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Where to eat and drink in Vancouver


For those visiting, try the local beer (if you like beer), as we win lots of awards around that here. This is a great reference ranking of the local breweries: https://justinmcelroy.com/2018/04/02/ranking-every-brewery-in-southwest-british-columbia/ Keep in mind this is a difficult/personal field and any brewery in the top ~35 or so could easily be #1 in someone else’s eyes. My personal faves include Moody Ales, Beere Brewing, Luppolo, Doans, and Strange Fellows. We also have a lot of wine from the Okanagan region of BC that wins awards (yes the board game by that name was inspired by the region). If cocktails are more your scene The Keefer Bar and The Diamond are standbys.

If you’re looking for the best of a certain category of food check out this very long-running annual popularity contest https://www.straight.com/goldenplates/best-vancouver-restaurants
Some of my personal favourite local spots include Meat & Bread, Pizzeria Ludica (a game cafe), Peckinpah, Forage, Happa Izakaya, Juke Fried Chicken, Gojiro Ramen, L’Abbatoir, Chancho Tortilleria, and guiltily Dunn’s (for montreal smoked meat) and Pizza 2001 (for a cheap & tasty slice).
This web magazine is foodie-focused http://scoutmagazine.ca/guides/
And here’s a map of the food-truck scene: https://streetfoodapp.com/vancouver/map

Oh and although Tim Hortons was made “famously Canadian” by those in Onterrible, we actually also roast a lot of good coffee in town. Check out Revolver, Matchstick, Pallet, 49th Parallel, Elysian, Timbertrain, or Cafe Artigiano for a great cup.

Hope this helps your stay in town.


Thank you for this, it’s very helpful!


For those looking for good beer and a boardgame near downtown, Pizzeria Ludica (boardgame pizza place) has Phillips beer on tap.


Poutine => La Belle Patate on Davie St.
Coffee => Timbertrain Coffee in Gastown.
Also Chronic Tacos is pretty good and it’s close to the convention centre.


In addition to all those listed above, if you want to try a variety of beers, check out Tap n Barrel, Alibi Room, and the Butcher and Bullock.

If you want to go Caribbean, definitely check out the Calabash.

Cocktails can be found at L’Abboitoir or the Diamond.


Anyone interested in Rodney’s Oyster House happy hour (“Low tide”) on Thursday?


How about good places to eat downtown if you’re cheap because you’re saving your money for gamez?


Around lunchtime weekdays there are plenty of great food trucks around where you can get a cheap eat. There’s an app called Street Food Vancouver that you can track them with. Favorites include Fat Duck, Chickpea & Kaboom Box. The first 2 are usually super close to the convention, opposite Lions Pub.

Outside of that, you can’t really go wrong with sushi in Vancouver. Even the cheapest of sushi dives will generally give you a decent offering around here. My personal favourites close by are probably Momo sushi or Kim House.


It depends on what you call cheap. First, keep in mind all our prices are 25%off from the US dollar exchange and from my few Seattle visits, I’d say that means most prices here are “cheap”.

Subway is cheap, there’s a food court across the street from the convention. Pizza2001 is ~$2.75/slice and you’ll likely only need two. Meat & Bread, food trucks, and Dunn’s are ~$10-15 to fill you up. A lot of the sushi/ramen/pho places will fill you up for $15, most pubs (The Greedy Pig comes to mind) will have dinners for $14-18 and after that almost any restaurant will have something in the $18-20 range. (once again -25% if you’re in USD mindset)

Downtown has a LOT of food options - if you want some food for cheap, just take a walk down Granville Street (it’s the nightclub street, so there’s lots to fill you up). Areas to shy away from for budgetary reasons would be Robson Street and most of Coal Harbour (west of the convention - remember the mountains are all to the north). Head east and south to find more budget conscious eats. West Pender street has quite a few options east of Granville Street that I’d call budget friendly too.


