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Wot are you playing?


My PC died last week and instead of paying to repair it we invested that money into a new one. For the first time in my life I bought a “gaming” PC!

I’ve been almost exclusively a console gamer so there was a learning curve.

At the advice of a friend I bought Divinity: Original Sin 2. It had almost universal critical praise with people spouting off about it being the best rpg ever and whatnot.

I disagree.

I love the world and the characters and the story. I love the bizarre situations I’m stumbling across and how it feels like a game of D&D, but I find the combat so tedious. I guess that’s the appeal for people? The game is freaking hard.

The combat is turn based and you have to use every advantage around you to scrap by. Single mistakes end up costing you battles and a character dying in combat is a gurantedd reload. If battles were fast that wouldn’t be an issue but they’re typically between 30 minutes to an hour! The third time you attempt the same battle it wears thin.

To me the problem is the game does a poor job teaching you the combat systems. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played PC games and this is all common knowledge to everyone else, but I didn’t skip any tutorials and I still had to use FAQS and video tutorials to figure out why I was dying constantly.

Starting off in the prison trope and having no equipment is especially brutal when most conversations end up in unwinnable battles.

To me it’s a lot more fun in a game like fallout where I can choose the type of character I want to play and tweak their attributes. If I want to talk my way out of things I can have a charismatic build, or be a brute and use violence to solve everything. I feel like the same systems are at play in Divinity, but your characters are just bad at everything so the results are never that interesting early on.

I turned down the difficulty and am enjoying it a lot more now. As my characters get stronger and gain more abilities and better armour I’m having more fun, but man was I blindsided by the difficulty! I guess a lot of people love that. I just don’t have that much gaming time to repeat battles over and over until my strategy is air tight.

Phew… rant over. Sorry about that.


I had to put it on the easiest difficulty. It was not enjoyable for me at anything higher than that. I still dropped out after 20 hours even then.


I tried playing it with my partner (even went so far as to get a second controller for her)… and we played it twice and then stopped.

There’s a combat under the “beaches” as you’re trying to get into the castle (or prison or whatever) that we tried 3 times and bounced off of each time. And we haven’t touched it since.

Which is unfortunate. There’s a lot of neat dialogue, and I like the way that various characters “trigger” various events… but the combat. Blargh.

Give me a new Fallout in the old Fallout style, please and thank you!


I think most of the people who had a good time with it just dropped the difficulty if it seemed excessive. That’s what I did. I think the calibration of the early game is still off even on the easiest mode, but it gets a lot better once you get off the ship. A lot of the “unwinnable” fights I encountered early weren’t intended to be won; they were winnable with great difficulty or great cheese, but the main path through was sneaking along alternate routes. It’s possible this is communicated poorly; I was primed by the previous game which very much encouraged you to find other ways to get what you wanted than stabbing things.

I do think the game does a decent job warning you which modes are going to give you a challenge compared to a lot of games. The expectation is higher, but the communication is also clearer than just labeling them “normal, easy and hard” and leaving it at that. I think most games could do a much better job removing loaded language like “normal” and so forth from their difficulty descriptions, but if I recall right D:OS2 doesn’t use that standard way of referring to them and its most judgemental wording is something along the lines of pointing out what mode they designed around. Which seems fair enough. Some games are just designed to be tough as nails. Otherwise it asks you if you’re more interested in the story, in tough fights, or in really tough fights and words it in a way that implies that they really are serious about the fights being tough. I could be misremembering though, it has been a bit.

The main early objective to get out of the prison was achievable with no real character skill in stealth (albeit some deftness in handling the janky detection as a player) just by sneaking around and piling up boxes in a few places. I never had to fight anyone, and I also nicked a lot of expensive stuff. If you get someone with Teleport in your party either through character creation or through chatting with folks around the prison, it gets even easier.

It’s a pretty tense turn based strategy game, though. I’m definitely not going to claim otherwise. If you don’t like somewhat difficult turn based tactics, it isn’t a good fit for you on any difficulty setting. I love such things and I found it interesting and fun on the easiest setting and very quickly unmanageable on the next one up. The bit on the boat was especially brutal on the next one up; I was laughing when running along the deck fighting the Void-whatsit pillbug things because they did such absurd damage on [Classic?] during what was clearly supposed to be a tutorial level. It was clear certain classes would have had a much easier time, but the game very clearly tried to suggest you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with that to enjoy the proceedings. Nothing in character creation really suggested you needed a very specific build to not struggle with the early game on [Classic?].


