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Wishing Well Winds [a Ryuutama PBF]


Shiro squints up at the cloud dragon.

“I’m surprised to see only one, they normally float in groups. I wonder where it’s going.”

Shiro spends the rest of the day thinking about their adventure and all the different types of dragons they will see and maybe meet.


Footsore Dot has become almost hypnotised by the patches of light and shadow that slowly flow over her as she walks. The weird and wonderful stories Erasmus is spinning and the thought of a good sleep that Shiro has promised when they get to camp keep her going. She nearly bumps into Willow who stops briefly to rummage in her backpack. Dot finally looks up, “A cloud dragon? Such a dopey looking face! Maybe they’re lost or eaten something they shouldn’t like I did. What do cloud dragons eat? Rain clouds? I wonder if clouds taste of gooseberry fool or maybe watermelon…” Rather pointlessly, she waves and then gets back in step behind Willow.

[Out of curiosity, what season is it in this world?]


[The cloud shadows drifting across the grass make me think of early summer, what about everyone else?]


[Let’s go with it being late spring.]

The cloud dragon slowly drifts off towards the southwest (while the clouds themselves move closer to a westerly direction). The only other occurrence that afternoon is when you are coming over the summit of one rise, only to find the other side much further to the bottom and so sheer it is almost a cliff. To avoid an accidental tumble, you are forced to go the long way around. This area appears to be more hilly.

The afternoon stretches on into evening, until the setting sun turns the land around you golden. The music of cicadas is emitting from a rather large copse of trees nearby. Seems about time to set up camp.

Everyone: confirm that you have sleeping gear, describing laying it out for camp.

@Pravikun: Make a Camping Check (DEX+INT) vs. the TN 6. Receive a -1 penalty if we don’t have enough sleeping gear.

@suz: If Dot can feel up to assisting, she can also roll a Camping Check vs. TN 5 in order to give Erasmus a +1 bonus.

Is one person going to be in charge of the food and water? Reduce both by 4.

We only have the pangolin and liofel as party animals, yes? That’ll well be within the limits for them automatically receiving food and water.


Shiro has a tent large enough for 4 (I think, might be 3. It’s the size above the smallest) and sleeping gear. He also has 10/10 rations and water. We can use his stores for two days and then everyone can use their own after that if we need it.


Dot has sleeping gear.
Dot’s Camping assist check [DEX:6 +INT:6] 7 vs TN 5, so +1 to Erasmus’s Camping check

Working on autopilot at this point, Dot helps Erasmus set up camp. She collects some silver birch wood and bark for the fire, feathering a few sticks on the edge of her axe blade to get a blaze going quickly. For her bedding, she gathers a pile of dried grass and last year’s bracken then unrolls her sleeping bag over it. Before she can even finish the word ‘Goodnight!’ she is out for the count. [Did Shiro put some concoction in her rations, I wonder, or is she just plain tuckered out?]


The appearance of the cloud dragon brings a smile to Erasmus’ face as he recalls his sister Erith when they were younger, convinced she had seen a cloud dragon and it had winked at her and told her she was beautiful. She was beautiful, of course, but not because a cloud dragon had told her so.

“I should think one would eat whatever it wished to.” He murmured, mostly to himself.

((Erasmus has a Basic Kit which includes a sleeping bag and he has his own tent. He was planning on going alone before he ran into the others.

Camping Check roll: DEX: d8 + INT: d8 +1(bonus from Dot) = 17…I rolled double 8’s.))

As the group stopped for the evening and Erasmus surveyed the spot he gave Shiro a friendly pat on the back. “You could not have picked a better spot, honored sir. This will be a delightful evening.” He stretched, shedding his pack and though he was feeling the journey the sight of this lovely spot filled him with more energy. Enough to tackle laying out the tents. His frequent travels with the merchant caravan he had arrived in Burr with served him in good stead. The tents were standard models and he easily had his own erected, with Dot’s help, and helped the others get theirs up as well.

“There’s a knack to a quick set up, or so I was shown by a close friend of mine. Allow me to show you…”


First Aid roll Int d8: 4 + Spi d6: 5 vs TN 3


Shiro busies himself with some wild grasses he picked along the way. Chopping them fine and tossing them into a boiling pot. The heat pulls out their stored curative properties and makes the camp smell like… well, wet dog. He pulls out a small bottle from his pack and unscrews a dropper. Into the pot goes a single careful drop which turns the entire mixture pink. Holding the stem of the Hime Sunset Apple he picked earlier, he dips it into the liquid for a few minutes. When he pulls it out, the skin has turned a shocking shade of pink.

He brings the apple to Dot and tells her to eat as much as she can.

“Using chopped crepto grasses and a drop of a tincture called tismol, you can create a food additive that helps settle the stomach, I like to call it Crepto Tismol. It’s a happy accident that apples are also good for an upset stomach!” he smiles, “Get some rest, I trust you’ll start feeling better tomorrow.”

