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Wot are you playing?


It seems I picked a good time to pick up H:ZD again (infrequent gaming sessions meant I’d barely started it previously). It’s coincidentally a lot like Tomb Raider in the playstyle, so I didn’t have any trouble getting back into it.

Related note: I realised yesterday that my small PS4 collection consists almost entirely of games where you can play as a female character. The only exception is Telltale Batman, which I haven’t started yet.


Just finished completing my conpletionist/borderline OCD run through of Super Mario Odyssey and I can now say this is my favourite Mario game of all time! Nintendo is killing it lately.

I got a switch for my birthday in September and it has been a steady stream of great gaming since then. I’ve powered through Overcooked, Snipperclips, Golf Story, Steamworld Dig 2, Stardew Valley (again) and now Odyssey!


I still have to start Witcher 3. It seems so daunting to me (and my free time)…


So X-Com2 + all DLC + War of the Chosen = all the toys! I adore Enemy Unknown and X-Com 2 in equal measure and man, with the extra content loaded there is so much to play with there.

That said, was there ever a janky-er PC-to-Console port than X-Com? Plenty of crashes, still. Plenty of graphical snags where elements of my units just disappear and little Jane Doe soldier is running about with no arms for a whole mission, somehow telekinetically raising and firing a rifle with her mind (perhaps appearing as an armless torso converts any class into a psion?).

The worst incident was my previous save. I always play iron man mode because I love consequences in video games (Diablo hardcore mode all the way). I won’t claim to fully understand the process, but somewhere in the auto-save process it deletes your old save as you execute an action then saves a new one over it. Well X-Com 2 decided to crash mid-action and managed to delete the old save without saving a new file, so a fair number of hours of gameplay (plus shamelessly decorating my soldiers) disappeared.


I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing it on and off for about 18 months now. However whenever I do get a good bit of gaming in I enjoy it every time. The expansion packs are just as interesting as the main story line or perhaps even better. Blood and Wine certainly matches anything from the main quest and then some.
You won’t regret it, in my 25+ years video gaming it’s one of the most engaging I’ve played. My partner even asks me to play it, which is why I’m playing it so much at the moment as she just enjoys watching the stories and landscape. The other day she told me to NOT complete the main quest because she wanted the game to last longer.


Feeling a bit nostalgic recently so I’ve been playing Monster Hunter Portable 3. Also scratches the MH itch while (im)patiently waiting for Monster Hunter: World.


Continuing to be several years behind on everything, I am enjoying Darkest Dungeon right now! I’m taking the task of caring for my doomed little people very seriously, and I’m finding that sort of The Sims: Yarnham mindset to be a very rewarding way to approach the game.

I do wish that the acquisition of afflictions more closely reflected what happens in the game, however. I burst out laughing when my knight caught syphilis from a maggot, and my vestal became afraid of humanity after spending a day fighting dogs.


Thank you for this amazing suggestion.
My and my friend spend the last three gaming nights indulging ourselves in this amazing experience.

We decided to voice the characters ourselves… it was hilarious, funny… possibly one of the best experiences this year.

Again: thanks for the suggestion!


I just paged through Burly Men at Sea, a beautiful little $10 choose-your-own-adventure with an interesting (albeit at times pace-dampening) framing mechanic of looking at the world as if through a spyglass.

It’s got a fantastic art style, a great soundtrack and some solid, brief writing.
I do wish there were a few more experiences to be had (in the end there’s only about 12 different events), but it’s a charming way to spend an hour or two.

Was it recommended on a podcast or something here? I can’t recall how I picked it up other than Pip reviewed it over at RPS and it looked neat.


Phew! Just finished up Celeste and I can say with the confidence of someone still in January that it’s going to be one of my GOTY’s!

So good! Platforming! Puzzles! Controls! Music!!! Story! Graphics! I loved everything!

I’m definitely gonna gush about it on my podcast this week!
Go play it!


Been playing Iconoclasts. I would not recommend it, particularly. Take the breathlessness around it aside and ask if you really need to play another platformer with unnecessary backtracking, frustratingly inconsistent saving and checkpointing, and that fancies itself excessiely capable in a great many genres–puzzler, brawler, platformer, stealth game–none of which it excels at.

On second thought, I can’t think of very many of those! :wink: It’s definitely it’s own thing, despite being flush with fond callbacks to older platformers of varying prestige it’s just that thing it a bit too inconsistent and jumbled underneath its lovely exterior and not quite unusual enough for me to recommend as a curio.


I’m currently digging in to Assassin’s Creed: Origins my first proper foray into the world of stabbing people from piles of straw since AC2.

I’m genuinely enjoying it despite very little about the core gameplay seeming to have changed.


You can fight elephants now can’t you?


Now Subnautica is out of early access, I can get stuck in. It is such an impressive game.


Not met any elephants yet but I’ve had plenty of hippos chase me!


Seconding Celeste as a certified Very Good Game ™. It’s the kind of game that makes me think I could learn to enjoy speedrunning. The movement feels that good.


Are they all like


Surprisingly accurate actually.


I started Persona 5 the other day. Only about 2 hours into it so far, but loving it. Seems a bit crazier than P4 at this point, but I feel crazy stuff is just happening sooner than they did in 4.


At times it feels more restrictive than 4, but there’s definitely more options of stuff to do/locations to visit from the start. The difference between taking the subway vs learning how to drive scooters, haha.