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What games do you keep in your pocket?

Are there any games you keep on your person just in case you fancy wheeling something out at a sneaky and opportune moment?

Currently I have: illusion, belratti and 5 colors on me.

Red7 almost all the time; Star Realms Frontiers if I have a bag rather than just a jacket.


Coin Age, literally one card in my wallet and a handful of available pocket change. Always on me, all the time.

In my backpack, Love Letter, Zombie Dice, and occasionally Cockroach Poker (and sometimes Skull & Roses, but really, you can play that wherever coasters are available. I do encourage anyone to buy it and support the dev).

Man coin age does look fun.

I’ve had my eye on red 7 for a bit now, people keep saying it’s really good.

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All the games on my phone. Oh wait.

I have been known to carry Love Letter in a pocket before. Came in handy while queuing at a theme park. Nothing in my pockets now though.

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I love the idea of pocket games but in reality there are so few that fit!
I try and take some games with me if I’m seeing people at all, my smaller choices tend to be:
(in size order)
Love Letter
A Fake Artist Goes to Paris

Love Letter is the only one I could probably fit in my pocket, but games like Mint Works or Mint Delivery sound pretty good for a pocket choice. They’re just not super exciting to me. I love the sound of Coin Age but I can’t see it available anywhere :slightly_frowning_face:

Hopefully we’ll be getting a broader range of tiny-box games over time but I can’t see an explosion of them any time soon without a big success story…


I initially read the thread and thought “none”, but this made me realise I always have Carcassonne, Eight Minute Empire, Jaipur, Patchwork, Splendor, and Tsuro with me :smiley:

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It is currently defunct, but you can still find it and print it out. I think, please give me a few moments and I’ll see if I can find a link (apologies for not having it before I started typing).


EDIT: I found a dropbox link. It’s right here.

The original goals of the creators included making it open for everyone, so I don’t know why it’s so hard to find these days.

(I did pay for it because I thought it was worthwhile, and they were adorable back when crowdfunding was a new thing).



In other pocket-game related news, there’s a Kickstarter for Thumb Chess which looks… A bit daft? I’m intrigued, but probably not enough to back the kickstarter :neutral_face:

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Tiny Epic Galaxies + Beyond the Black never leaves my backpack. One dense little box of fun.

@felix Thumb Chess. I agree, it’s daft. But two bucks, USD? I can handle that.

@VictorViper Tiny Epic Galaxies has been getting a lot of talk since it came out and I’ve been remiss for not getting it and chucking it in in my bag.


is a good one to have…


Of all the games that have spent months at the bottom of my bag/pockets, Mint Works has been the absolute best so far. It’s so small and good and plays brilliantly with 1-4 in a short time (plus I’ve got the teach down to an art form) without being too simple to enjoy playing often.

Hive pocket has been lurking at the bottom of my bag forever, too, but sadly just doesn’t see as much play as mint works.

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That’s sad, Hive is great. But the same thing, here, I don’t get to bring it out as much as I like.

I don’t have Mint Works, but like many games here, I have no good excuse for not having it.

I don’t usually, but I think I’ll be keeping a set of Wibbell++ cards and my homemade copy of Big Points in my pocket for just such an occasion.

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Lately I’ve been keeping a standard set of polyhedral dice in my backpack. Because you just never know…

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Please, can we get a link?


Wibbell++ is deck of 48 cards each with two letters on them. There are a variety of games that have been invented for the deck - word games, party games, speed games, story games, etc. - with the idea being that more can be invented and published (in much the same way that hundreds of games can be played with a deck of 52 cards). I’m working on a betting game using this deck at the moment.

Big Points on the other hand is a fast-playing abstract racing/betting/set collection game that was championed on Matthew Jude’s This Game Is Broken YouTube channel recently. It’s waaay out of print but all it consists of is 70 counters, 5 pawns and an elaborate cardboard podium that might as well be a piece of cardboard. I made mine by spending £10-ish on discs and meeples at bgextras.co.uk (making the colours more colour-deficient-friendly!) but I’ve seen photos of homemade copies (see BGG entry linked to above) made out of bottle caps and other bits’n’bobs.


I’ve picked up a copy of Hive Pocket which can probably just about fit in a trouser pocket without too much discomfort. I’ll probably take it with me to a few meet ups with friends

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That whole series seems like a great source for pocket games!
They’ve also got a new kickstarter for their latest game, and it seems like you can pick up some of their others at a discount with your kickstarter order: