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What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?


What do you get if you breed two different varieties of the sexiest rabbits you can find?

What, you don’t already know?


Too soon?

During the fire in Paris, firefighters rescued a small case. In it was a cheese roll, crisps, a biscuit & a carton of orange juice.

It was the Lunchpack of Notre Dame


A vegan said to me that selling meat is disgusting .
I said selling fruit and vegetables is grocer.



(Let me look this up on the form, not sure why you were banned, oh, yes, here it is:


I’ll take it.

I had a dream the other day, that I was playing Yahtzee with the Grim Reaper… dicing with death!


Heck, my dream involved dicing onions as well as Yahtzee. It was a meal to the death.
I cried.
(you know, because of onions).

(I also don’t know where I’m going with this, I’m currently heavily medicated, I’m so sorry)


But… that’s what the analogy “dicing with death” already means. Not Yahtzee specifically, obviously (and maybe the stakes were lower in your dream), but still… I don’t think I can let you away with that : )


Group of adventurers sat around a table in an inn. The innkeeper asked why they have so many weapons.

“Mimics!” they replied.

They laughed. The innkeeper laughed. The table laughed.


The funny part is that the innkeeper, the adventurers, and the table are all mimics.


This chilling tale brought to you by Kobolds Anonymous.


Are Glass Caskets the wave of the future?

Remains to be seen.