(TN of the status effect drops from 3 > 2. So as long as you don’t fumble again you will get over your tummy ache. Also, a fumble and critical on our first day? This will be an interesting journey haha)


[My apologies, work has gotten very heavy this last week, and I’ve been arranging a trip to a convention at the end of this month. I hope to have an update by Wednesday.]


Erasmus’ determination to make sure everyone is comfortable leads to everyone having a calm and peaceful night. The songs of insects are drowned out by a firm wind sweeping across the plain–the nearby trees offer a decent buffer for you, their leaves ruffling relaxingly. You cannot imagine being more at peace.

[A Critical Success on camping! Everyone recovers all HP and MP, and get a +1 bonus on tomorrow’s Condition Check. I do not believe there are any other bonuses, but remind me if I missed anything.]

Everyone: Make tomorrow’s Conidition Check, [STR+SPI]+1 vs. TN 6. It is even cloudier tomorrow, though not quite overcast. Then, make your Travel Check [STR+DEX] vs. TN 6. Give a brief description for the results.

@Abubu: make a Direction Check [INT+INT] vs. TN 6. If you are 1 shy, @suz can assist and roll [INT+INT] vs. TN 5 to try to push you up.

Remember any gear bonuses you get for Grasslands or Cloudy]


Condition check: [STR:4 + SPI:6] +1 8 vs TN 6 and Poison 2 (thanks to Shiro), so Dot goes back up to [STR:6]
Travel check: [STR:6 + DEX:6] 5 vs TN 6, so Dot’s HP drops back down from 16 to 8
Direction check: [INT:6 + INT:6] 10 vs TN 5, so +1 to Shiro’s Direction check (if required)

After an amazing apple induced sleep, Dot wakes up feeling much better. She listens to the wind in the trees while she picks some fresh silver birch twigs and buds for a morning cup of tea (enough for everyone if they want some) and watches Bramble foraging for ants nearby while she drinks it. She wrinkles her nose at a weird smell of wet dog around the camp fire then whistles heartily to call the pangolin back to camp, but it takes no notice whatsoever.

Dot offers to carry some of the party kit, “How about at least a torch or two, Mr Akane? I owe you one for the medicine.”


Shiro Condition check STR d6: 3 + SPI d6: 4 + 1 vs TN 6


Shiro travel check STR d6: 2 + DEX d4: 4 vs TN 6

Direction check INT d8: 1 + INT d8: 7 + 1 vs TN 6


Collect Healing Herb STR d6: 2 + INT d8: 3 vs TN 6


Shiro wakes up the next morning refreshed. He sets out into the unfamiliar terrain to find another healing herb but after much searching can’t seem to find anything nearby.

Returning to the camp empty handed, he smiles when Dot offers to carry some of his things.

“I appreciate it Miss Dot, but you’re still recovering no matter how much better you feel today. Just try to take it easy if you can, that would be the best gift!”

Looking at the map, Shiro is fairly certain he can continue guiding them to the next town and begins packing up the camp while the others wake up.


After an enjoyable evening talking to both Shiro and Willow while Miss Dot sleeps off her sickness, Erasmus retired to his tent, got ready and snuggled into his sleeping bag. He lay there for a little while, taking out the coin on a chain around his neck and looking at the light reflecting off of it. He smiled and tucked it away and closed his eyes, letting sleep claim him when it would.

(Condition Check was a 6 (4+1+1). Travel Check was a 9 (4=4=1). Nice.)

The next morning the sound of activity outside woke him and he stretched in his bag, wriggling to free himself before he climbed out and greeted Miss Dot with a smile and a wave, brewing up a bit of tea for himself.

“I am glad to see you are in better health this morning, Miss Dot. Despite the cloudy weather, the day feels fine. The brisk wind has only a hint of rain to it, at least for now. Many a Fall day as a child I spent running up and down the shoreline in weather such as this.” He took a deep lungful of it and let it out, smiling. "Wonderful! And Master Shiro, a most pleasant morning to you. It was as I said, a perfect spot to set up camp. Truly we are fortunate to have you with us. He greeted Willow as we when she awoke before taking care of his morning routine to give himself a bit of a wash. Then his tent and gear were taken down and stowed ready for travel. It was over breakfast before they broke camp completely that he spoke up and took out his inspiration. A round silver coin with a triangular hole in the center, hung on a chain.

“I know this is apropos of nothing, but I was wondering if any of you have ever seen a coin like this before, or perhaps the writing on it? I’ve been asking around for years about this little oddity but none I’ve come across have managed to shed light upon it.”


(Can I make a check to see if I’ve seen the coin before?)


None present recognize the coin.

The pangolin is starting to wander off, following a scent.


Willow’s up bright and early, helping pack the tents and while she cant offer any information on Erasmus’ coin she is keen to know more about it.

“A triangular hole is unusual. You see the odd copper piece from the West with a little circular hole in the markets, but this is quite different.”

“Would you mind if I added a rubbing to my notebook?”

“Surely you’re not after more food, Bramble? You just ate your weight in ants… I feel a bit bad for them.”

She starts to wander along behind the miandering animal, every so often nudging him back round to avoid moving too far from the group.

[Condition: 4+ 5 = 9, Travel: 5 + 6 = 11]