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Who would like to play my prototype, "Fiefdoms"?

I am looking for people who would be interested in playing my game, which I am calling Fiefdoms. It combines a number of familiar mechanics in what I think is an entertaining and well-balanced game. It has tile placement, resource management, development of various structures on the board, and area control with moderate fighting. Rules are available here.

The base game has been extensively playtested. I have numerous expansion ideas in various states of realization. Most importantly I have a playable variable factions setup which is fun, but could probably use more testing, tweaking and rule clarifying.

The game supports 2 to 4 players and I have two copies of it. I will be attending SHUX with a friend so we can “seed” one or two games at a time. I would be up for playing other people’s games in exchange for playing mine.


You’ve only been here a few months, but you may want to put something over in Shameless Self Promotion, which you may not have not known about.

It’s a big forum, I’ve been here since the beginning and I still get lost.

OK, maybe, thanks. But this is specifically about looking for people to play at SHUX.

If you want, I have a table in Indie Alley on the Friday and I’d be more than happy to let you use it for a while. Message me here if you’re interested.

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That is very generous of you, thanks! Could you explain what that means? My understanding is that Indie Alley or Avenue or whatever is for people wanting to showcase games that don’t (yet) have a publisher but they have some kind of marketing materials to display in a booth or something? I don’t have any marketing stuff at this point. I guess you are promoting a game?

I would love to play this! Hopefully we can meet up sometime.

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