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Wot are you playing?


Well, the Witcher 3 was long awaited, required a pc upgrade and was/is absolutely amazing… Felt like they cared about the player, yeah?
Hollow knight is completely different, 2D, platforming death by -INSERT VALUE HERE- until you get better and repeat masterpiece.

Gotta say I tried ME:A after EA released the “demo”… Can’t say I likes it… Kinda hoping to try “The signal from Tolva”


Not playing it just yet, but I am buzzing with excitement for Destiny 2 on Wednesday. If anyone else is picking it up on the PS4, feel free to drop me a line on PSN, also as Neigel.


I am going to get it for PC…

Does anyone else here plan on getting it on PC? I’ve heard it’s fantastic, but much like Borderlands, only really shines with other people. And most randos online are pretty… well, I’d rather avoid them.


I am trying so hard not to get sucked into another black hole of online games. Happily (re)playing the Secret World missions, Guild Wars II expansion is around the corner… I know I’d love Destiny, but will the ‘but my ping!’ excuse to stay away from it for now.


I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 since the Necromancer pack came out (definitely better with friends to play with), but the delightful return of Matt’s Sponge Squad series has encouraged me to switch back to XCOM 2. I haven’t gotten War of the Chosen yet, but it’s on my wishlist. Bonds, exhaustion, cigars, oh my!

I also realized very belatedly that there was new Shovel Knight DLC, so I’ve got that fired that up on my vita too.


I was big into GW and GW2 but it got a bit unweildy for me with Heart of Thorns. Although Elona was always my favourite so I’m sorely tempted to jump back in…


I just got lucky and discovered GW2Community which run daily events. Ended up with an informal community that almost had the atmosphere of raids, but without all the stress and time commitment. I don’t think I’d explored Heart of Thorns as thoroughly otherwise.


Just started playing Dishonored 2, which I received as a Christmas gift. My gaming time has been very limited…


I bought Atlantic Fleet for iOS and…I’m addicted. No, really. It’s a naval miniature game in the palm of my hand and I am utterly fascinated with it. I’ve refought the Battle of the River Plate several times and am impressed with how realistic the modeling is. Excellent!


I’ve been sucked in by Tooth and Tail, Pocketwatch Games’ new RTS. The campaign has some bumps and generally feels inconsistent in difficulty, but the multiplayer has grabbed me in a big way. The streamlining of controls removes the stressful multitasking and fiddly micro, which lets me concentrate on the (very fun) strategy layer. Local coop is a huge plus too, and gosh it looks good and is immensely flavourful too. Highly recommended for anyone who likes RTS but finds it to stressful.


I took a break from Destiny 2 and picked up the Metroid 2 remake for 3DS. It’s pretty good, mostly. Certainly feels more like a return to form than Other M was. I remember playing Metroid 2 on the Gameboy back in middle school and having a hard time because everything seemed just a little too big. I could not see far enough around me. This feels much better in that regard, and along with a couple other quality of life improvements, I am having a lot of fun exploring.

The one thing that kind of irks me is the new parry mechanic. Other Metroid games felt very run-n-gun for me. Lots of forward momentum. With the parry I get that feeling a lot less now. I am frequently stopping to bait an enemy attack so I can then parry it.


Currently, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Disgaea 5 on the Switch. For the most part, this gets more playtime than my PC.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols and Kittens on my Chromebook. I keep meaning to get back into Kingdom of Loathing, but for some reason, I don’t have the patience to get back into it as hardcore as I was a few years ago.

Random VR stuff on my PC, though not as much since I put the games table in the middle of the VR space.

I keep meaning to finish some PS4 games, like Persona 5, NieR, Nioh, and Horizon Zero Dawn.


I’m currently playing XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. I mostly really like it, but it hasn’t really fixed my main problem with XCOM 2: the abilities and tools are all really cool and all far too powerful such that if you manage to survive long enough and don’t rush to the final mission out of a sense of propriety, you can coast past everything and have no challenges whatsoever.

It feels a bit odd that the ceiling of the game’s player tools is so much higher than the ceiling of its enemy capabilities. I feel that Long War 2 did a lot to ameliorate this and give players more ways to feel advanced and capable of not instantly dying without also bowling over the opposition and War of the Chosen throws me largely back into Vanilla XCOM 2 reminding me why I left it in the first place despite my frustrations with aspects of Long War 2’s approach.