P.S. I think a lot of people who talk about games on the Internet are also just stupidly good at video games :P, and then some people just click with this or that game and they do well which gives them a different perspective on it.

I will also note that I don’t find D:OS2 very enjoyable when I’m doing badly, whereas there are games where I do enjoy that, especially games that let me keep going in some way rather than forcing reloads and making me swear at the wall because I forgot to quicksave recently enough. I can’t quite put my finger on why, though. I think maybe there’s just enough stuff happening–both interesting and tedious–outside of combat that it can feel difficult to get into a proper groove with the combat and a lot of people (including me) were attracted to the game without being interested in the combat above all else but that’s nonetheless where you spend a disproportionate amount of game time and almost all of the game’s challenge time. Not sure.


Door Kickers is really good. This is what I wanted from Rainbow Six. Planning your manoeuvres and execute them makes me really frustrated and really clever.


Thanks for the insights. I just got to the point where I can leave the island and the battle preceding it was ridiculous. I had to reload twice, lost two of my party members, had to flee when there were two enemies left and come back with revives.

I’m liking it the more I play. I’m getting used to obsessively saving all the time, but I wish there were more options to resolve things. It truly is avoid, or fight in every scenario. Very rarely do my conversation options matter.

I’m still left wishing it was more like Fallout and I could sneak, fight, talk, or whatever my way out of things.

Ah well. I’m having fun playing on “easy” because I love story over strategy!


I’ve just started Nier Automata. I went in pretty much blind other than knowing it has a cult following - not sure what I was expecting but it really surprised me. The way it flips between 3D Devil May Cry to 2D Gradius/Asteroids is really odd but strangely compelling.

I died during the first level boss battle first time round - another shock to be thrown back to the start. I did a lot better second time round though. Not sure how long before the game feels tedious, but hoping it will continue to grow out in odd ways.


Recently purchased Oxenfree on my Switch and have become horribly obsessed with the whole thing. Love the design, love the gameplay, love the whole vibe. Have ended up watching loads of youtube vids about story theories, the making of and also about the ARG. I didn’t think anything would divert me away from Zelda BOTW but this has…for a bit.


@Browntownlad Have you tried Portal Knights yet on the Switch? It’s my current obsession. I play it with my son and we are just tearing it up. The Switch has got to be one of the best ideas Nintendo has ever come up with. It almost makes up for the Wii U.

Beyond that I’m revisiting Fallout 4 and hitting up the DLC areas this time. I’ve got 1.5 days in of play time and I’ve not even hit level 20 but man my settlements are coming into their own! I’m having too much fun there. Anyways, that’s my current two video games I’m playing.


After years of being in storage, we’ve dug out our plastic instruments and my wife and I have been playing Rock Band 4 on the PS4! Been great fun revisiting our old favorite songs, and then trying out others that we’ve never heard of.


ooh, Into the Breach is a bit special.


Just started playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance as Lenten Penance, just kidding! It’s a good game so far and I’ve not seen any of the bugs just yet as I’m only an hour or so in. Still have Persona 5 and Shadows of the Colossus to make my way through. It’s been hard to get screen time with my wife playing so much Super Mario Odyssey.


Playing Subnautica currently, been waiting for a long time for it to finally get out of early access. What a lovely, lovely game! Beautiful, different. Needed a few quality of life mods to fix a few annoyances (making crafting easier, more storage/quick slots, adding map). Will be playing this for a while.




oh man. So tempting


Honestly, it is SO GREAT. Just when you think you have the game sussed it changes. Every 20 minutes it’s a different game. The story seems paper thin and Japanese rpg cheesy at first but it builds and builds until it is genuinely interesting. Everything from the way it treats levels to the replays is really intriguing - it really makes the most of every story element and game mechanic.

I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s one of my favourite games of all time. Certainly up there with memorable experiences. But I get how some people think it’s over hyped, it’s not for everyone.

Don’t look anything up just play it.


Finished Nier Automata, then decompressed by playing What Remains of Edith Finch. Another great game that I’m glad I entered blind!

Downloaded that ninja tactics game but think I’ll take some time off games for a bit


Upgraded my computer and then Fell down a large Total War Warhammer 2 hole for a few weeks.

During one game this amazing graphics glitch happened and I ended up playing “BattleZone” for 15 minuets. 20180302145945_120180302151133_120180302151358_1


That’s fantastic!
They should totally be a color scheme available for DLC :upside_down_face: