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Wot are you playing?


Played Stories Untold last week. Quinn’s was right. That game is fantastic. Lot’s of great lovely while also being a bit spooky games this year.


TumbleSeed! It really is delightful for dipping in for a couple of runs and then putting back down again. The “planting” mechanic for managing your power ups is particularly inspired, and feels super boardgame-y, for some reason. I haven’t latched so strongly onto a procedurally generated game since Spelunky. It’s just endlessly charming.


I completed absolutely everything on Lego Marvel Avengers the other day. 100% completed the games and all the DLC and got all the trophies. Never done anything like that with a game before. It felt pretty good :sunglasses:


i’m playing the latest game from Christine Love Ladykiller In A Bind. Christine Love previously created games such as Analogue: A Hate Story. LKIAB is visual novel about social manipulation and queer sex. The full title is “My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress as Him and Now I Have to Deal with a Geeky Stalker and a Domme Beauty Who Want Me in a Bind!!” and that pretty much tells you what it’s about. But specifically the player plays as an 18 year old woman whose twin brother forced her to disguise herself as him and go on a week long cruise with his classmates to win a popularity contest. This involves navigating social situations and a lot of sex scenes.

It’s a fascinating game, exploring flirting and queer fantasy, and it is definitely not for kids. It did generate some controversy, mostly related to one of the specific scenes in the game (you can read about that scene and the response to it as well as an analysis of the aftermath which I wholly agree with here: https://www.polygon.com/2017/1/24/14365716/ladykiller-in-a-bind-problematic-consent-sex-scene), but I’m definitely enjoying the way this game is structured and what it explores.


Sunless seas with the zubmariner expansion. It’s freakin epic, freaking hard, and overall just freaky…

Can’t wait for sunless skies!!


I’ve picked up Uncharted 4 again, trying to complete my Crushing playthrough. I’ve made good progress since finally passing the part that got me stuck for probably over 100 attempts last year.


Oh god… Cookie Clicker…


Oddly enough I saw LKIAB linked on Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?'s IGF episode and immediately put it on my wishlist. I still need to pick it up, though; glad to hear it’s engaging!


it’s good! visual novels are cool and christine love especially is cool. if you don’t like visual novels you won’t be into it, i don’t think, but i’m having a good time with it. you can even skip the sex scenes if you want to just focus on the social manipulation story.


I’ve actually been playing through some of Porpentine’s twine novels since Quinns’ shoutout on Cool Ghosts the other week, so it should definitely up my alley, haha. :slight_smile:


oh cute! i love porpentine’s stuff. have you played any of merritt k’s twine games?


I haven’t!


merritt’s games and zines are all on her itch.io page here https://a-dire-fawn.itch.io/

there are a lot of types of games there, too. the only one that is not free is Consensual Torture Simulator, but i’d recommend buying that one too since it’s good (it’s very intense but it’s good). Incantation is very lovely. All of her stuff is great, tbh.


I will definitely check them out! Thanks!


I’ve been playing:

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen: Truly one of the best RPGs out there today. I love how the world is just massive and is filled with an interesting world that makes me wish there was more lore in the game. Plus it’s one of the few RPGs out there today that I can have more than one companion.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Easily my favorite Mass Effect. It was literally everything I wanted in a Mass Effect game. Great story, amazing combat, amazing worlds, amazing looks, amazing companions, (over use of amazing), and amazing exploration.

I was playing Dark Souls III but after reaching NG+9 the game has just taken a huge turn for me. Somehow the game has made it that I hate my favorite boss in the series (Gael).


I’ve played the first two areas of Bloodborne for 3 hours now. I couldn’t believe I made it to the crows, only to be served by the rude giant knocking that door.

One day I might even reach the first boss!


Home front: The Revoution. Surprisingly fun, in my opinion.


Trying to figure out how to get through that first town square took me hours :stuck_out_tongue: I recommend legging it.
Don’t despair, there’s plenty of terrifying boss for everyone soon enough!


I’ve been playing the most recent DOOM, and it’s… surprisingly good! There’s actually a sense of character progression, the story has been surprisingly strong (I’m only on Mission 3, but the fact that there’s ANY story whatsoever is a refreshing surprise!), and the game itself is a lot of fun.

Means I’ve set aside The Witcher 3 temporarily… but it’s my 2nd runthrough, so that’s okay.


Picked up Injustice 2 yesterday and played a bit of the story campaign. Fun so far, for a fighting game.