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What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?


If you did not apply as anything other than SWM, would you then be imprisoned, pilloried, or at least tarred?

Frikkin McSweeney’s… when did it go so “The Onion,” only for literature?


The website has always been thus! Like, 90% of the time, at least.


McSweeney’s is a far cry from The Onion (or it was, once), and very much different than SU&SD.?


No, McSweeney’s has always been as “literary Onion”-y as those articles, most of the time. I was reading it when it first came out, and submitted something (which got a “revise and resubmit”, which I never did) back in 1999. Maybe there was a bit more emphasis on found content, but it was still the literary wacky hour. Here’s a randomly selected article from 2000:

The journal itself is (and also has always been) very, very, very different.


The very fact that we are comparing McSweeney’s to The Onion makes so happy to be here.

Most people I know irl would be at a loss.

My ex, borrowing a joke on a cold day:
“Shit, I should have worn a bra. I feel like a walking umlaut.”


Late edit: Woops! Wrong thread. Moved now. Sorry everyone, sorry! :grin:


What sort of entertainment do you get when you spend the night in a haunted house?

You get to read Good Housecreeping magazine, and watch the wide scream TV. Don’t go into the library though, too many BOOOks.


Booooo!!! That was terrible.


If you thought that was terrible, I present:

I just heard a tap at the door.
Let that sink in.


What do you call it when a psychiatrist trips and falls?
A Freudian slip!


Q: What should one do when a gastroenterologist passes away?

A: Barium.


What do you call having to sit through a Kristen Stewart film?

Twilight Struggle


Why do catholic churches weigh so much?

They have a lot of mass.


I have to ask, do you read Questionable Content? A very similar joke was below the comic today.


@COMaestro @SamLR Ha! I was just thinking the same thing on Monday (was it Monday? Or Tuesday? “High School students weigh more” when Bubb’s was talking about picking up a school, by weight).

I used it on my older son, and he almost punched me.

Not relevant to the topic (totally off-topic, sorry), but Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 opened a day early here, on the 4th instead of the 5th, I have no idea why. It’s gotten me excited for the next Avengers movie. Apparently, Thor’s nephew is going to be in it? They haven’t been talking about it much, haven’t even released his name. I think they’re trying to keep it
a little low key.

(again, I was fending off my son’s-punches after I said this)


All jokes aside, Thor’s niece is actually in the new Thor film.

From the trailers, she looks …




mia culpa, it was nicked from QC, well spotted.


As long as you nick from quality sources, our end result is the same!

Remember, greatness borrows, genius steals.

Also lazy people steal too, but seriously this is a joke thread, who gives a shit.


I tried that defence but the judge still put me away : (


I wasn’t sure where else to share this, so this is what you get when you teach a neural net about drawing things:


I’m particularly fond of edges2cat, from which this fine blog produced these:

For my part, I tried to draw a frog, a squirrel and a shark. I am not a good artist.