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Wishing Well Winds [a Ryuutama PBF]


(Haha, sorry that is for Shiro)

Shiro wakes up that morning feeling unstoppable. He hefts his axe which feels much lighter than usual (STR to D8 I wouldn’t suggest rolling them all at once like I did) and sets about packing his things onto Daisy. His son’s family spent the night and he cooks them a quick breakfast while they wake up.

He sits next to his wife while they eat and gazes at her lovingly while she eats her impromptu breakfast. She makes a face at the taste and says, “Spare those traveling with you and don’t cook on the road.” He laughs at that and kisses her on the forehead, “I have to go now my love”

They embrace for what feels like a lifetime and both come away with tears in their eyes.

“I love you my lion,” she whispers.

“And I love you my lamb,” he returns.

Setting out, his family follow him as far as the edge of town. He hugs all of them, his granddaughter most of all. He is the first one there, but he doesn’t want his family to wait for the send-off.

“Alright, I’m going to see if I can’t find that Hime Apple tree before we go. Take good care of your Mother and I’ll see you all soon.”

With one last round of hugs, Shiro sets out into the Plains to find the first healing herb of the trip.


Collect Healing Herb STR d8: 7 + INT d8: 8 vs TN 6


Just in case people are wondering, in-forum dice rolling is not required. You can roll your own dice in private if you would like, just post the results, along with your description.


Dot’s condition check: [STR:6 + SPI:6] 3* vs Poison 3
Dot’s travel check: [STR:4 + DEX:6] double ones!** vs TN 6

*Dot drops to [STR:4]
**Dot drops to 4 HP and that’s a Fumble Point for each of us! And I’m going to get some new dice.

[EDIT: just realised I should’ve added +2 to my condition check, but let’s just roll with this shall we? maybe the ‘molluscs’ negated the +2 :grinning:]

Dot arrives looking a little green. She is desperately trying to stifle a burp and her stomach is making wierd noises. She suddenly disappears behind a shrub (you don’t want to know).


If that’s what you wanna do XD

I figured that it would only have a chance at being bad for you on the second day.

First Aid performed by a Healer can alleviate the symptoms for 1 hour, using a concoction to calm the stomach.


Condition: STR 2 + SPI 2 + bonus 2 = 6

Up at dawn, as usual, Willow has plenty of time to set the farm in order, recheck her supplies and add a couple of things to the checklist (“stop worrying, the farmhand will be fine and the lodger is a friend of the family”) before heading over to bid farewell to her beloved chickens.

Everything was going very smoothly until she realises Sprint, a rather magestic Fayoumi hen is missing from the coop. Turns out she’d escaped courtesy of a hole dug under the fence by a certain uncooperative pangolin.

Sprint of course lived up to her name so by the time Willow had things under control the morning’s good natured optimism had worn thin and Willow arrives to meet the others a little grumpy.

Travel: STR 6 + DEX 2 = 8

Direction: SPI 2 + SPI 4 = 6
(Does matching the TN count as success?)


If I remember correctly, if you meet you beat in all cases but I might be mixing this up with 5e




((Terribly sorry I haven’t gotten a post out. Work has been hectic plus they moved me to another shift this week. I’ll get a post out tomorrow morning Quick question, can I spend some gold to have Erasmus get a “Suite” for the night? Is one available in Burr?))


The +2 Condition bonus is including a Suite being provided. Burr’s sending off party tradition includes a good bed at an inn, unless otherwise provided for.


Condition Check - STR: d4 + SPI: d4 +2 = 6
Travel Check - STR: d4 + DEX: d8 +1(Walking Stick) = 8

The celebration the previous evening had been an absolute delight. He was hard pressed to decide whether the food or the company had been better. He’d enjoyed himself immensely and when the time came he found, much to his surprise, that a suite at the inn had been taken care of, as part of the send-off for them. He briefly tracked down the Magistrate to give the man a firm hug for his generosity before seeing himself to his room. As he lay in the soft bed listening to the sound of the night he had a good feeling about this trip. His fingers were tingling, a sure sign of profit in his future.

