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Wishing Well Winds [a Ryuutama PBF]


The small slime splatters into tiny puddles, defeated.


New combat round, I think:

“Willow! You did it!” Dot tries to concentrate as she aims at the closest slime…

Accuracy [INT:d6 + DEX:d6] - 2 + 1 (concentrate using a fumble point) = 2 (after modifiers) vs Initiative 4

… but her excitement get’s the better of her as the arrow goes sailing into the long grass. She could swear the slime makes a raspberry sound in her general direction.


Erasmus mutters a curse under his breath as his crossbow misfires, the bolt staying where it is. He wrestles with it, taking valuable time to reset it and ensure the bolt it in place properly before he takes aim again, seeing the large slime has moved back and the medium sized slime is moving ahead and attacking. He lines up a shot on the medium slime and murmurs a pray to the wind spirits. (Accuracy check was 5 + 3 - 2 = 6)

He pulled the trigger and the bolt flew from the crossbow drawing a relieved sigh from his lips.
(Damage roll was a 5)


Shiro charges at the medium slime, his small bruise doing nothing to slow him down.

Axe accuracy STR d6: 2 + STR d6: 2 +1 (FP) -1

Damage STR d6: 2


The Medium Slime attacks Shiro–it seems to have a beef with him.

Glob Fist: d4+d8 = 5 vs. initiative 6, Miss!

The Large Slime cheers its friend on with wiggles!


[Just a forewarning, got a hurricane coming through my area these next couple of days, so might be without internet.]


Willow continues to make the most of the slimes’ apparent fixation with Shiro (has he got food in his pockets or something?), but fails to muster the same clout as her previous attack.

Accuracy: STR d6: 6 + INT d8: 6 + 1 = 13
Damage: INT d8: 4 - 1 = 3


(That’s a crit!)

(Also, no worries @islan, we’re taking this nice and slow anyways. Stay safe!)


[I hope you are okay @islan.]

[Good point, Abubu,] Willow has more clout than she thought! [You get to roll an extra d8 for damage if you want to @PangolinPaws. That’s if I’ve read the rules on Accuracy Check critical successes right…]


Lovely! d8: 5 so total damage of 8


(I think we’re at a new round again, everyone’s gone including the medium slime. Hope you’re doing well @islan.)

Shiro winds up for another strike against the medium slime, hoping this one is a bit more accurate.

STR d6: 3 + STR d6: 3 - 1
Damage d6: 2


[Yep yep, all is well. Just been busy between packing and unpacking and packing again for a trip this week.]

The slime reels from Willow’s blow, leaving goo dripping off her short sword (Initiative 3). Shiro, never one to miss an opportunity, moves in with his axe (Initiative 6 on next round).


((Question…can Erasmus shoot the Large Slime in the back area from where he is in the other back area?))




Erasmus slots another bolt into his crossbow and pulls the string back, taking aim at the large slime hanging out just out of reach of the others and pulls the trigger. He didn’t want it getting away once the other one was taken care of.

(Accuracy check: 6+7-2 = 11. Damage check: 6)


The large slime pops like a water balloon, deflating into a puddle of jelly. Defeated!

Its silly smile never changes, its face just shrinks until it disappears, dissolving away.


“Ha ha! Just like shooting Balloon Fish back home from the reefs!”


These slimes are starting to fluster Dot. She normally has a good idea of what an animal is going to do next and she was not expecting it to wiggle and pop. She is also half watching the heat lightning flicker above the grasslands…

But as the remaining slime reels from Willow’s strike, Dot sees it become caught in the long leaf blades of a patch of pampas grass. It’s the perfect moment to aim.

Accuracy: [INT:d6 + DEX:d6] - 2 + 1 (pampas grass) = 6
Damage: [DEX:d6] + 1 = 3


Dot’s arrow knocks out what little sustaining solution was left in the slime, as it tips over like languid jello, and Shiro’s axe makes sure it stays down. Defeated!

The journeyers are victorious.


Willow bends down to wipe her sword in the grass. The slime, which was once as thick and gloopy as egg white is now more like water.

“Well I’ve made a little bit of a fool of myself getting bowled over like that in front of all of you.”

“Has anyone hurt more than their pride?”