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Wot are you playing?


Oooh. This is a tricky question to answer! Because in a way, no, it doesn’t really respect your time. Everything happens at a pretty leisurely pace, and there are a lot of things that could be cut without anything of value being lost.

But at the same time, that is part of what makes Persona Persona. You want that feeling of endless school days stretching ahead of you. As much as it is a game about fighting monsters in cool dungeons, it is a high school simulator and with that comes extended periods of frustration and other people deciding what you should be doing.

I do wish Morgana would stop telling me go to bed early, though. You’re not my real dad, Morgana!


Oh definitely. The first time I played through P4V I felt so thoroughly betrayed at the massive time leap at the end of the story. I was genuinely excited that I’d have all those months to fill, and then bam! it’s March, sucker.

But yeah, it definitely feels a little strange to be enjoying something that actively hides content behind weird rules of what day of the week it is, and when you have to go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m playing civ 6 again, this time as Alexander of Macedonia, he’s a tank and I am enjoying smashing other leaders.


Oh my, I came so close to loving Hollow Knight so much. The animation, the world, the characters, the story. I was sucked in. And jee wizz the combat was satisfying. For about 90 percent of this I would have comfortable said it was the best metrovania thing ever, but oh my god the difficulty goes from satisfyingly challenging to being the biggest dickhead.

Almost every boss fight in the game feels like a duel and those were all fantastic. So much of the platforming feels like exploration and since the world was wonderfully intriguing, it felt great. But oh my god. The amount of guff you have to go through for the “true ending” was just ridiculous.

If you have played Limbo you might remember the last third of the game really kind of ruining the mood with all the stupid buzz saws and gravity platforming which kind of destroys the illusion that you are actually in a place. Yeah this times a hundred. Why do people just have buzz saws just lying around everywhere!!!

And the final boss was just hard for the sake of hard. Why did every one of its stupid attacks do double damage! Agghh!

Hollow knight is fantastic, but fails to stick the landing, which is a shame because it came really close to being my favourite game since forever.


Between my work schedule and Persona 5’s release, I actually haven’t finished Hollow Knight. :sweat: (I’m currently swearing at all the pink crystal bugs and their ridiculous mechanical traps.)

Oof, it’s already a difficult game and to hear it gets exponentially harder and finickier is daunting.
And yes, I’m not sure which committee decided that buzzsaws were the pokemon-esque evolution of instalkill spike traps, but ugh.

I’m glad you were able to enjoy most of it though! :slight_smile:


XCOM2, XCOM2, XCOM2 :smiley:


Finally got to dig into Persona 5 this weekend, so damn stylish and Meguro knocked it out of the park with the soundtrack again. I’ve noticed some of the iffy localization work, but it hasn’t made anything incomprehensible, just clunky. Though, I will say, I don’t get why they watered down the details around what Kamoshida did. I love that the confidants all give gameplay related perks. I would try to finish them all anyways, but it’s nice to get something in return. I think my favorite little touch thus far is the after battle screen in Mementos when Morgana just rolls up. At the rate I’m going I should have it wrapped up by the holidays. Stupid adulthood.


Alexander is a tank I crushed everyone by the early 1900s on king, large. I loved his mechanic that when you take cities with winners you gain a boost to a tech or policy. Awesome who next I wonder, I’m tempted by the Aussies, but I do still need to finish horizon as well


Are you playing Tides of Numenera on PC or PS4? I want to give it a shot, but it would be on PS4 for me, and I understand the bugs are pretty serious. Also slightly wary of doing a lot of reading on the TV. (I’m one of the like four people hoping in vain that it’ll pop up on the Switch despite the developers’ assurances to the contrary.)


Ahh yes the crystal laser bugs. Pro tip. You can actually kill them if you have the spore shroom crest.

The good news is you can finish the game without doing the particularly stupidly hard stuff, including not having to fight the crap final boss, but you know. I found the game so absorbing I wanted to see it through all the way, but then I couldn’t because it became to hard.

But you’re right! I enjoyed most of it and that’s great! I even drew a picture.


PC. This is the first bug I have encountered, albeit an annoying one.


I bought the 1775: Rebellion board game, but discovered there’s also a mobile version in the App Store. So I bought that too just to see if it could teach me the game…and just realized I’ve been sitting at my desk doing nothing productive for far too long. Yikes! :anguished:

It’s pretty good! :relaxed:


Played and finished Chapter 3 of the Telltale Batman game last night. Not sure if or how any of the decisions I made in this particular chapter will have an impact later, as I feel no matter what I chose the immediate consequences would have occurred anyway. I would have to replay to be certain. Regardless, story-wise the excrement continues to hit the proverbial fan.


Too many games and never enough time. I am currently trying to hurry up and finish BotW so I can dive into Persona 5. Did anyone get the Premium Edition with the messenger bag and everything? It is a beast of a box. And I am a sucker for a soundtrack.


I did get the special edition, and I was disappointed to realize it wasn’t the full 3-disc soundtrack. Had to get that separately, but hey, Morgana plush. I put Zelda on hold myself, but I’m at the point where I’m ready to just mainline the rest of the story, shrines I haven’t done are getting harder to find just wandering around.


Yay, I played an actual PC game! It must have been nearly 2 years I think. Last weekend was our annual LAN-party weekend and we played Killing Floor 2 almost exclusively and became very not-bad in it. It’s a worthy successor and I like the new perk system and the fact that the game still ran on some of the more ancient systems (we of course also did play the “install windows and get it to run games” game for one of the macbook friends; fun times…).
I was the team demolition-person meaning I got to lob grenades and rocket propelled things at the largest groups of not-zombies and the biggest enemies. Which should mean hanging in the back of the team most of the time. If only the rest of the group didn’t have the tendency to scatter at the first few seconds of each game…


I’ve nearly completed Horizon Zero Dawn and GTA V so looking for a new game to sink my teeth into. I really want to play Persona but I have so many games to catch up on that it makes sense to wait for the price on current games to drop.

Just bought Street Fighter V with vain hopes of evolving past button mashing. So far I’m struggling! Is there anywhere to train with combos appearing on screen? Flicking between the menu and the game is really cumbersome, especially for challenges where they name the combo but not the buttons needed.

Tried out Dying Light, thought it was an interesting concept but so clunky in practice. May force myself through it but didn’t find it much fun.

Tried Bloodborne briefly. Loved it, but definitely get the feeling it’s a game that you need to dedicate yourself to rather than dip in and out. After slightly to yplaying Horizon the button layout confused too. So it’ll sit in the shelf until I have the time it deserves.


I have finally bought a Nintendo Switch, so I’m all over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild right now. I’m thouroughly enjoying it, even if it doesn’t improve as much on the open world formula as I had hoped. It’s just incredibly fun to play though, and I cannot overstate how much playing someone pretty adds to my enjoyment of the game.

Very satisfied with my purchase so far, and there’s a bunch of good games coming out for the Switch in the somewhat near future so I’m happy.


Sort of. If you go to the Challenges/Trials, you’re given combos on screen to practice, but you don’t choose the combo. Each character has a sequence of challenges that walk you through important combo chains. It has no timing assistance, though.


I’ve been playing a few games of Heroes of the Storm; I am not a MOBA fan in any way but this may not actually be the worst game I’ve played. Either Blizz have done a good job with their 2.0 and it’s actually a better game or they’ve tricked me into it by “making” me play 10 games with friends to unlock an Overwatch skin. In any case, I’ve been having a somewhat fun time.