When the morning sun broke through his window he rose from his bed and saw himself bathed and dressed and his backpack put in order. He stopped in the common room of the Inn for his breakfast and then was out on the streets heading towards the edge of town. He’d slept well and was feeling good. The weather today looked to be mild, with maybe some breezes. In other words a gorgeous day. As he reached the rendezvous point he saw the others already there and raised a hand in greeting.

“Good morning! I can see, once again, I arrive last. I beg your pardons, I’m afraid I can only blame my merchant blood, for we so often love to linger in towns and push on through the wilderness. Oh, goodness. Miss Dot you look positively verdant this morning.”


“It’s nice of you to say that, Mr Beigh, but I actually don’t feel so good right now.” Dot’s eyes travel to the heavily laden Daisy, “I was going to ask Mr Akane if I could help carry some more of our equipment, but maybe not today. I’m sure I’ll feel better once we start walking.”

(Once they are travelling, Dot will follow in the footsteps of Willow and Bramble through the grass. It’s a beautiful day as the mists rise, but her eyes are downcast and her shoulders a little slumped. She just concentrates on putting one foot in front of the other.)


He smiled kindly as she tried to buck herself up walk on her own. After they had begun he moved in and inserted himself beneath her arm, letting her lean on him as she needed to. In a much quieter voice he said to her. “Verdant means green, Miss Dot.”


When Shiro returns triumphant with a ripe Hime Sunset apple. When he lays eyes on Dot, he immediately begins fussing over her.

“Well, you definitely ate something that didn’t agree with you. I can remove your symptoms for a short time but it’s best to wait and see if we run into trouble. If we make it to camp without running into any slimes, I’ll make a concoction to help you sleep,” he assures her.

He turns towards Willow, “I see you have the map! I’ve walked these fields before, here’s what you should look out for…” (+ 1 to direction check)

As they set out, he feels ten years younger. The soft wind winding through the waving grasses. It’s a beautiful sight, but he knows the dangers and keeps an eye open for any approaching troublemakers.

(I believe awareness is Int + Spi. Correct me if not!)


Shiro Awareness Int d8: 2 + Spi d6: 6


As you leave Burr behind you, you walk past pastures of grazing sheep–the last vestiges of civilization. By mid day, you are surrounded by a gently rolling landscape of tall grass, shrubbery, and little spots of trees filling in the troughs and accentuating the curves of the land around you. Willow is able to keep you on track–you would think it would be difficult to get lost in an area as open as this, but your legs have a habit to go along with wherever the earth turns if you let your mind wander. You are able to break for a light lunch under a hawthorn tree and rest your feet.

The trip so far has been particularly brutal to poor Dot, whose nausea has interfered with her walking that her feet are already forming blisters.

Shiro keeps a sharp eye out (DEX+INT for perception), but the only movement this close to town is birds and the gently drifting fluffy clouds over head.


As they set out across the grasslands, Mr. Shiro and Miss Willow all but leading the way, Erasmus does he level best to help Dot along, even going so far as lending her his walking stick for she seemed to need the aid. Her stomach definitely marking the beginning of this journey with a black spot. Though as he tells her, sometimes an inauspicious beginning leads to a wondrous end. He delves into his mind and regales her with stories he has heard and tales of strange objects that have come, briefly, into his possession before being bought by others. A valiant attempt at distracting Dot from her bodily woes.


[Dot losing her breakfast is possibly not the best way to christen this trip, but at least we’re sticking with the Ryuujin’s green theme!]


The dragon Ishiyonimorenya pauses in her writing. With an ink-stained claw she scratched at her muzzle, re-reading what she had just wrote. With her normally chipper voice she mutters to herself “…Ew.”

Onward you travel, the day slow and warm. Shade from passing clouds are your own respite from the sun. While gazing up at one of these, Shiro spots something. It was a cloud, yes, only it had white, oblong, immobile limbs extending out if, and behind it can just barely be seen the tips of wings. A cloud dragon, lazily drifting overhead.


Upon noticing Shiro pause to gaze upward, Willow pulls a small leather-bound book from her pack (pushing Bramble’s head back in as she does).

“Not seen one of those in a long time!”

She spends the next fifteen minutes balancing walking, looking upward and sketching with surprising success.