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Will you be buying Dune?

After the epic play-by-forum on in which I participated, I realised that I fall on the side of the fence that would love to own this thing.

What about you, will I be competing with you for stock of this game?

  • Yes!
  • If only I had more like-minded friends…
  • No!

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I’ll probably wait until the release of the movie. I expect it will be easier to find enough people to play it with after release.

My friends getting it (so I selected yes?), so that’s the ideal scenario! We have a special group for heavy games where we all have to read the rulebook beforehand. Think this might be one of them. It could even graduate to the likes of TI4 with a booked game every 3 months.

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I haven’t read the books, or seen the film, but one of my friends has ordered it so I expect I’ll be playing it!

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I’d love to try it, but a heavy 6 player game is not something I can even consider right now.

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I am in the same boat. I would love to give Dune a try, but I have TI4 and we have only gotten it to the table once and we were unable to finish. I would rather make the effort to play it more with my group rather than invest similar time and energy into a different game at this point.

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I adore the novel (and tbh I don’t think the new movie is going to top Lynch’s, it’s just one of those things that can’t ever be well-translated and his will remain the iconic one) and am half tempted to get it even just to have it in my collection. But the only group large enough that I might play with is the office board game group and honestly we’re not going to dedicate that kind of time to an after hours monthly gathering.

The review really didn’t describe something that would usually appeal to me, so it seems unlikely that I’ll be jumping on when it comes out - i’ll almost certainly be watching the new movie when it comes out though.

I already have a '70s AH copy, but have ordered a new GF9 copy because I like the art style a great deal more. This is one of those things that I probably won’t play all that much, but seems like something I should have.

I don’t disagree, but I have great faith in Villeneuve as a director. The only thing that I am certain will disappoint me is the fact that they probably won’t replicate the Imperial Russian & Afrika Korps-inspired Atreides uniform designs. Lynch nailed those.


I already have Rex. I do like the look of the GF9 Dune a lot, but I don’t think I can justify having both.

Fair enough, but I thought the review itself was brilliant. Almost choked on my coco pops at the rubber-suit-meets-floor moment.


Hate to burst the review bubble of Dune but the game is $69.00 and $85.00 after shipping. I have Prime but its not available for this purchase. $40.00 sounded reasonable when watching the review.


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Amazon is rarely the cheapest price, some games are outrageously priced there. Check out boardgameprices.com - Game Nerdz has it for $35.

In the UK, the game is available for £32.


$43 Canadian from my OLGS of choice…

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The preorder price is a pretty reasonable £32 in the UK at the moment:


Edit: @KIR beat me to it


My partner is a huge fan of Dune, so I might end up getting the game for them, even though Quinns did say it’s not good with just 2 players…

I voted “yes”. That’s conditional on finding enough players to get it to the table. Currently have one definite and one probable, so it’s looking promising.

I had a fair number of plays of the AH version “back in the day”, and one of my most treasured gaming memories was correctly predicting a Harkonnen win and snatching victory for myself as the BG.

Clearly gaming has changed dramatically over the years and I find it amusing how the younger generation of gamers regard this as a complex game system, my group used to play it as a lighter (although satisfying) break from the much more complex games that were so common back then.

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The impression I get from the review is that: I think I will have significant hatred for this game, the same way I have for Game of Thrones. So, no.


Yeah I’m expecting a bad time. I’m fine with losing badly in euros, but find games where I’m behind AND being repeatedly used and abused by other players with no hope of a comeback deeply frustrating.


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