It’s still a great game that I’ve poured hundreds of hours into, and it is no condemnation of the game that it is started to wear thin after so long and WOTC added plenty of fresh toys and fun to make it worth revisiting. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stick around this time, though. It seems the things I found weakest in XCOM 2 are fully embraced by its creators even after a major overhaul.

In other XCOM 2 related news, folks on the Cool Ghosts Discord are passing around a file of characters modeled after ourselves (or at least modeled after our internet selves, depending on preference). I’m not sure if I can post it here–I don’t think it would be a problem it’s just not something explicitly consented to by the contributing parties–but if you feel like dropping by to chat about XCOM 2 and contribute some manner of avatar to our collective meat grinder and receive in kind, I can drop you the invite (there’s probably one floating around the forums here, too, but I’m happy to make the hunt easy). :slight_smile:

Alternatively if you just want to contribute a likeness of some sort, drop me an exported Character Pool .bin and I can add you to the group file. :slight_smile:

I made my forum avatar as a goofy robot: image


Yesterday, while listening to podcasts, Giant Bomb I think, I heard that Heat Signature was being released this week. It’s made by Tom Francis of Crate and Crowbar podcast, and of the game Gunpoint. And it’s amazing.

It’s got elements of FTL and Hotline Miami, it’s a rogue-like-ish-kinda, where your progress in the galaxy remains after your death, but individual characters lose their inventory.

The failure system is such that death usually isn’t immediate, but something that happens to your character as they get worn down. Each time you fail, your time to recover is shorter, until you just can’t and the character passes on.

The reputation system is interesting, as you get better known, you get offered only harder jobs, and a meter builds up that unlocks systems, freeing them from Tyrannical Oppressive Gov’t, maybe. Unlocking systems also opens up mechanical systems, things like Bloodless Missions, where you need to complete it without killing anyone, to get the full price for the job.

I’ve only played it for a few hours, but I’m really enjoying it.


Also as your reputation goes up, you inspire less Liberation and unlock new places sooner. Presumably you get too famous and become a toothless meme. :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently banging my head against XCOM 2 WoTC, commander ironman because I’ll just save scum my way through given the option. Mixing it up with a little PUBG when the twitch itch strikes. Also in and out of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart since we’ve been spending a fair amount of time at the hospital and the Switch really is an amazing portable.

Been thinking about giving Destiny 2 a shot but I bounced off the first one pretty hard at launch. Hard to tell if I’m actually interested in the game or am just a victim of the wall to wall coverage in games journo land and that sexy white PS4 Pro bundle. Anyone out there that didn’t care for Destiny but is enjoying the sequel?

Disgaea 5 is on the list for Switch games but I’m told there’s enough content in Zelda to keep a person busy for a long time.

Other than that it’s a good bet I’ll continue gaming XCOM 2 hard until I beat the alien menace, cast them off the planet and install my own dictatorship; all hail Commander! That’s my idea for XCOM 3 anyway; Firaxis, call me :call_me_hand::sunglasses:

How would folks take to a top five thread here? Top five games of all time, top five RPG, top five classics, modern retro pixel games, game settings, plot, mechanic, etc… Just a thought to provoke some interesting, lively discussion amongst the enlightened people in SU&SD/CG land.



I think the main problem with the format in a forum is that everyone posts their lists at different times and different formats and it can be difficult to really compare and discuss them. They tend to draw more traffic, too, so you get a lot of lists which is neat but amplifies the problem.

It’s a lot easier to all chat about one list.


Just finished up my first play through vanilla XCOM2. I can not fathom how anyone would put themselves through that final mission on ironman, jeez.


I ask myself that Everytime I get there in any ironman style playthrough on any game. I reckon it goes back to old NES games. If you’re on the last boss and you don’t beat it, that’s it, title screen, back to the beginning, good luck.

I remember the first time I played a shooter that just healed your character whilst in cover (Gears of War, I think) and found it broke part of my enjoyment with games. I earned those end credits in Legend of Zelda or Punch Out! with hard work and no internet, why am I being coddled through this story?

That is not meant to be an indictment of modern games by any stretch, I love the fact that they are more accessible now that I am old and slow. Just call it some base nostalgia for a time when one could awe one’s friends with the tale of the final boss and what the game revealed upon completion.



I’m just glad that games respect my time these days :slight_smile: I did finish XCOM Enemy Unknown on ironman but that game was so much easier. No mission timers! However I cheesed the final mission by backing up my save and reloading it after things went “very bad”. I’m not proud enough to replay 25 hours :slight_smile: