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Wishing Well Winds [a Ryuutama PBF]


(Wow! Another crit!)


((I know. I was like “Damn Erasmus…you keep using up your luck now it’s gonna run out!”))


Object: pink pampas grass
Initiative: [DEX:d6 + INT:d6] 9
Area: Back

Dot nocks her short bow and watches the rubbery blobs with fascination.


Object: A tree stump with jagged, cracked bark
Initiative: [DEX d6: 1 + INT d8: 2] 3
Area: Front

Willow reacts a little slowly. “Been a while since I’ve done this!”


Battle Area looks like this:

Enemy Back Line: Medium Slime
Enemy Front Line: Small Slime, Large Slime
Ally Front Line: Willow, Shiro
Ally Back Line: Dot, Erasmus


17 - Erasmus
9 - Dot
6 - Shiro
4 - Slimes
3 - Willow

Objects: Solitary Tree, Bird Nest, Abandoned Pack, Pink Pampas Grass, Jagged Tree Stump

During an attack, you may invoke any Object to get a +1 bonus to your Accuracy Check, describing how it is used. Once an object is used, it is removed the list of available objects and cannot be used by anyone again.

Available Combat Actions:

-Movement (switch from Front/Back)
-Magic (casting time of “Normal”)
-Assess the SItuation (reroll your Initiative, keeping if you roll higher, takes effect next round)
-Defend (damage reduced by 1, can choose to take a hit for an ally)
-Attack (roll Accuracy for your weapon against the target’s Initiative (TN 4). Roll damage if successful, Critical Hits double the number of dice you roll.
-Use an Item.
-Use a Skill.

Feel free to make all Accuracy and Damage Checks, even out of initiative order, giving a more vague direction if you do so (in case your initial target is taken out before your turn).

Remember that you can use Concentration (cost: half MP or one Fumble Point) to get a +1 bonus to your Accuracy Check (+2 if Technical Type), but not Damage or Initiative Checks.

Also let me know if any of you are using a shield, as they increase your Defense if your Initiative rolls too low.


Slime Moves (going off on Initiative 4):

The small slime attacks Shiro (Attack Check = 5 vs. current Initiative 6).

The large slime jumps at Willow! (Attack Check = 13 vs. current Initiative 3. Damage Check = 8).

The medium slime undulates like upset jello.


Shiro takes a deep breath and releases it slowly. His breath freezes in the air as he performs the ice dragon dance. As he finishes, he crouches and slams both hands onto the ground, freezing the grass around his fingers as snowballs form from his back and pelt the front row of slimes.

Shiro casts Snowball Storm

Remaining MP: 12/16


Damage- SPI d6: 5


Nice! Both slimes in front take 5 damage from the snow missiles


Erasmus takes aim with his crossbow and fires an arrow at slime attacking Willow.

((Accuracy Check: Int + Dex - 2. I rolled a 5, after modifiers. Damage Check: d8 I rolled an 8))


Dot realises she needs to stop bobbing her head in time with the bouncing slimes and focus. She makes sure she gets in a position where a slime (largest one preferably) is directly between her and a lone tree standing nearby, so that she can aim at that instead of the annoying bouncing. She looses her arrow.

Accuracy [INT:d6 + DEX:d6] -2 , +1 (solitary tree) = 10

Damage [DEX:d6] +1 (hunter’s power skill) = 5


The large slime teeters from the blows, before it jumps at Willow, dealing 8 damage!


(oh crap, I forgot to roll the magic check)

INT d8: 5 + SPI d6: 2 vs front line slime’s conditions


Willow has just enough time to be surprised by how un-slimy the creature is before she rebounds off it and stumbles to the ground.

She’s back up quickly with the help of a whispered enchantment (Cure touch: INT d8 = +7 HP) and glares at the slime as she brushes herself off.


Do we just keep going with the next combat round? If so:

Dot starts to run forward when she sees Willow being jumped at, but it quickly appears that her friend can look after herself just fine. Then Dot spots something on the ground - an abandoned pack. She looks up in horror at the slime closest to the pack, “Where’s the traveller you stole that from, you bowl of jello!?” The slime stops bouncing momentarily, but looks completely unabashed. So Dot bashes it (with an arrow).

Accuracy Check [DEX:d6 + INT:d6] -2 +1 (abandoned pack) = 8

Damage [DEX:d6] + 1 = 6


Yes, all initiative remains the same, I’ll repost it only when it changes.

The small slime is blown back, it’s lower half melting into a puddle, obviously in a weakened state. If it had legs, one would say it’s in a kneeling position.


Shiro uses the bird’s next and rolls the three eggs enticingly before a slime. When it bounces for the snack, he strikes.

Axe Accuracy STR d6: 6 + STR d6: 5 -1 +1

Damage STR d6: 3


Erasmus loads a second arrow into his crossbow, takes a step to the side, takes aim and pulls the trigger.

((I knew his luck would run out. Oh dear. I rolled for accuracy check…and got a 1 and a 1 on both dice…-2 on the check gives me a 0 for accuracy…but also a crit fail. Do I roll damage?))


The Large Slime is also blown back into a kneeling puddle position!


Erasmus’ crossbow misfires, and loses one durability!

Witnessing this sudden shift of fortunes, the characters feel resolute in the seriousness of their situation. All players receive 1 Fumble Point!

The Large Slime falls back to the back line, while the Medium Slime moves up!

The Small Slime reforms itself just long enough to launch itself up at Shiro! (Attack Check = d4+d6 = 8 vs. Initiative 6, Damage Check = d6 = 1) Dealing only 1 point of damage!


Willow sees an opportunity in the small slime’s failed attack on Shiro. As it bounces back a little off balance (who whoud have though that was possible fro a slime?) she steps forward and takes a big two-handed swing at it with her short sword.

Accuracy: STR d6: 5 + INT d8: 1 + 1 = 7
Damage: INT d8: 6 - 1 = 5