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Who 'are' SU&SD (and who were former SU&SD staff)

I thought it would be fun to create an overview of all currently “regular” staff for SU&SD and those who have gone. This overview emerged more out of my own curiosity then anything else. And it has been in “draft” for several days, until it evolved into this beast. So, sorry for that :grimacing:

I understand that SU&SD are pretty freeform with mostly Matt and Quinns at the helm… but… many, many, more people have contributed to the show. Somewhere along the way I lost track of who is or was actually part of SU&SD. Quite often new contributors are not “introduced” and those who have left don’t officially say goodbye. I understand it is the nature of a community such as this one. Obviously some contributors just moved on to other things, or rotate out by chance, i.e. they have moved somewhere else or are busy doing other things.

Current (recurring) contributers
The remaining permanent staff of this community and definitely not going anywhere (and if they do, only to boardgaming conventions) are Quinns and Matt. Quinns is also one of the two founders of SU&SD, together with Paul, who has since left the site (see the part below).

On Twitch we have the “behind the scenes” staff consisting out of: Anni and Chris. Chris might have met Matt through a former job at videogamer tv a site they both worked on, see his adorable introduction video here, it also features a quite entertaining rebuke from Chris to a very nasty comment.

Then there is Quinns’ wife, Leigh Alexander who is sometimes seen in a review or offering some much needed support in a let’s play. She also wrote for the SU&SD site and starred in some podcast, like this one and this one.

This year, SU&SD even employed some interns. They were recruited through video applications. We do not really know how many applicants there were, but some friendly applicants did share their contributions here, I believe none of them made the final cut.

Interns that did make it are: Kylie who got first introduced in the review for Blood on the Clocktower. She had a somewhat more proper introduction in The Estate let’s play.

Recently out of nowhere (because that’s what they do, don’t they, these interns) Tom popped up in the Pipeline review. Maybe there will be other interns in the future, Tom’s internship seemed to be rather short and I don’t believe he got an official introduction at all. I do hope we are going to see more of both of them because they are/were great additions to the team.

On the site itself there is forum member @AvaFoxfort (Ava btw, did get a somewhat proper introduction here) currently in charge of all news games related (and does a great job at that too!). Ava was also part of the Concordia playthrough.

Somewhat (recurring) contributers
Well this is actually hard. I would say: Efka and Elaine from NPI seem to be somewhat part of the crew. Efka has sometimes moderated their Twitch Streams and was part of the longest playthrough yet when he took on Twilight Imperium together with Elaine.

Another person we’ve seen a couple of times is Clarke (he was once introduced as Quinns’ lawyer friend on one of the SHUX panels I believe). He made an appearance in the Seal Team Flix Twitch playthrough which for some odd reasons never got a “release” on youtube and it has since disappeared from Twitch, meaning that if Quinns and Matt didn’t record it somewhere it is now lost for all eternity. Luckily, Clarke also made an appearance in one of the “Cardgames that don’t suck”: Ricochet Poker

Also there was Rob introduced as friend of the show on the Twitch playthrough of The Estates and later on Space Alert. Is he the same Rob who featured in earlier episodes? Like the Memoir '44 playthrough? No he is not, apparently…

Recent One time appearances
Jon Purkis made a cameo once, together with Elaine and Efka on the Meeple Circus he ‘runs’ Actualol.

More recently two Massive Assembly employees (producers of Total War franchise amongst others) played 878 vikings in a let’s play. They were Kube Whelan (Wheels) and Matt (Maddis).

Contributers that are no longer appearing?
So let’s start with one person whom we know for certain that he is no longer part of the crew. Paul officially left.There was a nice parting post from him.

I would have thought that Pip might make an appearance sometime on the Twitch Playthroughs, especially since she seems to be a forum favourite and earned 1st place in a poll I once put up for who whe would like to see most on the Twitch stream. but I haven’t seen her in all of 2019 on the site? She sometimes wrote for the site, but her last contribution is actually quite old, published in 2017. However, she remains active for the team however, as she is a confirmed guest for SHUX 2019. She featured in many earlier episodes most notably the D&D playthrough. You can still hear her as part of the Crate and Crowbar podcast.

Then there was a recurring regular in the earlier reviewes, Brendan of course. He even had his very own segment: “Board gaming with Brendan”. I believe I haven’t seen him on this site or in any videos again? Brendan is currently working as editor on some gaming site you may have heard of. :wink: Brendan was last ‘mentioned’ in the review of Enter the Dungeon. He apparently lives in the padlocked basement of Quinns Matt Lees… soooo nothing to worry about there :astonished:.

Also Cynthia Hornbeck who was once writing articles on RPG’s, like this one, and this one and appeared on SHUX in some panels, like the one where they actually played a D&D adventure.

Matt (Thrower) has also left the building, or so it seems. He wrote quite a few articles for the site on war games.

Then we have Eric Tonjes (no social media found) who once wrote about miniature games for SU&SD has gone MIA.

