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What are you singing along to?


The general standard of the music has improved over time, so there’s usually at least a few songs I actually like. But it’s the staging that makes things worth watching. Many acts still manage to be as extravagant and bonkers as ever.

From last year:


Yeah, maybe I’d need to give it another go. It has been more than ten years since I watched it last.
And since you couldn’t escape Satellite here after the win in 2010, I actually thought that song was quite decent.


No prob, bro!
I highly recommend the newest album, Semicircle, as well as the first Thunder, Lightning, Strike and second one Proof Of Youth, others are nah.

It’s a great music to start your engines in the morning, after 4 hours sleep, before 8 hours shift on a snowy April day, when the fridge is empty and you’re having coffee for a breakfast (true story)


Like that song a lot:


I’ve been listening to Good Apollo IV Volume One by Coheed and Cambria.


After a 14-year hiatus, Hot Snakes are back with a record that I can only use sexist and objectifying language to describe, and I’m sorry, but there it is–It is BALLS OUT!!


The Dead South has been killing it! I got my mom’s boyfriend into them (he’s a musician), our leaser (specifically a bluegrass musician), my son (very much not a musician), and various random area musicians that I know.

And when I say that, I mean sometimes when I visit them, I just hear them playing it in the background on their stereos. They’ve gone over pretty well over here. Part of it is that I have given them CDs, but mostly it’s because these bluegrass Canadians with a slightly punk attitude kick ass (not all the time, but quite often, and “In Hell…” is totally the gateway drug to the rest of The Dead South).


Oh, @Boronian, when I said my mom’s boyfriend was a “musician,” he’s actually a drummer.
I didn’t mean to lie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Not joking now: skilled drummers are actually very underappreciated and hard to find. Just listening to The Dave Brubeck Quartet should clear that up. And I’m sick of hearing jokes about Ringo Starr being the luckiest member of The Beatles.)


…and the girls/boys always fall in love with the drummers.


Yeah. You’d think it’d be the front-man (usually guitar and/or vocals), or even the next down on the ladder, the bassist. But those are so many one-night stands and caustic, dramatic, relationships.

The drummer, and the also underappreciated bassist, has their rhythm down, they know what they’re doing.

They end up stealing the money, and perfectly time a con to sneak into a flight to Hawaii disguised as a pilot and a flight attendant (the woman is the pilot, her boyfriend is the flight attendant).

dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot

OK I’m gonna have to work on this this for a while on my own, this is my next novel/screenplay/young adult series.


I was reminded about Russian Ska the other day. It’s such fun.


You can’t possibly make me admit to singing along but I have enjoyed both versions of this: Jill Barber - Girl’s Gotta Do et en francais.


My high-school French is garbage (or rather, en français, “garbage”), but I do have to say I like that version better than the English one.


Fallen back to Rob Cantor. It’s not a bad place to fall back to.

Rosa, y negro.


Sorry this isn’t super-cool, kids, this just really makes me happy, and it’s there whenever I need it.


I feel like the not-playing-the-rules-of-the-game metaphor is a little thicker in the french version. But my high school plus Radio Canada french is not much stronger.


So I’m kind of home sick and I’m listening to Polish stuff. Here’s one of my fav conteporary artists, singing in English:

And, if you can handle that, a song in Polish (it’s about her driving back home, while her partner cooks five-spice duck for her :heartpulse:) and it’s cool because she mixes electro pop with polish highlands folk (she’s a Goral- a Highlander) and asian sounds.


I really enjoyed both those songs,@Anita, especially the one in polish. Homesickness sucks, and there is nothing like music to take you home in your imagination. For the same reason, I’ve been listening to this lately by William Waiirua. World famous in New Zealand! Listening to the song, it should quickly become apparent that he doesn’t take himself at all seriously (although I have learnt the hard way that kiwi humour doesn’t always translate perfectly around the globe).


I got War On Women’s new album for my birthday yesterday, so I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since.


The first one had me at googly eyes. The rest was just like getting extra cake after dinner.

Both helped me to remember why this thread is a super resource for things we may not be exposed to on our own.

They also reminded me that I’ve gone back to listening to experimental electronica/dance from almost a decade ago, like younnat (thank you Loading Ready Run for the Daily Drop videos so long ago, without them I would have never have discovered this Ukranian genius. Some people here may recognize Yesss! or Old Movies Not Terrible if you’ve been following LRR since The Escapist or even the Penny Arcade days).

Sadly, Oleg Serdyuk was kind of a flash in the pan, mostly active 2009-2010.

And then I went even further back, to before I was even born, to YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra, a dig on ELO, the Electric Light Orchestra, and a self-dig on being Asian), and then I just lost it entirely and listened to the whole of OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948-1980) and Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds for Baby.


High five from someone far from home to another soul far from home! It took me 3 listenings to understand Wowwee lyrics and to realize they mean absolutely nothing!
I love how flexible their pelvics are :laughing: