.


Finally managed to squeeze in enough time to play Ep.1.

Now I want more. This is by far the most thrilling opening of all seasons. D:

(Me, at the beginning of season 1: “Gaaawd, I don’t wanna escort a useless little girl through the whole game”


Yup, and seeing her grow throughout this is just… they better not kill her at the end of this season. OR ELSE.


I’m convinced I’m a monster incapable of emotion or empathy. Telltale Games do nothing for me… What’s wrong with me?!?