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Wot are you playing?


Switching between a bit of Blood & Whine Wither 3, Hitman Episode 3, Total WarWar Hammer and some overwatch.

I think that’s a very nicely balanced video game diet


I had to take a break from Uncharted 4 on crushing difficulty, so I started up The Order: 1886. It’s definitely a pretty game, but the controls feel a bit clunky so far. I’m only up to Chapter 2 though.


I’m sure everyone has games in their Steam library that they’ve started a handful of times since purchase but not really got anywhere, but I’ve done the same with a few Xbox 360 titles too.

I recently restarted Final Fantasy 13. Now Initially I was thrown by the decision to only allow control of one character in battle (having not played an iteration of the series since 10). I was also baffled by the apparent desire the designers had for us players to just press the ‘auto attack’ button repeatedly through each fight.

These things are probably what stopped me from getting more than a 1/4 of the way through in the past. However, having recently delved much deeper, I’ve realized that the game isn’t in the selection of attacks and abilities, but in planning your group’s roles before battle and switching between these pre-prepared paradigms mid fight.

Turns out I’ve changed my mind and now quite like this design.


I’m seriously contemplating getting Overwatch. Could anyone provide their assessment? In the mean time, I’m about to try out Pony Island but am playing Crusader Kings 2 (which I managed to get into after all!) obsessively. Otherwise it’s mainly Splatoon, Majora’s Mask 3D and the bizarrely addictive Mini Metro :slight_smile:


Overwatch is VERY GOOD. At least if you have a group of people to play it with - I’m not sure it is quite as much fun if you’re playing solo with randoms.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been hearing. But thanks for confirming :slight_smile: Now to find some friends to convince to join me! :wink:


I’ve been spending time involved in other hobbies lately, but I sunk some hours into Stellaris and went back to my old favorite Crusader Kings 2.


You could come join the Cool Ghosts’ Discord! We have a bunch of people playing it daily. And they’re nice people, too!


After having played Overwatch both solo and in teams I can confirm that playing solo is still pretty fun, even compared to team play. If you want it to be it can be quite relaxing, especially depending on what heroes you choose. I’ve found just running around as Lucio and passively healing everyone while vaguely shooting into the enemy can be pretty chilled out (and you’re pretty effective too if you have semi-good positioning).

Not as fun as in teams, but still pretty nice!


I finished The Order: 1886. Easiest Platinum trophy ever! The harsh reviews were somewhat justified, as the gameplay is rather lackluster, Galahad feels somewhat clunky when moving around and the cover based shooting is just so generic.

However, the graphics are fantastic, as pretty much every review agreed with, and I found the setting to be incredible. You really want to dig into this alternate history and learn everything you can. The story is good, if predictable, and sadly the game just ends right as things really start feeling exciting. If Ready At Dawn can make a better game that can be worthy of the story, setting and graphics of The Order, I would love to see a sequel.


Gone Home came out on PS Plus yesterday so I gave it a try. I’m usually late to the party on indie games.

Really enjoyed the story! Quite a neat narrative device collecting journals and piecing a story together.

Kinda spoilers:

[spoiler]However, playing horror games in the past put me on edge for almost the entire game! I kept expecting the other shoe to drop right up until the end.

The developers put in a few jokes at the players expense about this exact thing, so I didn’t feel completely crazy fro creeping around corners and turning on every light in the house.[/spoiler]

Actual spoilers!!!:

I really expected Sam to have committed suicide in the attic! So relieved when I got the journal about her running away!


I started a new Witcher III playthrough a couple of months back to get ready for the release of Blood & Wine and I just finished in time, completing Hearts of Stone this past Monday. Firstly, I can’t believe how good HoS was. Really fantastic all around with each of the main quests being incredibly interesting, but a certain scene with a spoon really (of which there are surprisingly many in this expansion) really threw me for a loop. Great ending and great charcters.

So far, I am really enjoying B&W even just a few quests in. The new area is incredibly beautiful, and two of the side quests had me laughing quite a bit thus far. One thing that I don’t think the Witcher 3 gets enough credit for is just how funny it can be. The quest where you have to fetch the pellar’s goat in the main game is still a high bar for me for comedy in an RPG, and they’ve surpassed that quest in each of the two expansions. Can’t wait to see what else awaits me in this land of insane franco-italian peoples aside from really bad accents.


I bought Age of Decadence and Prison Architect in the GoG sale today! I am very excited about both of them but right now I only can admire them because of work…

Oh and I got Albion just a great old RPG from 1995. Wanted it for my collection, I still have the CD somewhere.


Ah, Age of Decadence, now that is a game I still have to play / sink my teeth in. I tried the combat module a couple of times and failed miserable each time and while it still was in development, I played as a loremaster, which was fun but pretty hard. Age of Decadence is a weird beast of a game. Super rich in lore and story, very different character classes but it’s very very unforgiving and has a very steep learning curve (which I haven’t climbed really :wink:)


I am sure it is hard with your little kids to master a game with a steep learning curve. What I read about it on RPS sounded great! A RPG with so many possibilities. To win without a fight that’s what catched me. And what I read on destructoid that your decisions really have an impact on the world and story and every playthrough is different.


I’ve started playing Elite Dangerous again! God, there’s nothing else in gaming quite like the docking procedure in Elite. I love it - especially now they’ve added the additional comm chatter from traffic control at the larger stations.

But I’m way behind on the content. They’ve added all this Engineers and crafting stuff, which is borderline impenetrable and apparently requires me to run a combat ship and a mining ship if I want to get enough of the materials you need to craft upgrades for your equipment. These things cannot be bought; you can only find them by digging them up yourself, or finding and shooting down someone else who’s dug them up (or finding the wreckage of someone who’s dug them up shot down by someone else).

It’s intensely frustrating, since I only have a couple of hours a night to do anything, and spending it all figuring out all the new mechanics (not to mention actually finding and ranking up the Engineers themselves, who you need a relationship with to build any upgrades at all).

As if the Powerplay stuff wasn’t complicated enough… :sob:


INVISIBLE inc! invisible INC!

it’s soooo good.
I’m getting real Space Alert vibes in that everything will just very slowly creep toward being completely fucked.
But unlike Space Alert you have unlimited time to think of a solution.

Also sprinting, sprinting is the gift that giveth and taketh away


Platinumed The Wolf Among Us on my PS4 last night. I had already played through it on PS3 a couple of years ago, but it was really choppy and I liked the story enough to buy it for PS4 to see if it ran better. I am happy to say it did run better, though there were still a few instances of choppiness. Still, really great story on this one, and it actually got me started reading the Fables comics, which are also (as of the third TPB anyway) really good.


Not much brain power for new things after work lately, so I’ve just been grinding through some Final Fantasy 7 on my PS4.

I still love the game, but I hadn’t realized how much my nostalgia had inflated it in my memory. It has not aged well. However, the materia system is still one of my favourite mechanics to this day.

Here’s hoping the remake breathes some new life into it.


I’ve been playing FF7 on my Vita, and do have to agree somewhat about how the game has aged. Still, like you, I find the materia system to be one of the most enjoyable magic and skill systems in the FF series.

OT: Last night I started Grim Fandango Remastered and messed around with it for close to an hour. I never played it before, though I did play a lot of the old LucasArts adventure games, so it has a certain familiar charm to it.