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Wishing Well Winds [a Ryuutama PBF]


“Come along everyone, our new leader is blazing a trail!”

Shiro finishes packing and follows along behind the group with Daisy.


Dot swings her pack on to her shoulders and sets off with everyone else after Bramble.

[My WiFi is going to be dodgy for the next 10 days, so please feel free to make any necessary die rolls for Dot in my absence. Here is one I made earlier, in case Willow needs help following Bramble (or the thing that Bramble is following!) Animal Tracking check [STR:6 + INT:6] 9 vs TN 6]


[Okay, sorry for the delay. I’m back from that convention and have been able to recover somewhat these last few days.]

You set off, once again heading eastward, though Bramble seems interested in heading in a more northern direction. Do you follow Bramble, or keep on your current trajectory?


(An “Aside” from a non-player: Thank goodness you’re back. I read these things like I’m an old lady watching soap operas, even if I can’t always participate.)


Willow’s attempts at prodding Bramble back towards the Easterly direction are becoming less successful and being met by progressively more angry grumbling and tail swipes from the bad-tempered pangolin.

“Erasmus, I’m going to have to borrow your stick in a minute, this thing’s tail is going to tear a hole in my trousers if I keep nudging him by foot.”


“I don’t think there’s a particular rush. I’m interested in where the little fella wants to go.”


@suz: As the party approaches a bend in a hill, Dot’s tracking skills pick up something. Most easily visible in the sandy soil around the base of the hill, the tracks look like many horizontal dashes, widely spaced out and about a hand’s length long. The memory of the Encyclopedia Dragonica entry easily comes to mind. Dragonica Number Zero Four Five. Giant ants.


“Willow, I’m sorry, you were right to try and turn back Bramble. I was hoping he was after a nice, normal termite mound as a treat for him and Daisy, but they’re both out of their league here! Looking at the spoor, these ants are fast and big. Getting on for three feet long and that’s not counting the jaws.”

Dot looks ahead along the trail. She’s looking for animal movement or an ant nest entrance.

[Not sure if this is Perception or Sense, but for Dot it’s 2d6 either way: 7 vs TN 6?]


Not without a few scratches, Willow grabs Bramble and stuffs him into her pack.

“Ants! I expect they knew of us long before we did of them. Are things likely to get a little interesting if we’re already too close to the nest?”


Shiro hates bugs, they’re gross and small and crunch when you step on them. He does not want to be anywhere near large bugs.

“P-Perhaps we should leave, quickly.”


Bramble grunts disapprovingly as he gets stored away. You cannot spot any, but they are probably nearby. The nearest blindspot is behind the curve of the hill, about 60 yards away.


Dot kneels and wistfully traces her finger along one of the ant prints in the sand. “I’ve never seen a giant ant’s home up close…” she stands up reluctantly, “but if the ants turn out to be unfriendly… I don’t really feel up to fighting today. Let’s go.”

[Part of me wants to wait and see what @Pravikun’s merchant would like to do - giant ant carapaces are worth 75 gold a piece - the other part of me wants to run like heck!]


“I don’t think my stick would fare any better against a pangolin’s teeth and claws than would your trousers Miss Willow. But he does seem to have the scent of something.” In the end it was decided to follow the animal just to see, it was still mostly the same direction. Of course the critter thought he had sussed out food and instead had lead us to a giant ant nest.

The very thought of giant ants filled Erasmus’ mind with flights of fancy. Mr. Shiro looked ready to leave as did Miss Willow and Miss Dot of course was still recovering should a fight occur. Part of him wanted to see a giant any, but not if it wanted to eat him. His mind did dredge up the fact that parts of a giant ant could be sold for a tidy profit at a marketplace willing to buy them. The thought of all that gold just…going to waste…

“As much as it pains me to leave a profit on the table, so to speak, I think perhaps discretion is the better part of valor this day. Let us quietly make haste in the other direction, yes?”


Thanks to Dot’s forewarning, you’re able to get away from the area and back on your path. It’s not long after that the sun reaches its pinnacle for the day, and you come across a short trail leading down between two hills, beyond which a massive flat plain filled with tall grass stretches out to the south. You can spot some movement over there: what looks like a small group of bulbous slimes, bouncing around themselves about 300 feet distant. The sky to the south is a swath of heavy clouds, an orange hue alighting within it every so often from heat lightning. A northeastern wind blows across the land. To the east–the way you are going-- you can spot some distant tree tops and a long, low hill.

[Been trying to get the map updated, but been having trouble getting to my main computer. Should have that for you tomorrow evening. In the meantime, you can either choose to hunt some slimes, or continue on your route to Ersol Village.]


“Now those are something I think we can handle. What do you say everyone? We should have something to trade when we head into town.”


“I agree. As I’m sure Erasmus will attest to, merchants are always happier to chat when you’ve got something to trade and I think talking to the locals would be a good way to get inspiration for the next stage in our journey.”


“Yes! And Magistrate Yeltin would be so pleased if we saw off some slimes!” Dot catches herself nearly clapping her hands in excitement before she remembers she is supposed to be taking things easy today. “Of course, we’ll have to go careful…”


You approach the slimes. There are three of them: the largest is 6 feet tall, while the smallest only stands as tall as 3 feet. They are slowly bouncing: sometimes in circles, sometimes on top of one another. They turn to you as you get closer: the biggest two have black beady eyes and the same stupid grin, while the smallest has no face to speak of yet still seems to turn in your direction. They pause, motionless for a few seconds, and then slowly start to bounce, getting faster as if they were working themselves up into some sort of playful fury.

[Each player is to do the following:

* decide on an Object in the battlefield, with @Abubu picking one extra Object.
* roll an initiative Check [DEX+INT].
* decide on your character being in either the Front Area or the Ally Back Area.]


My objects will be a solitary tree and a ground bird’s nest with three eggs.

Shiro hefts his axe and stands in the front area

Initiative DEX d4: 3 + INT d8: 3


“Aah, one of the more disgusting creatures to grace the world.” Erasmus shudders a little at the sight of them wobbling.

Erasmus plants his walking staff into the ground and readies his crossbow as he stands in the back area. He does make note of a small abandoned pack, though he can’t tell if anything is in it from this distance. He doesn’t see any evidence of a body so hopefully whoever left it is alright.

((Initiative Check: Dex + Int +1(Quick Ability) I got a 17.))