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I fired it up and I saw that, but it’s a band-aid for something that needs sutures. It’s basically an additional difficulty scale, and does not address the root problem.

In Origins, you could accidentally meet up with insta-kill baddies randomly, or in specific areas, and later (after getting pumped up) could encounter these same baddies and mop the floor with them. It’s not the same satisfying experience. This system is just an additional, unnecessary, fine-tuning layer of “difficulty.”

Meh, I say! Meh.

(I’ve never said “meh” with an exclamation point, before, it seems unnatural. The word is supposed to reflect distasteful ambivalence, but somehow I got to the point of active, passionate, ambivalence. “Meh!” indeed.)


I think what I’ve found is that I can only really do one Assassins Creed game a generation. When I get into it, I really get into it, but these days they are packed full of content but also pretty samey gameplay wise.

I’m still working through Origins and I kept looking at the Odyssey thinking I might make the leap. Kind of glad to hear it’s not quite there, saves me having another 100 hour game to complete!


I started an interesting thread in the Paradox forums where I got a lot of very good tips on how to modify the game to my liking. Things I’m changing include switching the -4 bonus for precision shot to a +4 penalty, and making the odds of hitting a targeted location much lower at all skill levels, but making it moral independent. Then adding a +1 penalty to hit when moving, increasing evasion by 50%, adding another +1 penalty to indirect fire, halving all gunnery and piloting bonuses, and making inspiration require 100 morale. Debating whether or not to allow the AI to reserve.

With all that, it seems a lot closer to the tabletop game.


I agree, I think this patch might have saved odyssey for me, but that’s because I haven’t played an assassins creed game since black flag, and before that I bounced off 2 and 3 - I feel they took the series in the wrong direction! I’m into it because I like the sailing and the protagonists are interesting, I’ve restarted with the other and she’s wicked! But mostly I play assassins creed games for sailing now!


I tried getting into Origins and couldn’t. I didn’t really care about anyone, I didn’t like the theme, and I kept wanting the stealth elements to be deeper (I kept trying to lure people MGS style, but it just wasn’t that good).

I completely skipped Oddysey as it seemed like more of the same, but worse?!

To date, my favorite Assasins Creed game has been Black Flag. It wasn’t perfect, but I loved so much of it, especially how your character basically hated the Assasins for most of the game!

For me, the worse part of that series has always been the ongoing story between the Assasins and Templar. I just never cared, but the gameplay was often very fun, and I liked individual characters.


Sea shanties :white_check_mark:
Hiding in plain sight :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Naval battles :white_check_mark:
Navel lint :grey_question:
Awesome and creative ways to assassinate people :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Taking out an entire garrison (eventually) :white_check_mark:

Black Flag (and AC3) were the games that left behind a lot of content we’re not going to see again.


Have to disagree on this one and can only assume you didn’t get to a certain point in the game… where you might discover what that pyramid thing in the loading screens is.

But I’ll add in a:

Futuristic stuff spilling into the actual game, as well as pulling you out of the game :negative_squared_cross_mark:


That’s fair. I think Black Flag helped me realize what I cared about, and dint care about in those games. The only really downfall for me, was that your character loses his spine and goes full “Team Assasin” at the end. That, and the fact thatBlack Bart was the REAL villain of the game.

Black Flag always felt like the desingers had a great idea for a pirate game, but were only able tongwt it made by slapping the AC brand onto it.

Oh well, and least Skull and Bones is coming at some point…


True enough, I keep getting distracted with sidequests and silly nonsense. I’ve played 96 hours and have only unlocked, like, 24%, according to what I remember from my Steam page. The entire upper-left of the map is filled in, the rest is still mostly fog-of-war. I did find a few sci-fi secret spots, even in that small corner of the Grecian isles (a couple of which forced me to leave and come back later).

I hear that! And honestly, I am grateful for that. There was a massive dearth of piratical games, at the time of Black Flag the best one out there was still Sid Meier’s Pirates! (Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat and the weird half-finished Bethesda Pirates of the Caribbean games were also present, for many years before the AC franchise even existed. Not great, but really, beggars can’t be choosers, and they were good enough at the time).


Urgh… you’ve reminded me of my personal No Mans Sky… Sea of Thieves… What a letdown. Rare, what happened?


They got bought by Microsoft. All downhill from there.

Sea of Thieves isn’t terrible, imho. Especially now no one is playing it.

I did like being part of a crew, but good luck finding someone with the time and the download to play it with.


(Also speaking of No Man’s Sky, playing it now is a completely different experience. If you haven’t played it since the many updates, I’d recommend firing it up again from scratch.)


That’s the thing though, Microsoft know how to make games. Look at Forza Horizon Series - similar in style, a bit more single player focused, but loads and loads to do. Do you remember the SoT trailer where they went intot he skull to find the treasure, and it was an adventure.

How did that turn into buying maps from a trader and just going to a randomly generated patch of land and digging for a few seconds!

Sea of Thieves is fine, I didn’t even mind the other players (probably a European Server thing, too many languages to get the desired effect of trolling) but it never goes anywhere. You never get a better ship, a better sword or guns, just pretty skins.


The only problem I have with no mans sky - and see my thread on it’s release - I knew exactly what it was and it was what I expected - my only problem with it is once you notice all the water is sea level - no rivers, no cleverness in making authentic looking lakes or seas then you can’t unnotice it. I can put up with the saminess of the planet types, I can put up with the repetitive gameplay and the way the ships fly, but that killed my immersion!


I only wish Skull & Bones looked better.
Though they did delay it by a large amount of time, so maybe it will be good? On the otherhand, the reveal made it look like you played AS THE BOAT! :open_mouth:


I would totally play a game where I could be the boat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Up for debate, that. They’ve left many games in the ditch, and have made many titles I love to death.

Rare, however, went from “can’t-do-anything-wrong” to “why-do-we-still-come-into-the-office” after the buyout and the Stamper Brothers hoofing it 4 years later.


Guess you can’t turn a company based on Japanese working culture into one with a culture based on American working practices easily :frowning:


Is it just me, or does anyone else have a craving for MS Flight Simulator right now?


Yoda stories