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What games do you keep in your pocket?


Are there any games you keep on your person just in case you fancy wheeling something out at a sneaky and opportune moment?

Currently I have: illusion, belratti and 5 colors on me.


Red7 almost all the time; Star Realms Frontiers if I have a bag rather than just a jacket.


Coin Age, literally one card in my wallet and a handful of available pocket change. Always on me, all the time.

In my backpack, Love Letter, Zombie Dice, and occasionally Cockroach Poker (and sometimes Skull & Roses, but really, you can play that wherever coasters are available. I do encourage anyone to buy it and support the dev).


Man coin age does look fun.

I’ve had my eye on red 7 for a bit now, people keep saying it’s really good.


All the games on my phone. Oh wait.

I have been known to carry Love Letter in a pocket before. Came in handy while queuing at a theme park. Nothing in my pockets now though.


I love the idea of pocket games but in reality there are so few that fit!
I try and take some games with me if I’m seeing people at all, my smaller choices tend to be:
(in size order)
Love Letter
A Fake Artist Goes to Paris

Love Letter is the only one I could probably fit in my pocket, but games like Mint Works or Mint Delivery sound pretty good for a pocket choice. They’re just not super exciting to me. I love the sound of Coin Age but I can’t see it available anywhere :slightly_frowning_face:

Hopefully we’ll be getting a broader range of tiny-box games over time but I can’t see an explosion of them any time soon without a big success story…


I initially read the thread and thought “none”, but this made me realise I always have Carcassonne, Eight Minute Empire, Jaipur, Patchwork, Splendor, and Tsuro with me :smiley:


It is currently defunct, but you can still find it and print it out. I think, please give me a few moments and I’ll see if I can find a link (apologies for not having it before I started typing).


EDIT: I found a dropbox link. It’s right here.

The original goals of the creators included making it open for everyone, so I don’t know why it’s so hard to find these days.

(I did pay for it because I thought it was worthwhile, and they were adorable back when crowdfunding was a new thing).



In other pocket-game related news, there’s a Kickstarter for Thumb Chess which looks… A bit daft? I’m intrigued, but probably not enough to back the kickstarter :neutral_face: