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Wot are you playing?


Just did the same yesterday with Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (though there’s DLC for Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp yet to be released).

Definitely my favourite Lego game to date. They put way more effort in than they really had to - they even redesigned interface elements and such. One of my favourite bits:


I was 69% complete on this game and was chipping away a percent or two every night on this game.

My kids asked me to start a new game and I said sure. They’ve each got their own profiles on the Switch and are pretty tech savvy so I didn’t follow through.

You know what happened. The new game was on my profile. The new game was on the 1 file (of four) that had my saved game on it.

I think I had about 45 hours into the game. I do not have the heart to start again. I loved you Marvel Super Heroes 2, but you’re dead to me now.

On the first game I got 99.8% complete, but a game breaking bug had one of the missions not spawn for me in the overworld Manhattan map. That was a bummer too. I think I’m cursed when it comes to LEGO games.


I’ve never really understood why the LEGO series of games are so appealing. I used to sneer at them as “corporate kiddie” games, before I actually played one. Now I will gladly play any of them, especially if my kids aren’t around to interfere. I really like them, but I still feel like I shouldn’t.

EDIT one week later: I have a weakness for collectathons. That should have been more informative as to my predilection for these multiple very same-y LEGO games that I have really enjoyed.

I should have noticed that when @twispby mentioned “99.8%” and I instantly felt a hard sympathetic chord (nooooooo!!!), but I didn’t critically examine that emotion until just now.


Anyway, back to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice! I had to take a break for a while. It got a little too real for a bit, (and also had some super-annoying collision detection issues that turned me off for a while, but mostly it was just personally disturbing).

It’s horror for people who don’t like horror games, adventure and puzzle solving for people who don’t like adventure and puzzle games, fighting for people who don’t like fighting games… it’s everything you don’t want but really, really need.


Currently playing sushi strikers. It’s sort of a puzzle game but only in the way Tetris is a puzzle.

It’s fast and tricky and you’re trying to balance a million thoughts at the same time but the moment to moment decisions are limited so you don’t get a paralysing feeling. It’s prett fun so far but I’m also creeping towards a skill wall (on the first world as well!)


Booted up XCOM 2 again but all the saves insta-corrupted. Did some sleuthing, cooked up a new mod-list, went to town. Got part way in and not can’t finish missions.I could just run no-mods but I’ve already done that a fair few times and I really liked how these worked together. I’m not quite done with XCOM 2 but I think it’s done with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hadn’t not really played any games for 18 months or so, when I was last into Hitman. I’ve more into board games since then.

Then I found Cool Ghosts’ video of Stories Untold and I was blown away. Wow, that game looked incredible! Played my was through the whole thing last night and I was not disappointed. The puzzles where maybe a bit easy but it kept the story moving. Amazing voice acting and atmosphere throughout. I was left feeling… something. Not sad, maybe exhausted? But in a good way. I don’t know. The point it is was amazing. Powerful stuff. I need more games like that.

I have also played the demo of Inside which I am definitely gonna buy as soon as I finish Invisible Inc.


The best game that hardly anyone I know has played. Totally worth going back for Expert+ too.


Invisible Inc is fantastic, reinstalled it recently after trying out Burgle Bros. and immediately being reminded of it.

Meanwhile i’m currently playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar and, wow, its been awhile since i’ve been so conflicted as to how I feel about a game - a lot of it is great, but so many little frustrations keep me from loving it.

Also finally played Virginia recently after nabbing it on sale. Super interesting - but also the most I’ve ever felt that a video game really ought to have been a short film instead.


Slay the Spire is my go-to game to play while watching something. And I love the orb-mechanic of the new class. :smiley:

On other news, I finished my very first Dark Souls (remastered) playthrough a few days ago. Time to google everything I missed and play it to death!


I’m pretty excited about the new Pokémon game coming to the Switch this fall. My kids are going to flip when they’re able to play couch co-op and catch Pokémon together and the nostalgia of the Kantonregion has me sold.

There’s some sort of functionality with Pokémon Go, so I booted up the app to see what’s new and Gen 3 is our now! So I’m working on my Pokédex again.


Hoping to finally grab God of War as its on sale for E3 week. I need to get through it before the fall when Fallout 76 and Red Dead drop. Also Spiderman in September. Bah…too many games to play! Lol


I’ve just finished Detroit: Become Human. It’s more of a story than a game, still, I loved it. It’s made by creators of Heavy Rain so you can imagine how beautiful and engaging it is.

You have a lot of moral decisions to make, while the game itself plays you a bit too. And we’re talking about serious stuff like borders of humanity, violence, family, and our near future.


Every time I hear about this, it’s different. No two people get the same experience. It’s like each time I’m hearing about a different game.

Yeah, it’s kind of a choose-your-own-adventure type of game, but I think that’s great! We need more of that. There aren’t enough adventure games with that kind of triple-A polish.


As much flak as David Cage gets for his writing I have always loved the idea of branching narrative storytelling games and am glad there is someone out there making high production value projects outside of the point and click adventures I also play.

I really enjoyed Heavy Rain despite the press X to Jason and stuff like brushing your teeth as a game mechanic. Fahrenheit was another fun game by him even if it did turn into absolute nonsense about 2/3rds the way through.

I haven’t played any of his other more recent games but they’re all a bit wonky, quicktime-action orientated interactive storytelling. If that sounds like your cup of tea I think you should jump on in.


I really enjoyed Heavy Rain up until the revelation. The plot-twist there left me speechless for it’s lack of respect for the player and soured the whole game for me. Thus, in retrospect, I enjoyed Fahrenheit better overall.


This isn’t a recommendation for Cage’s games in particular or anything, but I do have to say that this was a bug my son and I both bonded over. Seriously, just the name “Jason” makes us laugh (I am so sorry for any Jasons out there, it’s not you, it’s us).

I agree with @webs, too. Heavy Rain was killed by the weirdness of the ending. It was disjointed, and there’s still a lot of that in Detroit (depending on what you do).

A lot of this was seen before in adventure games that also combined action (like Shenmue, and to heck with all you haters, I backed Shenmue III because it’s going to be awesome!) The final result of Detroit, though, no matter what you do, still keeps you engaged throughout. It really coasts on the edge of “walking simulator” (which I do not view as a pejorative term, btw) and blockbuster game, and settles right where an adventure game should.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Monster Loves You.


Sorry, but how does the twist show lack of respect for the player?


Because it’s a super cheap trick that robs the player of his feeling of agency, and renders the whole who-dunit pointless. I also felt actually used after the reveal.


Dang, I don’t even remember how Heavy Rain ended.

I always forget endings of games, books and movies, which is really great, because I can play/read/watch them again and still be surprised at the end!