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Why nature is awesome


I’m located in the middle of the polar vortex, so I though I would have some fun with the cold weather. I took a pan of boiling water and tossed the water in the air. Anything that hit the ground was ice.


Did you just create a banshee?!?

That’s pretty awesome.


What, did it not get cold enough down in Florida to do that?

The funniest part is that almost all of that snow melted away in two days!


No banshee! It was way to cold for screaming. @UllinBethalto is right. It was nearly 80 degrees warmer a few days later.


Around these parts, school was cancelled on Wednesday last week because of the wind chill forecast of -14 F and yesterday it was nearly 60 F.

P.S. “y’all”. I believe state law indicates if I talk about the weather I have to use embarrassing regional slang


You would be surprised… ‘Y’all’ has a rather large regional circle!