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Which concordia expansion?


I don’t get the maps. Different maps work at different player counts sure, but why then have 3 sets of new maps. Like for Britannia, Crete or Corsica - which is the better 2 player map and just how different is the experience? Or at least why did you choose to acquire the one you did?


I’ve only purchased one map expansion so far (Aegyptus and Creta), but each has some different rules in addition to just the different layout of the map. Creta is easiest, involving a one-city province where you can take whatever good you would like if you Prefect there. Additionally, there is a permanent extra 2 coins when you Prefect for money.

I haven’t played with Aegyptus yet, however I believe on the Nile river, you can have multiple sea colonists on a path. There is also “seasonal flooding”, which does something like increase the output of the southern most province, then the next one up, then the next. I’d have to re-read the rules to have the specifics, but there’s definitely some changes to the usual rules.

Also, there’s a reversible board for the personality cards, which changes up the goods required for some purchases, changing cloth to wine.

No idea for other expansion boards though.


From what I remember of the Crete map is that it has less cities than most maps and it’s long/skinny which creates a tighter game (you are more likely to build on already developed properties).

I have the Salsa expansion which has more than just an extra map. . . it comes with Salt (which is used as a wild item) and Bonus Cards which gives you one time and permanent abilities.