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Wot are you playing?


In what I am calling the Nerdiest Thing I Have Ever Done, I am creating a replica of the USS Voyager from Star Trek Voyager in Starmade. It is essentially Minecraft in space, with spaceships and physics. It is taking me forever, but I enjoy plugging away at it. Unfortunately it is in Early-Release, has been for four years, so by the time I finish my build there will undoubtably need to be endless retro-fits completed. Luckily it is a passion project :slight_smile:


I picked up an SNES Classic on Friday and spent all weekend playing Secret of Mana. This is a pretty great little system. The inputs are the same as the Classic NES, so I was able to just swap it in and use the same controller extension. If I could change one thing, I’d probably add Actraiser to the lineup instead of a second Kirby game, but overall the game selection is pretty much what I would have chosen myself. My kids have also been all over it.


Jealous! Though to be honest I actually forgot this was coming out last week. I hope to pick one up sometime for the holidays as a gift to the household.


I’m hoping to get one in the second or third wave, it seems like it’s worth picking up.

I’m currently playing Steamworld Dig 2, and really enjoying it. I’d played a little of both Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist in the past, enjoyed both of them, but hadn’t completed either.

And soon, I’ll be playing Stardew Valley, since the switch version launches this weekend, though that’ll probably wait til Monday or so.


I am tempted to pick up Stardew Valley as well. I have never tried any of the Harvest Moon or similar games. It just looks so adorable and relaxing. Could be a lovely break from all the shooting and slashing I have been doing lately.

That, and my Switch has just been so lonely since I finished Zelda.


How can your switch be lonely? So many good little $10-20 games on it.

I’ve enjoyed Stardew Valley on the PC. I think this was the video that got me to give it a shot, either that or one of the podcasts.


That’s true, there are a lot of good little games, but for the most part I already have them in other places. I have Axiom Verge on the Vita. I have Severed on the Vita. Shovel Knight on the 3DS.

I take a bus to work, so portable gaming is a big plus for me, and Stardew Valley looks really good for that. Something I can start and stop easily. Not too heavy on precise controls. Did you watch the last Nintendo Direct? Wargroove looks SO much like Advance Wars and that looks to be a great portable title, too.


Dan totally sold me on Stardew Valley too. I fell off of it when Persona came out, I need to get back to it.


Now that it’s on the switch, I’m going to be hitting it pretty hard. Well, after SHUX anyways. I think I’m a single boss away from finishing Steamworld Dig 2. Golf Story is proving entertaining, though I think I’ll drop it for Stardew Valley, as they feel similar in terms of relaxed fiddly gameplay.


I was lucky to get a SNES Classic too! I just went to a Target on the day they came out before they opened, there was already a line of like 50 people, but I decided to try anyways. A few minutes later, they handed out one ticket to each person in line up to 60. I was #48 and there was like forty more people who came after me. The ticket holders got one each, so I was glad to get up earlier for it.

I also finally picked up a Nintendo Switch this week. I got Zelda, Mario Kart, Arms, Splatoon 2, and 1-2 Switch and another controller. Haven’t had a chance to try any of it, but look forward to diving back into the world of Nintendo. It was the only current console that I didn’t have yet, I have a Wii-U. I just wasn’t as hot on getting one at launch.


Had to take a break from XCOM 2 WOTC after a heartbreaking mission wherein I lost half of my top operators.

Playing Forts with a friend who’s PC is old and has no GPU. Solid little game for 15 bucks and I’m amazed it slipped under my radar at release. It’s like the older brother of Angry Birds and the dialogue in the campaign is pretty hilarious. Hence forth I shall refer to my country as the Eagle Empire.

Any other multiplayer recommendations for crap PCs?

Also been gaming Overwatch PS4 with some friends back home. Am I crazy to feel like the game is almost better with a controller over the mouse and keyboard? I typically dislike having to heave and slew my sights around with a tiny thumbstick but there’s just something about the way the game plays (arcade like?) that makes a solid case for console FPS. Be interested in anyone else’s thoughts on the matter.


Doki Doki Literature Club. Free on Steam. AVOID ANY SPOILERS. Go in blind and fresh, like I did on a friend’s recommendation. I know, I know, it looks like a pervy japanese visual novel. It’s not. Holy crap is it not.


Agreed. Just finished a (mostly?) complete play through, and it’s fascinating and visceral.


I am so mad with you right now.

That was… I… I mean, the warnings are literally RIGHT THERE in the game, but no. No no no.


Not your fault. But that was… gods. I had to stop.


My friend’s been telling me about DDLC (I’m ambivalent about spoilers anyway, but it’s definitely not something I’m ever likely to play) and that’s the reaction I’d expect from how it sounds.

I played some games for the first time in ages today. Started off with the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I loved the original, but I was expecting to be possibly disappointed by this. But it was a strong start. The lack of time manipulation means it’s lost some of what made the original great, but the characters, story, etc are all still good.

And I got to play D&D in the game :smiley:

Then after a quick bit of Lego: Jurassic World (I do wonder if Laura Dern is miffed that they made “jumping in poop” her special ability), I moved on to Tomb Raider, which I bought a while ago, but has been sat unstarted (and obviously I’m already 4 years late on this).

I ended up getting really sucked in and playing it for several hours. Each objective is so close after the last, it’s difficult to resist doing “just one more”.

I really liked the mechanics as well. Nothing super complicated that left me frustrated and wanting to quit. Though the times I did fail at something, I was a bit unnerved at how brutal Lara’s death always seemed to be.


This is the first time I’ve heard about this game so I went on Steam and looked it up and yeah it does look like a cookie cutter H-game/dating sim. So I’m kind of afraid to ask what the deal with it is?


Wikipedia it.

Like, holy hell. I can’t go into other rooms without turning on the lights.


I just Wikipedia’d it.

…wow. Just…wow.

But don’t worry. I haven’t been able to sleep in full darkness since I watched “Darkness Falls”


Wikipedia it!? Oh man and spoil the surprise!?
I played it over two days, thought it was great, completed it all the way to the final credits. Interesting concept well executed and FREEEEE.

In other gaming I’m still chipping away at The Witcher 3 now I’m on the Blood and Wine expansion. My partner genuinely requests me to play this every few days so she can just sit back and watch the stories unfold. I’m constantly amazed by the quality of the stories and voice acting throughout the whole project. It’s really incredible to consider the amount of time put into this game.


The Horizon Zero Dawn expansion comes out tomorrow and I will be all over that. Honestly, I liked Horizon a lot more then BotW as far as open world games go. There is something so satisfying about hacking a giant robot tyrannosaurus rex to make it fight another giant robot t-rex and then picking up a launcher off of one of those suckers and adding to the carnage. Over in BotW land I just found the slippery rain mechanic and not being able to see how much ammo my swords had left very annoying.