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What's The Worst Game In Your Collection? (And Why Is It Still In Your Collection?)


I think the key thing is that quite a lot of people just like games like that - roll dice, flip cards, string together a narrative from card names and pictures. See Talisman for another very popular example.

I just steer well clear. Not my thing at all, or at least it hasn’t been for the last 20+ years anyway.


This isn’t my experience of Firefly. Yes, interaction is limited, but there are significant opportunities; when I play there’s a definite feel of phases in the game, crew acquisition / small jobs / game-winning jobs; most importantly, there are always meaningful decisions to make. Eh, if we all liked the same games Essen would be a lot less interesting.

To stick to the thread’s subject. I try to trade away the games that I don’t like. I believe I do still have a copy of Munchkin Axe Cop because the arbitrary setting actually works well with the mechanics (and without expansions games don’t have such a tendency to drag on forever).


Good point - I hadn’t thought of it like that. I refused to play Snakes and Ladders as a kid, but do enjoy Fluxx, which is just a long winded dice-roll.

I guess it’s the time sink aspect of Firefly that I can’t be having with. Add enough fun to the journey and maybe Snakes on Ladders level of linearity type games regain some value.


I will hear no ill word of Elevenses!


I’m going to say Apples 2 Apples . It’s not terrible I suppose but I’ve played it dozens of times with small children and it rarely ends well.


I really should play this more

And yes, I think I agree with your assessment, its not simple enough for an opener, but not meaty enough for a full game. Or maybe somewhere in the middle, I dont know…

Don’t the SUSD team keep a copy of Cards Against Humanity around just so they can say how much they hate it?


Still better than Condotierre I’m my opinion


The old version or the new one?


But I’m afraid you must, sir. You must!




The new one


Probably Scythe…too big…too many mechanics and nobody really wants to play it with me.


Ooh, do you want to sell Scythe? Maybe exchange it for something with fewer mechanics?


I kind of do…


Somehow ‘Sushi Go Party’ comes to mind.


Has anyone heard of Anti-monopoly?

If not I suggest you stop reading now, and continue to assume it’s what the title suggests.
The version I brought (with real money I could have spent on pizza) has the option of playing as monopolists or as a competitor. There are difference between these two teams, in the same way there’s differences between my left and right shoes.

I’ve played it once. We opened it up, and my friends started setting it up while I read the rules. About half way through the rules we realized we’d been duped. It was just monopoly. So we broke out some booze and played monopoly. As aggressive and loudly as only drunk angry students can, in the spirit of the name on the box. About 30 minutes in I threw the game by giving another player the other two train stations he needed to complete the set. The game ended shortly after and we all cheered.

In complete disclosure, it’s not actually in my collection. I’m not sure if I binned it or if it’s somewhere in the garage, waiting to inflict painful memories on me when I tidy it out.


I first read this as garbage and was confused how it could inflict painful memories on you and how you could possibly tidy it out.


I’ve heard of it. My childhood best friend’s parents had it. It was always just there in the board game cabinet next to the Ouija board that was missing its planchette and the game with the shaky bridge. One time in high school some people pulled it out during a New Year’s Eve party and gave it the ol’ college try on the floor, but unfortunately it proved too confusing (and bad) for them and it was relegated back to its untouched state.


Sounds like the appropriate place for it really.

On a side note, apparently there’s two versions. I had version 2, but apparently the first version is fixing the board state following a ‘successful’ game of monopoly. Sounds like you play as inspectors or something trying to break up the monopoly. Which sounds neat, but after playing another game in the series I suspect it’d just be confusing and a bit dull.

On a side note, my phone keep trying to correct monopoly to monotony.


Oh, it was definitely the first one. No wonder I was pretty confused by your first post, because it didn’t match at all with what I remember!