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What games have you given/received this holiday season?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone. Just checking to see what Santa (or Dad after too much “eggnog”) left under the tree for the board gamer(s) in the family. Sadly, I did not give any games this year, but I did treat myself to a few on my list, including Viticulture and Architects of the West Kingdom.

What about you guys?


We gave ourselves the ever-popular “juggling two babies with full-time jobs” game! I’m thinking that will absorb all our gaming time for the foreseeable future. Our 4-year-old only asked for accessories for her Pretty Cure “Cure Yell” costume, so no games there either.


I gave CrossTalk and Forbidden Sky, and received Betrayal at House on the Hill and Bunny Kingdom!


I printed out Coin Age for our regular D&D players on cover stock.

Aside from that, this may be the first time in years I haven’t purchased a game for anyone for the holidays, even for myself.

I have sooo many boxes…although, I did get a tote on wheels to haul a bunch of games around. I guess that sort-of counts.


We gave a friend Hey, That’s My Fish for his birthday, which is the 24th. We figured it would be a good family game they could play with their daughter, as the penguins are cute, the rules are easy, and it can help her learn counting. It’s fun, too, which is just a bonus. :wink:


Was it the full version or the travel version? (full disclosure, I’m in favor of the travel one). No matter what, it’s an excellent game, and also has a fantastic app version!

Hey, That’s a Great Gift!


We are the kind of family that just ask what do we want for Christmas. No surprises, but we are guaranteed pleased with what we have.

I asked for Architects of the West Kingdom.

I, then, asked Santa for Seasons expansions to be reprinted, and I got my wish lmao. Libellud seems to strongly hint of reprinting the old expansions and a new expansion.


I gave my 11 year old niece A Game of Life, because I wanted to see if she can be corrupted into more board games later with easy family accessible games first.

I bought myself Gen7 should arrive in a couple of days :smiley:

A friend has bought Nemesis purely on impulse, and we’re playing that this weekend so I know if I want to get myself a copy as well.


We gave my parents a copy of Christmas Lights, and then assorted RPG dice for my sister who had been asking for a set in her preferred colors.

In return, my folks got me a copy of Exploding Kittens and, far more excitingly, Letters from Whitechapel. And while my daughter was out with grandma shopping one day she got me a copy of a little game called No Trumps which is just a card-based guessing game of who said what dumb comment, Trump or some other celebrity.

On the wider-family secret gift victim exchange my nephew drew my name, peeked at my wishlist and in spite of the fact that its on pre-order he decided he absolutely must get me the 4th edition of Fury of Dracula. Looking forward to that! He kindly wrote up an IOU for me.


Travel version. Both smaller and cuter than the other.


Pandemic: Fall of Rome was gratefully received this year. Hopefully there’s a chance to get it to the table during the holidays too.


Grandma gave my younger son a game where the players have basketball nets they wear as a hat. You have to dunk or toss a foam basketball into the nets of the opposing players. It’s called Basket Head.

It’s taken me a few hours to wrap my mind around this completely, and it wasn’t until after we were able to shuttle him back to his mom’s home that I figured out that this is a potentially fantastic (if possibly injurious) drinking game.

Way to go, grandma! Rated for ages 5+, I think we will bend that recommendation quite a bit older than that.


I got Barenpark! It was on my wishlist last year and I was kinda over it, but we played it and it was good!

I gave Skull in the secret santa.

So much stuff on my wishlist that just didn’t happen…


It was a big board game holiday this year. I received Welcome to the Dungeon, Charterstone, and AZUL from @Shades and gave her King’s Champion, Shadows Over Camelot: Card Game, Codenames: Harry Potter, and Ex Librus.

All in all, a +7 to the collection… Time to get another KALLAX!


Just opened a copy of Arboretum. The new printing has some really amazing art!


I received Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Carlton House & Queen’s Park from my grandmother, and from my wife, I received Alchemists (Alchemists: The King’s Golem), Le Havre, Ra, and Nippon Rails (the clerk at the FLGS didn’t know the difference between that and Railways of Nippon. I don’t know much about crayon rail games and have previously received Spike as a way to address them in my collection but I haven’t even played that; my neighbor is a HUGE crayon rail fan, so I’m going to ask her opinion on the matter). This year as gifts we have given Fox in the Forest, Santorini, and two copies of Sushi Go Party (to two different people, no less!). My wife received, from me of course, Scrutineyes (a game she loved as a child and her parents aren’t willing to part with yet, so I found a NIS copy on eBay for her), Fog of Love, Ticket to Ride New York, and Wits & Wagers


My son gave my a copy of OG Pandemic, which we did not have (despite having almost all of the other versions vesides Fall of Rome). He was very excited, as was I.

He will be receiving Star Wars: Imperial Assualt from myself, among other games from family members; the other big one being Mechs vs Minions from his grandmother.

There will be much reading of rules over the next few weeks, lol.


I gave my brother-in-law Ticket to Ride. He asked for a game that he could play with the family on Christmas, that he could play with church friends (no more than 4-5 people total), and that was able to be played with just my sister when the kids are in bed. When I asked about games he had played, he said nothing really beyond Monopoly and Game of Life, so I am hoping this game opens his mind to the possibilities nowadays, as it did for me.


Not a lot of gamers in my family or my wife’s family, but we received The Great Dalmuti and a set of double fifteen dominoes (because Pagat tells me there are almost as many domino games as card games) by request.

We’re gonna break out Isle of Skye with a couple people who enjoy “strategy games” later though, to share the love. And probably The Metagame (specifically the Metaquilt variant), as it blows away Apples to Apples whilst still being a party game.


Let me know how you like Bunny Kingdom. Is it for playing with the kid?

I didn’t know that existed. There might actually be a Codenames game I’m not rubbish at.

I got Chronicles of Crime, The Fox in the Forest, Jaipur, Tragedy Looper, and a bunch of sleeves for Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror TCG.

Happy 2019 gaming everyone!