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What is the most board game like video game?


Elsewhere I have been waxing poetic about the superb Atlantic Fleet, which transforms the miniature naval games from luminaries like Fred Jane and Fletcher Pratt to the digital realm. I am now hopelessly addicted to it. The game focuses on the Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine (as opposed to the USN and IJN in their earlier Pacific Fleet - a good game too, but less polished than AF), but the US is still present in the form of the Washington Class battleships, Bogue Class escort carriers, and Liberty Ships. I have always been fascinated with the large-scale tactical level wargames that were played on the tiled floor of the US Naval War College Game Room, and this is about as close as I can get without investing in huge fleets of model ships, reams of rules, CRTs, and roster sheets, and renting a gymnasium in which to play.


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Dark Quest 2 are kind of cop out answers, since they’re both based on an RPG/Heroquest. I had a blast with both but they’re definitely for a target audience.

Dark Quest 2 (It’s hero quest the video game):

Warlock of Firetop Mountain (based on the Fighting Fantasy solo RPG novels):


Culdcept revolt on 3ds has a ccg aspect (you open packs of cards) which you then form a deck. The deck is then used to place monsters on a board on which you are trying to place so that people pay rent monopoly style. You then try and upgrade the monsters over the course of the game.

It’s pretty good if it im honest but my brain just can’t really work it out and a game is probably a little too slow (half an hour?!) to feed into a series of losses.


Picked Up Space Food Truck the other day… it is, entirely, a deck builder.
Has some really nice presentation, and there is a fair depth of strategy (of the 5 fires, 4 buckets variety).


I have to say Divinity 1 & 2 feel very much like the spirit of tabletop D&D, especially playing with another person.


Sumer is built like a board game and includes real time worker placement and auctions.


So I finally made an account basically to make sure this thread doesn’t go away! :stuck_out_tongue:

Slay the Spire is a super solid take on a deckbuilding game as a roguelite dungeon crawl, Monster Slayers is another less polished but still enjoyable game in the same vein.

For The King is a new release I’ve found quite interesting - its kind of what I wish Armello was - a boardgamey hex crawling adventure rpg. It’s peculiar and fairly dice heavy but it definitely feels boardgamey.



Prismata is turn-based strategy game that is borrows heavily from RTS games but is card-driven and has perfect information but no deckbuilding or RNG. It’s original name was MCDS, for Magic, Chess, Dominion, and Starcraft. It does a great job of melding the best parts of each of those games. It is far and away the best board-game like video game I’ve ever played, and that is my favorite category of video games. Do not be fooled by its looks (which grown on you): this game is head and shoulders above FTL, Darkest Dungeon, Into the Breach, Duelyst, Hearthstone. It is easy to learn but as deep as it gets.

Each player starts with an equal board then builds economy and an army with a mix of attack units and defensive units. Player unit selection is based on a base set of units common to every game you play combined with a set of 5-10 additional units randomly selected from a pool of about 200.

It has recently come on Steam. It was free last weekend. The early access price is $25, and includes a lot of extra material including a great single-player campaign. The multiplayer only will eventually be free to play when the game moves out of early access.

I could not recommend it more strongly to people who like competitive and strategic board games.


“Most board game like video game” already has a bunch of good answers, but really there are a lot of video games that are just card games that haven’t yet been physically distributed. Where they aren’t, they use randomisation and component upgrades in interesting ways that you couldn’t easily do physically, which although interesting just places them further away from being a suitable answer to the question.

So instead of answering, I’m just going to give an example of some games that I love, that wouldn’t work as board games, but I kind of wish they could.

Invisible Inc., it’s like Burgle Bros but so much better. Too much hidden information to work as a board game though.

Into the Breach is a bunch of self-contained little puzzles with transparent mechanisms and deterministic outcomes. No multiplayer potential though, and probably too hard to make every puzzle “fair” using only dice and cards.

Slay the Spire gets a mention because it is a solo deckbuilder that doesn’t suck, but it has too many modifiers and randomisers to track for a physical game.

Also, although it is a derailing tangent, I do find it interesting that many games that I think fail as board game designs (Armello, 100% Orange Juice, Gremlins Inc. …) are wildly popular on Steam while actual board games that are good and well-implemented don’t do nearly as well (Twilight Struggle, Race for the Galaxy, Terra Mystica, Eclipse…).


I haven’t had the chance to play it (and likely wont as I dont play PC games) but I feel like Frostpunk could make a solid board game.

Not sure if it would work as a multiplayer…maybe coop? Or have different groups all trying to build engines around the furnace to survive?


An odd question and most of the replies miss the mark I think.

Armello has been mentioned, Antihero has not and I think does a good job of playing like a board game but taking advantage of a few capabilities of digital games, such as fog of war.

Anything by Brain Good Games especially Axes and Acres gets my recommendation. I think most of their games could literally work as board games.

I also like Loot Rascals


You’re right about missing the mark. I re-read the title and realized I replied to the thread as if it read “What video game would make a good board game?”. I still stand by my post that a game with the theme of Frostpunk could be solid.