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Wot are you playing?


Currently trying to wrap my head around Hearts of Iron IV. Pretty confident in most of the processes after 10+ hours, but I’m still struggling to manipulate my airforces!! A fun game nonetheless, with an actually engaging combat system, if not a little over-complex!!


I didn’t realize there was a digital version of Pandemic – is the gameplay any different? Or does it just automate all the fiddly bits?


It merely automates the fiddly bits. I’m only playing the vanilla version, but parts of On The Brink are available for it too.


CrossCells, the newest puzzle game by Matthew Brown. It is no Hexcells but still a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing The Swindle on my Vita and find myself loving it and being incredibly frustrated by it. :slight_smile:


Dishonored has now been added to the (quite small) list of games I’ve finished. By which I mean I’ve gone through the whole story. I’ve just purchased the DLC, so it’ll probably be another little while before I start the second game …


On a whim, I started Deadpool this weekend. I only got through a couple of levels, and the game is pretty much as crude and tasteless as I expected. Perfect Deadpool! :slight_smile:

The gameplay itself is pretty generic, but I find myself entertained nonetheless. Glad I got it on a really good sale though.


I finished Stories Untold. Then I watched this again

That was a good evening. Is there any video games commentary that comes even close to wot Cool Ghosts sporadically does? No. No there isn’t.


i got the necromancer DLC for Diablo 3 and i have finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a hot milf with a dozen obedient skeleton boyfriends.


Got Sexy Brutale in the PS4 sale.

It’s good, like! So far I’ve completed four rounds so far and there’s not been anything too difficult, mainly carry out one action and that’s it solved. Feels like the simplest point and click adventure around! I’m guessing it’ll ramp up soon though.

EDIT: Completed it. Surprisingly short! It was alright, pleasurable.


[Spoiler] I quite liked the ending. Not particularly original in the age of every story needing a twist (especially if it provides an explanation for the game meta/mechanisms), but it was fitting.

I would have liked it if the story was distributed throughout the game, and not left for the very last mission. They obviously put some effort into the lore, but showed no desire to reveal any. Creating a twist by providing no narrative is lazy authorship. [/Spoiler]


I picked up this game, 911 Operator, because it was on sale and sounded interesting.

It’s not great but it isn’t totally bad either, the thing that really made it more fun for me was that you could load your local city map to operate in (it didn’t have ALL cities but it had all but one of the ones I looked for). I had no idea we had so much gang warfare in our little suburban town. So many of my city’s police and fire personnel died while I on duty. I started feeling afraid as I was sending them to emergencies. I envisioned having to write all these condolence letters to their families.


Can’t. Stop. Playing. Injustice 2.


Duelyst just got a new expansion! I am excited and will try that out for sure!


I’ve had this a while but still not dipped into it. Just need an evening to delve into it’s world.

The first games I ever played were typing adventure games on our Commodore 64 and my first online game was Gemstone 3 a MUD (or whatever you call them), I wonder if I’ve still got the skills!?


The parser is very basic, so don’t expect anything on that level. It’s more about the atmosphere the game creates.


Just finished Sexy Brutale, and almost finished with Overcooked. Both are great!

Also making my way through Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Yakuza 0 and Hitman. All excellent so far


Just got Supergiant Games’ latest offering: Pyre. Like Bastion and Transistor before it, it’s got gorgeous artwork throughout and is tries fun things with it’s gameplay (half of it is a choose-your-own-adventure RPG and the other is a fantasy sports game). Really enjoying it so far. The cast of characters are diverse beyond belief and there’s a slowly unravelling story that’s coaxing me to play for another chapter…or two (go on, you didn’t need to be productive this evening…).


i’m playing Dream Daddy, the dad dating simulator, and i’m in love with all these dads


I’m about to start playing What Remains of Edith Finch. Super excited!


I tried to play through the Uncharted serious with varying success.

Uncharted - Got pretty far, but the game is soooooo repetitive and the shooting & puzzles are dull. Kinda funny to see what was impressive to a PS3 audience though! Have you about two thirds through. Maybe I’ll get back to it?

Uncharted 2 - Was enjoying it, but kept getting caught for ridiculous reasons on the heist stealth mission. The controls are still kinda janky on this one so gave up out of frustration. I was reaching Bloodborne levels of repeating the same level over and over.

And by this point I gave up on the noble notion of completing them in sequential order and jumped into Uncharted 4. Really love it - the story’s generic but just interesting enough to be pull you through one more level, the fighting is more fluid and interesting (although throwing people off ledges seems to be a bit too easy of a tactic), and the set pieces are genuinely amazing. Really surprised how much they’ve pulled out of the console. Only got a few levels left so may give Uncharted 3 a go after.

I wouldn’t say they’re in any way decent games, but they’re pretty good as beautiful tech demos.