I feel like I have to defend Subway’s in Canada to Americans a lot since the quality difference is night + day … Well maybe more like night + not quite night but maybe the sun just set.
Any how it’s edible and not all together terrible.


Just got in- trying timbertrain now! Looks great!


You’ll probably see a handsome beard fellow in a grey toque and glasses walk by shortly as he trudges home from work. Feel blessed.


Only the part northwest of Hornby. The food trucks at Robson Square are great (there’s also a Chipotle in that area), and southeast of there a couple blocks there’s a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t expensive.

Another great super cheap option is Wakwak Burger (formerly known as “Burger $2.85”) which is a tiny little food trailer on Granville near Pender.


Sitting here at YakiNikuya (just off Robson) sipping Sake, grilling beef and loving life. Our Vancouver adventure has begun!


Some more classic Vancouver things to add:

  • Japadog - a Vancouver classic, they do hot dogs with ingredients like seaweed or miso sauce. They have food carts/trucks a bunch of places, and a permanent location on Robson a couple blocks south of Granville
  • Tacofino - best fried fish tacos/burritos in town. They usually have a food truck at Robson Square, plus they have some permanent locations. Avoid the Yaletown location (Mainland St) though, it has a different menu that isn’t nearly as good
  • Noodlebox, if you just want a big yummy box ‘o’ carbs
  • Already mentioned, but +1 for Meat & Bread. But be warned that it will get busy during peak lunch hours
  • Cartems Donuts & Lucky’s Donuts - if I had to pick one, personally I’d say Cartem’s, but others will say Lucky’s.

If you do a Google Maps search for sushi near the con, Miku will probably come up - be aware that it’s pretty high-end/expensive (though supposedly really good)

A few other good coffee places to add to the list: Nemesis, JJ Bean, Rocanini, and if you want the absolute maximum hipster level possible (yes, even out-hipstering Revolver), Aubade

As for poutine: I wrote an extensive guide to poutine in last year’s thread, but the gist is:

  • La Belle Patate is the best in Vancouver
  • If you want smoked meat on your poutine, Dunn’s is your best bet for that
  • There are a bunch of places on Granville St, and most are pretty mediocre; Smoke’s is probably the best of these
  • If fast food or a mall food court is really your only chance to try poutine, then New York Fries is probably the least bad option


I had lunch from a food truck called Frying Pan today and although I’m not a local I’m adding it here because the honey garlic jalapeno chicken burger ($13) I had was phenomenal. The fries ($2) are lightly battered so they have extra crunch and the hot honey citron yuzu tea ($3) was a perfect afternoon pick me up.

According to this they’re at 505 Burrard tomorrow too, nice and close to the convention center.


I’ve been meaning to try that one, it’s on the pricier side of food truck meals but there’s a dearth of fried chicken downtown, which I’ve been craving something fierce.

On the otherhand, for anyone looking for vegan options, there’s the Chickpea foodtruck by the courtyard just across the road from the con entrance. I did some reconnaissance earlier today :yum:


We hit Neros Belgian Waffle for breakfast (sublime) and Moms Grilled Cheese food truck for lunch. Fantastic tomato soup there.


Gonna give the Irish Heather a try. If anyone happens to be there, let us know.

Edit: scratch that. Apparently the heather is a bar with like four things to eat. Gonna have a Black and Tan and look elsewhere.

Edit the second: ended up at Flying Pig. Much better.


Gastown has great eating options for people of all dietary needs, and there’s about three-four different food courts within a fifteen minute walking distance. International Food court, The Eatery at Pacific Centre, the Fairmount food court and the one under the Hyatt all have a bunch of options.

In gastown, Flying pig as has been previously mentioned is great, and if you a little further down to the Gassy Jack statue you’ll find yourself at an intersection of excellent eats for all budgets.

Heading out a little further, there are plenty of restaurants westward along Davie Street. You can easily reach it via the 2, 44, 4, or any other bus heading southbound along Burrard. A personal favorite of mine is Banana Lead. About midway up the pricy end, but it has delicious Malaysian food.