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Wot are you playing?


haha no problem. maybe i’ll get it for PC one day if i a) get windows or b) figure out how to get it running in wine :sweat_smile:


as part of my trying (but not hard) to catch up on the decade or two i spent not gaming, i picked up both portal games for well under four quid in a steam sale. spent over twenty minutes trying every combination of keys on the keyboard in an attempt to rotate before i hit the mouse by accident ~basicgamesliteracyfail


@philthD, It’s easy to forget how unintuitive game controls are!

I didn’t realize how automatic my button-pressing had become until I bought Until Dawn for my roommate to play (he’s a non-gamer but loves horror movies.) I thought the choose-your-own-adventure style walking simulator would be easy to learn, but those quick time events are brutal for someone who has to look at the controller every time they press a button.

I picked up Grand Kingdom last week and have been enjoying it quite a bit. It’s a squad-based strategy JRPG with an interesting mishmash of mechanics. My favourite part are the level maps, which play like the “tabletop” style of Dokapon Journey or Mario Party, moving tokens around a board and using skills and items to cause global or local effects. The best quest I’ve had so far is a spy quest where you have to navigate around the board without being seen, sitting still and observing enemy troop movement patterns (I had to break out a pen and paper and take notes!)

The combat combines a the strategic element of unit positioning in the field with a live action combo/timing system in attacks. (Also there’s physics engine to learn, as attacks have splash damage, bouncing objects and friendly fire. I spent a lot of time inadvertently chucking bottles of poison at the back of my paladin’s head). It’s satisfying when you execute a button combo perfectly and take out the enemy squad leader in one turn; it’s super frustrating when you hesitate just a second too long and your character decides nope, they’re done attacking, they’re just going to be a sitting duck.

I’m not sure I’ve quite wrapped my brain around the online war system where the four kingdoms fight for territory in real time. You battle against AI-controlled versions of other people’s squads. I’m doing really poorly in them (mostly because of obnoxious things like cannon-fire on both sides of the field) and haven’t sorted out how to get better.


I hooked the ol’ 3DO up and have been playing Return Fire. The vast majority of you will probably have to look that one up, so ancient it is. (That reads a bit like Yoda there).


I got a demo of that with an issue of PC Gamer way back in the day. Fun little game.


It is. Mindless, brutal, bloody Capture the Flag. With a stirring classical music score. Great fun. :grin:


oooooh this sounds like something i could be into. there’re so many games right now but i may see if the local gamestop has a used copy or something :stuck_out_tongue:


It actually just released on the 21st, so you’ll have to wait a bit for it to be reasonably priced :slight_smile:.


No I don’t think so to answer your question. Well at least I didn’t manage to.


thankyou for the charitable assessment


I tend to keep an eye out for cheap or free iOS games of quality as my playtime is pretty slim in the summer. Usually I burn through them pretty fast, but Rodeo Stampede has got its hooks in me pretty good for the moment.

Basically you’re a cowboy that rides stampeding animals in the endless runner mold. The catch is that any animal you ride will get angry over time and once it’s tolerance runs out it’ll change how it acts. Some will buck and be harder to control, others speed up, or some will just throw you off their backs.

To keep going you have to line up and jump off animals and use your lasso to catch a new ride.

There’s also a zoo builing system where you can tame animals in the stampede, charge people admission to your zoo, and upgrade the enclosures thus unlocking better abilities for each animal.

There’s a ton of ads, but they’re all voluntary to unlock more missions, or double coins you earn.

Other than that I’ve been playing Guacameleee! It’s been sitting in my PS4 library for a while and I gave it a try and it’s AWESOME! Scratches that Metroidvania itch really well and it’s just so pretty! Couple of chuckles and lots of nerdy pop culture references in there too.


Had Mark of the Ninja in my steam library gathering dust for ages, pfft a stealth game, I don’t get on with those, why did I even buy it? But it’s absolutely brilliant. And compulsive, I have to restart to the last checkpoint every time I set off an alarm. Can’t bear not to.


Zero Time Dilemma arrived for my Vita yesterday and I’ve started playing it. So happy that they managed to finish up the Zero Escape series and I can’t wait to see how it ends.


Jumped back into Factorio as a coop game with my partner on the latest patch (and our first run through on Bobsmods as well). So happy the train track is much more intuitive now, and having all sorts of fun again.

I’m also super glad my fiancee likes setting up all the production chains so I can focus on my railways and raw materials. I am the mining god. All ore veins cower before me


Just started Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir on the vita. I got decently far into the PS2 version, and I’m glad to see they enhanced the beautiful art and kept the charm of the original whilst also streamlining some of the more fiddly item management bits. I’m interested to see how the character specific tech trees work out, too.


Oooh. I just heard about his on Extra Credits. Doesn’t look like my jams, but its cool that a less well known game is a second life with a HD edition.

(If you’re a keen bean I have a video game blog)


I’ve been replaying Blood Borne. Working up to Old Hunters DLC. I love playing souls games which you’ve already completed. You end up just sailing through stuff which took hours of hard work first time.

I’ve been playing with fun jazz in a the back ground cause I’m a fun guy.

(If you’re a keen bean I have a video game blog)


Just finished Oxenfree which was jolly good fun, although not entirely a fan of the whole wise-cracking teens thing. The atmosphere, design and voice acting were all top hole, and at 4 or so hours this is well worth a run through if it’s sitting in your Steam library and you’re not sure where to go next.


Putting upbeat jazz in the background would definitely give your playthrough a different atmosphere!
(Cues up Yakety Sax)


I bought Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered off a mate at work yesterday - man, I forgot how long and tedious JRPG tutorials can be, even a few hours in.

It looks like how I remember high-end Dreamcast games. I know, obviously, that those were 4:3 and 576i rather than glorious 1080p widescreen. But the animations, the shot transitions, that weird motion blur on some movements… I’m getting an unexpected longing for a high-quality Shenmue remaster.

I’m having fun, though - slowly gathering party members and unlocking things on that incredibly confusing levelling map screen. Not sure I’m emotionally invested in the characters yet, though - and the voice acting isn’t helping on that front.