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What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?


Believe me, I’m tempted. That made me wince.


(( Or at least let me mess with his title ))


(Just let me know, Will! If anyone deserves to mess with my title, it’s you. I want to get though this next game of Codenames first, this is the tiebreaker between Dads and Octobers.)


Nah, not really - your title brings me a little bit of joy each time I see it - nothing better than being a bit dad, in a way that only those who are a bit dad (I consider this to be entirely uninfluenced by sex or gender) will ever understand.


I love you, man! :heart:

OK, enough patting each other on the back, let’s get back to the stupid jokes.

There’s two fish in a tank.

One turns to the other and says, “You take the turret, I’ll drive”


As a geologist, this is me being outstanding in my field.

Ok, I lied. It’s Janet’s field. Hush.


Hey, put it on the Selfie thread, tiger!

(I don’t know why I just called you “tiger,” that was super creepy of me. Almost as creepy as “hush.”
Also, that was an awful joke, you are banned. We won’t tell Janet.)





I was more thinking of “physically placing a finger on your lips while looking you straight in the eye and saying ‘hush’” creepy.





Much better.

(EDIT: I fell off my home office chair before I could type this. It’s OK, I was laughing, it wasn’t a stroke yet!)


I’m trying to give up innuendos, but it’s hard, so very hard.


Me: Is that birdcage made out of nickel?
Shopkeep: No, aluminium I think.
Me: So there’s no nickel in it?
Shopkeep: I see your game, stop…
Me: So, it’s a nickelless cage?
Shopkeep: GET OUT!


(This one works great with older kids, but it sucks in text, so read it first and then try it live.)

“This might sound crazy, but BLAWGNAWAAAAAA!!!


(Oh, @FunkJem, my son literally punched me for telling your birdcage joke to him. I did both parts, it’s hard doing it live!
I’ve been banned.)



Great. At random intervals inflation happens and you have to add a teeny tiny 0 to the end of any monetary values.
Or great uncle whatever gets the “no longer invited to Christmas” perk, because he brought the wrong coloured plate that one time. String beans don’t go on a yellow plate at Christmas great uncle whatever, what were you thinking!

In slightly more seriousness, I actually kinda like the game of Life. I’m well aware it’s not ‘good’ but nostalgia will do that anyway.


Ghost Castle was my thing, and Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs. I still have that somewhere