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What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?


I learned the etymology of referring to currency as “liquid” today. It’s a corruption of French for quid.


My wife told me this one today and I thought it too good not to post it.

Why does the Buddha never vacuum under his couch?

Because he has no attachments.


I sold my vacuum cleaner today on ebay.

Well, it was just collecting dust.


@Gwathdring, you’re OK (for now. It was pretty close, though).

@DogFace and @SleepyWill are banned.


@MinuteWalt We should keep a note of all the bans, and keep a copy in Afghanistan. A tally-ban.


I think we should rescind the bans. Get the banned back to together.


Back and forth, @MinuteWalt, what are you, a rubber banned?


@Gwathdring you better think, about what you’re trying to do to me.


Because I will watch that movie again. And quote it here.


First post after intro. Here we go.
When I was a teen I came up with this one:

What do you call a neurology university for hippopotamuses?

A hippocampus


This actually got me to laugh out loud.


You are all banned.

And congratulations, my son. You are now banned as well. Welcome to The Off Topic!


Tell me, @MinuteWalt, if you read your bans out in church, does it mean you’re marrying the rhetorical question?


If all these jokes hurt you so much, might I offer you a banned-aid?


You’d better be careful with puns like these, or @MinuteWalt might fetch his three whips. The orange ones, to be exact.


You guys need to stop. @MinuteWalt isn’t just going to ban you, he’ll chase you right out of here. You’ll be a banned on the run.


That’s it! I’m done. I quit.

I’m going to Old West to become an outlaw, and live out the rest of my days as a bannedito.


Best of luck to you. I am sure you’ll be running contrabanned all over the place before you know it.


No! Come back, don’t abandon us.


Why did the Mafia boss get left out of parties? He was a banned don


A friend of mine works in the ER and said at least one person came in for lacerations after cutting an avacado wrong. I said that sounds unpleasant. She said it’s the pits.


Also I think I just did a cross-platform brick-joke for an audience of zero. Nailed it.