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What are you singing along to?


There’s an old funk album from 1996 called Scored 1-0 on James Taylor’s label. It’s about £25 now on Amazon, and I can’t find my copy. I’ve been listening to select tracks on youtube and they are all belters. Especially this one. For Brits of a certain age, it’s totally recognisable. For others, it’s a slice of proper jazz funk.


I give you my first taste of pop music as a young lad in 1987…
Nik Kershaw!

There is a much longer story, but it’s rather dull.


This just popped up again in my life.

It’s not exactly what I’m listening to, it’s more like an earworm I can’t get rid of. It came back because I have a 7&1/2 year-old, and it came up the first time with my now-21-year-old back in 2010.

The best part is 20 seconds in. (Also 1:47, because hugs are awesome.
But it’s all weirdly hard to look away from, and kind of adorable.
I also just made guacamole yesterday).


Facebook is mostly useless these days, but occasionally it’ll throw up a gem.


So now I have Apple Music and I am revisiting the music of my past. I have never been a completist/collector type but it’s nice to pick up stuff I either couldn’t afford at the time or didn’t know existed, like this dreamy pop gem from the Pernice Brothers… (the whole album is really good, by the way)


My wife bought me some vinyl for my birthday…

I didn’t discover popular music till the late 80’s. I’ve been working my way back and forward since then!



What… is… this?! Good lord @Tadd31! Where did you get this masterpiece from!


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.halogram&hl=en_GB , I tried a few expression but this one was the less terrifying… am sure you can produce some terrible one yourself too…so many games to try this on…


Some no so new French artists for you then :wink:


One of the great masterpieces of our age.


You’re the worst. My ex is a big fan of existentialism, and you made me email her with that video. :sweat_smile:


Look what I found at Oxfam!

And yes… I paid £4.99 for it…


Nice score!


Manu Chao! I was a fan in high school!! :sunny: I listened to this and to Daft Punk, but they sing in English. Uh, and Zazie!


if you like Manu, you might like is early band The Mano Negra


My friend’s band have just released a new EP, so that’ll probably be on repeat for a while :smiley:

(Video’s a bit NSFW, so be cautious where you watch it.)

(I’m friends with the guitarist.)


Ok, lets do this!
I need new music to listen too, so I’ll post some stuff that’s slowly turned into white noise before scrolling back through this thread and listening to… stuff.

Do you like street music, and trumpets. Cause these next two
things have you covered.
I don’t know anything about MUETE, except they’re great and seem to shout a lot.

Hopetoun Brown! Two dudes in NZ, with a trumpet and saxophone. This might be one of their slower songs but if you like it, everything they’ve done is great, including the best cover of the Saint James Infirmary Blues I’ve heard.

Have you heard of The Adults? I hadn’t until recently. Started by Jon Toogood of Shihad fame. Heavily influenced by African Sudanese music it’s heavy and bouncy and great.

And if you like the above you might like this too. Vallkyrie’s Queen is full of drums and makes it feel like about 1am every time I listen to it. As my friend who first showed it to me put it “written by people who don’t seem to believe in genre”

And I’ll finish up here with some Shapeshifter. Because it’s great New Zealand Electronica and features heavily in any road trip I go on.

I should probably point out all but MEUTE are NZ artists. This wasn’t intentional, it just seems to be the way it worked out. I like other music too. Honest.


These are neat. I especially like Manu Chao. Makes for excellent summer music. I’ll make use of it next time it feels like summer here.
The Matador video is fantastic.


Surprised I haven’t posted this here yet as I’ve been listening to them almost non-stop for the past few weeks.

So, I was watching the Two Minutes to Late Night* halloween show which included Carina Zachary doing vocals on a cover on The Trooper and it blew me away. Looked up her band Husbandry and immediately bought everything they had on Bandcamp.

*(TMTLN is a metal-themed parody late-night show on YouTube.)