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Wot are you playing?


Shovel Knight! Late on the bandwagon here, but it’s really rather good, innit?

I’m working on my french, so with the exception of a few specific websites I’m on full digital immersion. Which means I’m playing this game for the first time in french. The humour translates quite well, and the fact that you increase your health by eating a really excellent meal just seems incredibly french.


Finally finished The Witcher 3 over a year after beginning it.
Main reason I completed the main quest? My other half asking me if I would play the game and let her watch as “it’s just like watching a film”. A partner that asks you to play more computer games? +10 luck

Side note my play time is a rather ridiculous 200+ hours.

Genuinely looking forward to the expansions, mainly Blood and Wine as I accidentally did the first quest and it looks absolutely gorgeous.


I convinced a friend to pick up Shovel Knight on the switch by virtue of having it on my vita and letting him tinker around :slight_smile: Just wait til you get to the DLC second campaign! It’s such a departure, it’s amazing.

Also, I totally would believe it was set in France. Just change the architecture a little, and you’re good to go!


Started playing the new Doom. What’s a delight!!! I was expecting a dark shooter but it’s all out fun! Laughed maniacally a few times now. Such a big surprise!

The biggest shock was NO RELOADING! I kept trying to find a reload button after shooting the shotgun AND THERE WASN’T ONE. It felt really weird at first, but it’s such a freedom to not have to keep an eye on the bottom right corner of the screen for ammo.



(Although I have launched WAY too many grenades at empty rooms trying to switch guns)


Looking forward to fiddling with Endless Space 2 this weekend. Need to ensure there are no hangovers.


Yes, I momentarily forgot R3 and grenaded myself instead of meleed…

Going from PS2 to PS4 I have noticed games like to play with the button mapping A LOT more on the PS4. Sometimes flipping between games is pretty disorientating. Took me a while to move from Horizon to Bloodborne!


Stellaris, it’s $12 in humble bundle monthly and OMG is it good, I love it, played my first games as vanilla humans, spread my self too thin with no fleet and random science, but great learning game, woke a sleeping empire who decimated me so now starting a second game as squid people, I think i have a special affinity for squid so this suits me down to the ground, going ok this time taking things slow, more efficient surface utilisation and starting to design my own ships. All round good fun, especially as you can rename all you planets and systems…


wait until you find the quick weapon swap button. How to feel like a badass 101.

I just got strafe and its good.


I’ve unlocked the fast weapon switch, so great. I’d love the fast ledge grab and full health after power up.

I’m just back from hell. Loving every second of it. Starting to slip into the habit of using assault rifle for the little guys, then plasma rifle for the hell Knights, then rocket launcher plus power up for the big guys. Would use the mini gun a lot more if it didn’t use the same ammo as the assault rifle.


I broke down last night and bought Emily is Away 2.

I’m kind of a sucker for the short and simple story games. The game is good, and it surprisingly has some very interesting gimmicks and mechanics to simulate instant messaging in the mid-2000’s.


I liked the first game too. It was fun, reminded me of ICQ and its often senseless small talk without any direction. Just empty words.

Not with everybody but with some people.


I’ve picked up Disgaea 5 for the Switch. From the name suggestions (“The Squirt”) to the endless things to level up, it’s great. I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this.


My friend made me a character in her disgaea 5 game


That’s fantastic! :sunglasses:


FINALLY slowed down on my ARK addiction (playing on a private, PVE server with a small group of friends since, what, February?!. 386 hours in that time including two jobs. Yikes.). Played a multiplayer Stellaris game this weekend, which was even more fun than I remembered with allt he new content. And I’ve been playing a surprising amount of Payday 2, which has gotten very, very strong over the years.

I think I’ll stick around in Ark some more, because I love it a lot more than I thought I would, though I’m looking to play a new multiplayer game of Starbound when the next content patch goes live.


So i took the leap this weekend, as my kids are away with Grandad for half term, of degunking our launch PS4 as the fan sounded like an aircraft about to take off every time we played it.

Bought a fan replacement kit off amazon for £25.00 and delved into the ifixit guide and finished it in an afternoon, it now runs smooth and quiet and I took the opportunity to “test” it by diving back into Horizon and having great fun collecting metal flowers and then exploring the 2nd section of the world on a longhorn/charger.

The game is stunning a lot of the time and i do just stop and play with the impressive photo mode I can also just spend hours in a forest hunting boar, turkeys and raccoons!


I first read “my kids are away with Gandalf” :wink:


I picked up Overwatch over the course of the free weekend just past. After bouncing off it when I played it previously I’m hooked now! Such a fun game, and I’m starting to see the strategic layers of the game. Looking forward to getting really stuck into it!


Bought Pandemic on my iPhone and am now addicted to it. I am actually ambivalent to the board game, but the digital version has me hooked.

Also, I’ve found that I just generally suck at it. Be thankful I don’t head the CDC, we’d all have perished from athletes foot or some other minor ailment years ago if I was.