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Wot are you playing?


When I was playing last year, I didn’t really feel a lack of progress, because I was able to use a combination of careful farming and the non-volatile blood in small amounts, when I was close on buying a new level. Just burn a few of the consumable blood thingies to turn them into blood, spend it all, and then you’re safe from setbacks.


That’s fair. I just dont enjoy the grinding I feel is needed (due to my lack of skill) and the idea that I have to retrace so much when you die, especially for boss fights. I’m a product of the checkpoint and quicksave generation (even though I’m not as I’m 36, lol).


Thats a shame, but totally understandable. FROM’s games are an aquired taste. My first taste of Dark Souls 3 ended somewhere in the second area and I didn’t touch the game for almost a year, when a friend bought it, too. And I was like “I’m not gonna be beat by a stupid game!”
Well, a few years and multiple playthoughs in various Dark Souls’ and Bloodborne later I only have one complaint now: ‘Casual’ Action-Adventures now feel so much worse than they did before. I actually like the combat in GoW, but for example Vampyr completely bored me. (Well that and the atrocius dialoge)

All I can say is: If the Souls-fever didn’t grab you, thats totally fine. :slight_smile:


I just worked my way through the entire XCOM campaign on my iPad (by far the best way to play it in my opinion… sacrifices a bit of graphics, but to be honest the graphics were never great anyway).

I own XCOM2 on my PS4 with the new War of the Chosen expansion (I’ve played XCOM2 all the way through, I think… honestly, the two get muddied in my head pretty easily), but I haven’t tried the expansion yet.

Other than that, I still tool around with SW:Battlefront 2 occasionally (the new skins for Han and Lando are just breathtaking), and I’ve been trying to find a good, simple, turn based game like FTL or Into the Breach on my iPad… nothing really seems to scratch that itch now that I’m done with XCOM again. Blargh.


The expansion is amazing!


pffft, who at age 36 has the amount of free time to invest in such nonsense anyway :slight_smile: My gaming time needs to be something fun and ideally relaxing these days, not something that disrespects my inability to play it well as much as Dark Souls does…


Octopath Traveler, working my way through it at my own pace. Except @dkat tried the demo, loved it and now waits to steal me copy of the full game.

I’m really enjoying the combat, but the limits on what you can bring to a fight are a little frustrating, though opening up the secondary classes might fix that. It’s very much a combat puzzle, but sometimes you lack the right tools to solve it efficiently.


Back to Civilization IV, trying out the Realism Invictus mod. I think it is probably better than any version of Civ V or Civ VI I’ve tried. It seems like more complex systems only work in single-player games if you have AI opposition that can handle the complexity - unit per hex systems destroy any chance the AI might have. Aside from that, I really like that switching civics is a difficult choice, rather than a series of incremental improvements, and the way religion is handled.


For my sins, I am back on World of Warcraft for a month.


Sorry for the late reply.

But I’m with @COMaestro on this one, and I have a pretty good connection with my local libraries. My mom is a librarian (retired). True, I already can get passes for local museums and parks because of various other resources, but not through the library system here. We certainly don’t have a public 3D printer or robots, or a public green screen.

Anyway, as far as Wot I’m playing:

Super Monkey Ball keeps on rearing its adorable and frustrating head, in all of its modes. Also, Heat Signature has taken the place of FTL: Faster Than Light after many years of just picking something up and getting my ass kicked after careful planning (although the music has no comparison to the brilliance of Ben Prunty’s work on FTL).



Way back in the day I was obsessed with this for about 6 months, and had a level 70 druid with raid and PvP gear before I took stock of what the game was doing to my social life. I ended up selling the character for about $800 ($400 of which went to the intermediary).


Lightweight :wink: This game was my obsession for YEARS. I would get up in the morning, early, to complete my dailies before going to work - this made more time for questing and dungeons (and RP) of an evening. The guild I was in become my life. I stopped playing anything else and pretty much ignored my family. Yup, obsession was the word.

Now, I just dip in for a month or two every couple of years, roll a low-level and just have fun.

My wife is the one who is obsessed with it now! :slight_smile:


Yes you can!

Wow, now I’m more proud of my library than I was before! You guys just have to move to my city I guess :wink:


Officially “beat” God of War this afternoon. Such an incredible game. Going to slowly try and tackle the remaining challenges: Nifelheim, Muselpheim, and the Valkyries. Not sure I’ll ever beat them, especially with the games dropping this fall.

Edit: I still need to see the actual final scene at some point, but no know what it is. Cliffhanger!!!


I just finished playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. I think it might be my favourite of the modern action adventure games. Less set-piecey than Uncharted, but takes note that no one really likes the shooting parts and keeps those to a minimum. Its just really brisk and neat, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome or have much bloat at all. The best bits are still the optional tombs though, if they’d make those more of the main game it’d be great! Hoping the next one has more globe trotting for that proper Tomb Raider feel… Staying in one place is nice and all, but it didn’t feel like the older games.


How long are they planning to show her ‘rise’ anyway?
She ssems to be rising to be the tomb raider for years now. :smiley:


Ah it all makes sense within the narrative. First game is about survival and learning to kill. Second is about the first supernatural crazy archeology stuff. Just need the big world spanning adventure now.

I know people complained that it was another game of Lara whining about how hard it is to kill people, but I didn’t get that impression. She doesn’t dwell on it at all. Already a mindless killer!


And all I can complain about is how many cubes Laura can jump up/forward (running)/forward (standing)/backwards/left/right while shooting before a secret door closes and getting her to do a handstand at the end.

I swear, your generation…


Nah, she was much better at jumping when she was younger - a goddamn jumping Queen! Then she lost those polygons and became obsessed with the desert eagles.


Really enjoying the latest iteration of Norman’s Sky. Played a bit of co-op with my partner last night and we had a dandy old time.