But if you thought that was it… there is actually a whole list of people who never appear again. Like what happened to: Maen (she was present in some videos like Memoir '44 and also in The Resistance: Avalon, both of those also featured Tom who has also not appeared on SU&SD for quite some time?

Joe Skrebels appeared in a Cosmic Encounter let’s play, for only a few seconds playing a - how appropriate - cosmic encounter addict.

Then there were F.D (no other name known) and Jessi who once made an appearance in the Mysterium playthrough.

Appearing in the older episodes is Julie Hough. She can be found in the Resistance review.

It is, or rather was, raining Matt’s on SU&SD it seems, because @deanlove pointed me towards another Matt (I believe this is his twitter page!) who wrote precisely two contributions.

So what do you think, did I miss anyone (quite probably)? Any information on what former SU&SD’ers are doing now? Did they truly leave SU&SD, like Paul or do they help in other ways?

And if you made it till here and are still reading: thanks for sticking with me!

UPDATE: Thanks @RossM, @deanlove, @bruitist and @COMaestro for your helpful contributions! It is appreciated.


You forgot Matt Thrower, who has written some pieces for the site.

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There are loads of people from the old days, look at the credits of the original episodes. (See also ‘The Director.’)

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Yeah, I realized after I posted that Reference Pear was missed, as was the oft-mentioned Millicent.

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Millicent isn’t real @COMaestro.

She’s Quinns’ muse.

Matt’s is called Sandra.

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Just a quick correction: Paul and Quinns founded the site (in 2011). Matt didn’t join until a while later, when he did “The Opener” for a while, starting with his King of Tokyo review (the YT description says this was in 2013).

And the recent, “friend of the show”, Rob is Kylie’s partner (I think). The Rob that appeared in a few past videos is a different person.


I am aware. I still count her :smiley:

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I would like to publicly state, for the record, that a conversation I had with Cynthia at SHUX’17 gave me the courage to finally put myself out there and give RPG’s a shot; and as a direct consequence I asked to join the Great Pendragon Campaign here on the forums.

It is sad she is no longer writing about RPG’s for the site; but I was glad to hear her new job keeps her busy.


You are absolutely right! My bad for not stating that correctly in my post. I guess because he was in my ‘gone’ list, that I forgot to mention him as one of the founders.

I have corrected this now.

Good to know, what is she doing now? I couldn’t really find it, other then that she moved to Canada.

Are you just looking to note those ‘visible’ staff, or also capturing those that work behind the scenes?

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Although the sites involved are very keen that you shouldn’t be able to do this, I have it on good authority that it’s quite possible to download video from Twitch (and indeed YouTube). So I imagine someone did that.


Well, I started with the visible staff indeed. But, I wouldn’t mind editing it to also include the team behind SU&SD. Anyway or anywhere specific where I might find those?

A good place to start might be to look for the thank yous given out by the team post SHUX18 to all those who made it possible.


I do have to say, I miss Brendan.


It seems to me that in a list of SUSD personnel @MinuteWalt should get a mention for forum moderation. I don’t know who the other moderators are.




Oh, just to clarify: I absolutely agree - 100% - with you. However, my intention was to focus more on the collaborators on the review part of SU&SD. I wouldn’t dare to create a topic trying to name everybody with some kind of contribution to the community, because I honestly and sincerely wouldn’t know where this would start and where it would end.

But I am absolutely with you, that SU&SD is of course waaaaaay bigger then the list of people mentioned above.

The same goes for the suggestion done by @Scribbs to include all the behind the scenes staff of SHUX. But I wouldn’t dare to start naming them, if only out of fear of missing people who are in one way or another helping in getting that event running.

So, if there are still people I have forgot who have contributed in reviewing boardgames on shutupandsitdown.com, please let me know and I will gladly put them in the overview.


@chrislear, @MikeimusPrime, @Annic

Stop. I didn’t mean to cry today, you jerks.

Anyway, I think @Annic kind of nailed it in the top post (except for switching out Praul for Matt, which was corrected). P&Q, or Q&P, have always been “the lads.”

@COMaestro’s addition of Thrower (as well at the Pear and Millicent, and @RossM noting “Sandra”), @bruitist noted the two Robs, I believe a lot of them are working in game journalism in some way or another, or just living normal lives.

This…thing…has been going on for a lot longer than most of our members have been part of this forum. Penny Arcade turned me on to SU&SD before they caved in to Youtube (which is fine. It’s fine!).

I tried to start a similar inquiry like this one for the past members of the outstanding Loading Ready Run on their old site, and it kind of petered out. People move on, the core project evolves, and new people just fit in, like a protein catalyst fitting molecules into…OK sorry, chemistry analogy, this was almost 12 pages longer.

Anyway, sometimes the old people blip on your radar, sometimes they end up doing totally new projects, sometimes they end up happily washing dishes at a diner.

And sometimes, there is a pear right behi…

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I think Kylie got her official introduction in the Chinatown stream.