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What games do you play when you are better at games than your opponent, and want a challenge?


The general notions that spring to mind are (a) play games which have a substantial element of luck to them (agreeing with those who already said this); and (b) play games which (i) you don’t know very well, and (ii) allow for a wide variety of strategic approaches (meaning you can try completely different things every game, and some of them will turn out to be rubbish, hence making you reasonably likely to lose some of the time).

I’m in a similar situation, and for whatever reasons Hansa Teutonica – a game with zero hidden information – was something we chanced upon which my other half truly enjoys, and which facilitates so many strategic approaches that every game tends to be a totally unique thing which could go either way. A wide variety of in-game options also means that, should you feel like doing so, you might choose to pursue an approach you’re not terribly confident in, as a form of handicap (not necessarily playing badly, but perhaps just playing with a variety of different strategies just to see what happens).

(If you did end up playing two-player Hansa Teutonica, make sure you’re using the revised two-player rules – these were released with the Britannia expansion, and the rules are freely available online.)

We also really like Hive, and I’m not sure if that particularly fits; but in my case, once my other half had properly gotten to grips with how the game works, I found that I was far from guaranteed to win. We’ve had a couple of really epic games of that (each winning one), which I was pretty thrilled about.


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I’m going to go out there and suggest Terraforming Mars. Multiple strategies, card drawing means there is a luck element/ adjusting to what you get. The milestones and awards add extra layers of competitiveness. You can pick corps that tie you down or don’t work so well with your starting hand.

The main reason I suggest this though is the solo mode. You can play cooperatively against the game whilst your wife learns the mechanics of play. She can also learn from your strategies how you play the game which makes it more likely she will beat you or at least run you close.

Main issue though is the game can drag at 2 players in the end game.

Other than that, another vote for Galaxy Trucker, or something like Pandemic. Quacks is great fun (not played with 2 yet) and big element of chance.

Are there themes that you both enjoy that may compensate for a weaker game experience initially?