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Wot are you playing?


On the PC, I’m playing Duskers and Satellite Reign. Duskers has been on my wishlist for a while, it’s an excellent, atmospheric experience. Satellite Reign is free on the Humble Trove, might send friends some copies to try co-op but I’m really enjoying it. Love planning out a heist and watch it all crumble around me.


I’m pretty sure I’ll be driving into this on PS4 this weekend. I’ve been considering it for awhile, but with the latest update finally adding the things I wanted most (3rd person and multiplayer) I think it’s finally time. Especially since its so cheap now.


I’m playing Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion . It’s very simple game, targeted towards children and most people would be bored with it. Well, since I’m secretly 12 and also a big fan of Adventure Time, I find this game hilarious and great and awesome and cool! Rad story, amazing dialogs, typical AT humour, mathematical fights, algebraical quests and all my favourite characters being themseves. Looove it


Started and finished The Banner Saga all in one day.
Took about 11 hours all in with food breaks but I (clearly) really enjoyed it.

Great musical score, wonderful animation and a captivating story and world. Excited to see where the next two games in the trilogy take things but I think I’ll be leaving it a while before continuing!


I finally finished Persona 5, after 114 hours of play. I plan to play it again at some point to max out the confidants and get all the personas, but I think I need a bit of a break from JRPGs. Will probably borrow my brother-in-laws copy of God of War as my next game.


I’m struggling to find a game on PS4 I want to play now. Waiting for God of War to get a bit cheaper. Don’t really fancy a long RPG (got Persona 5 queued up for when I do). Been playing Yakuza Zero a bit - it’s had moments of brilliance, but it’s quite repetitive.



Have you played Horizon: Zero Dawn? It’s fairly cheap now, even with the expansion, which I hear is solid. i really should pick that up and finish it before the fall…


Yes I have. Probably my favourite game of this generation! Half tempted to get the expansion, but feel like playing something completely new. Have you played it?


I have the played the main game, though I haven’t finished it. I put it down for some reason (think I got back into GTA Online with some friends) and never went back. I’m going to try and pick it back up before the fall, as I have Red Dead on pre-order (paid for by trade-ins :grin:). I’ve heard the expansion is good, but fairly hard. Especially if you jump back into it after a long hiatus.

I grabbed God of War on sale (along with some trade ins). I’ve beaten it, but currently working on all the end/post game challenge stuff.


Haha That’s one of the reasons I haven’t jumped back in. I played it obsessively and got in the groove, but don’t know if I can pick it up again so fast.

The story is pretty weak to be honest, don’t think you’re missing out on much by not finishing it. Towards the end it really drags. Maybe because the bad guys are among the most uninteresting enemies to fight? The wild beasts are far more fun.


That’s fair. At least with this game you can always go deal with weaker enemies to get back into it (though not sure I’d want to).

I know what the big reveal is, at least as far as what project “Zero Dawn” actually was, so i’m good there. I enjoyed the characters well enough, but I can agree the story wasn’t anything too special overall. The human enemy encounters were a joke…really hope they improve that for the inevitable sequel.


Yeah the promise of the sequel is quite cool, but as far as storyline goes I’m sure most people could guess 80% of the story from still images of the robot animal, with the opening scenes hinting the rest excusing some minor details. As usual the hype of ‘original storytelling’ was way overblown.


I just got Monster Hunter World on PC! I’m excited to play it! Anyone else play? Perhaps we can team up??


I’ve been playing Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within lately. I finished the first chapter back in Jan/Feb before diving into Persona 5, figuring all the chapters would be released by the time I was finished. I am correct in that. Finished chapters 2-4, so I’ve just got chapter 5 left. I’ve really enjoyed this take on Batman and his parents and Rogue’s Gallery. It’s an interesting twist to something that is otherwise very familiar after years of movies, cartoons, and comics.


I’ve just started Hand of Fate 2 after Joe rated it highly on the IGN podcast. Played the first one a bit in beta, but with it being on Steam I found it wasn’t enough draw to start up the laptop. Now I have a PS4 these kind of casual 20min games are a lot more attractive.

Got to admit, I’m really enjoying it. It’s still a deck building DnD with simple Arkham combat (for some reason?), but it’s silly fun that fits into short half hour bursts. The stories fit all the Baldurs Gate/Witcher/other high fantasy franchise clichés, but they’re charming and funny in they’re own way. Like escorting a farmer with his prized potato to his lover, whilst his goblin uncle keeps getting him abducted by skeletons (?).


After completing The Banner Saga in a mad day of binge gaming a couple of weeks ago I said I wouldn’t buy the sequel for some time. This week I bought the second entry. I think I’m going to really enjoy it.

After years of pondering I’ve also signed up to Humble Monthly and have downloaded The Sexy Brutalle and SOMA to play.
I’ve actually got most of the way through The Sexy Brutalle already, the puzzles themselves are generally pretty basic and don’t require much effort to solve, a shame because I love the theme and the visual and art design of this. Still enjoyable and considering it’s part of my bundle fee I don’t feel aggreived by it.

Other than this I’ve been playing Tomb Raider: Rise of the TOMBS or whatever it’s called. Despite my flippant nature I’m actually quite enjoying it. I grew up on the original games and loved the TR: Anniversary edition when that came out too. To me the series is at it’s best when you’re just climbing about a tomb and solving little puzzles. This doesn’t quite do that, but is still a really solid game.

I’m a few hours into Broken Age which is just gorgeous. You can see how much money went into the visual design and sound, the story is interesting enough so far and the characters all charming and strange. Again the puzzles haven’t amazed me but maybe I’m just getting a bit cynical in my old age.

I’m also about halfway through Bioshock Infinite, I completed Oxenfree and survived a whole winter on This War of Mine.

It’s sounds like I’ve been doing nothing but playing videogames but that is the occasional binge over a 6 month period that has allowed me to breeze through some releases. Mainly I blame my partner who often asks to watch me play something.


Oh, you poor soul! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had this problem! My wife does encourage me to sit and play a game from time to time but it’s so I can unwind, and never because she just wants to watch me play.


She is strangely fascinated by it all. Her all time favorite The Witcher 3.
Basically she likes the storytelling games. I’ve downloaded SOMA as she loves sci-fi spookies but I’ll be honest, horror games terrify me! It should be quite entertaining.


I felt the same about Sexy Brutale. I played the first few levels thinking it was fun to get past the tutorial section, but was ready for a more complex puzzle that involved more than one action… but it never materialised.

Slight spoiler in terms of game mechanics, but nothing story related:

There’s only one elaborate puzzle in the whole game, and that’s the worst kind! Having to work out which rooms to go through in the right order to activate the thingymajiggy!!! Not fun, just laborious and slow.

End of story spoiler:

Ah, the ending’s fine. Feel like every twist has been done to death at this point. It’s just a matter of choosing which cliche twist to use


I’m on that puzzle now and yes. You aren’t wrong!