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Which hidden role game now?


Following on from SUSD’s excellent twitch stream of Whitehall I’m now questioning whether I should still be waiting for the reprint of Fury of Dracula (which is a bigger game and does have more of a dramatic theme, which definitely resonates with me) or should I just get “Whitehall” or even "Letters from… "?

I definitely want a hidden role/movement game (i’ve got Resistance but it’s rare I’ve got 5 or more people in my house who want to play).

The one thing that puts me off Whitehall was it was rather dry - too stripped of it’s gory theme and drama. Is that more present in the Letters from Whitechapel?


The advantage of some of the “dryness” is that this game can be played with anyone! We played it with a friend who really can’t handle serial killers etc and she still enjoyed it and we didn’t have to go into the details behind the story. If you are more into it, there’s a lot of flavor text in the manual that adds more details, but the gameplay definitely still doesn’t support it.
Regardless I think this is a very smooth experience for all players which (to me) matters the most.


If you want something that’s hidden role and movement, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space is good.

Spector Ops also has a hidden role element at 5 players.


Fury of Dracula is great, but can run long. My favourite at the moment is Hunt for the Ring with two hunters controlling two Nazgul each, but it’s probably got one too many layers of fluffy rules (like Dracula).

Escape from the Aliens is amazing. Letters from Whitechapel is great, and probably best with 3 players.

In fact, Dracula, Whitechapel and Hunt for the Ring are all at their best with 3 players.


Yeah that’s very valid point - especially when teaching it to new players - my concern about it is more about replayability with the same people. Is it enough of an enticing puzzle to warrent rematches?


I would say so! As a 2 player game it’s much more of a contest-of-wills and mental headfakes, and I could see almost a meta game forming over multiple plays with 2 players. With more players I think its replayability exists a lot in exposing new players to it, and having different people experience the various stresses of murderer vs investigators. There are a couple of modifications to gameplay included to help one side or the other (or play with both to rebalance I suppose).
You will have a ton of fun after the game discussing various close calls throughout the chase, and at least for me I kept thinking about different moves I would make the next time I played.


Is there any major factors in choosing between Letters from Whitechapel and Whitehall?


I think the SUSD review of the latter gives some idea:


In summary, Whitechapel is longer, suitable for a larger group, has more stuff going on; Whitehall is shorter, maximum 4 players (ideally 4 players, in fact), has less distraction from the basic hidden-movement puzzle.


If you are able to find Clue: The Museum Caper for cheap I would say go for it. It was the first hidden movement game I ever played and it was amazing. Wish I had it now.


I’ve have Clue: The Museum Caper! I found it fun, though not as elegant as more recent designs.


Brilliant - thank you. Once again this place comes up with the answer. :slight_smile: (maybe I should search the site a bit more…) :wink: