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What are you singing along to?


The holiday cluster is drawing to a close, which means I get to send my daughter back to preschool tomorrow. Finally. There’s been a lot of Sesame Street singing of late, and when I get the chance to pick my favorite rendition, well…


I am on my final playthrough of my Bing Crosby Christmas Classics album for this season. Starting after Thanksgiving I’ll always have Christmas music playing in my car, with two of the local radio stations going all Christmas music plus my small collection of CD’s, I am guaranteed to have something festive that I enjoy hearing.

But man, do the stations overplay Wham!'s Last Christmas or what? Really don’t care for that one, and I swear 9 out of 10 times I got in my car and started it up, some version of Last Christmas would be on one of the stations, and a majority of the time, it was Wham!'s. There also appear to be too many renditions of Baby It’s Cold Outside and Santa Baby, which the stations also overplay.


There was actually a challenge to see how long people could get into December without hearing it. I think I’m one of the few who made it all the way to Christmas.


I certainly didn’t hear the whole thing! Station got changed or a CD got started immediately upon hearing a note from it.


Recently I’ve mostly been listening to a couple of albums I got given for Christmas.

Firstly the new Diablo Swing Orchestra, which is their first with a new singer, but still just as mad.

Second, Crackout’s second album, which is 13 years old, but I didn’t know existed until recently. It’s not as good as their first, but still good.


This. No, these multiple renditions of HP Lovecraft’s Nemesis set to the tune of Piano Man. They are interspersed through the article.


I did some trawling through YouTube recommendations last night and discovered a band who sound like Protest The Hero with a female vocalist.

And they do some pretty great covers too.


Even though I have (suspected) vocal nodules, I am continuing to sing along to this amazing song from Dear Evan Hansen until I see the ENT next week for a proper diagnosis.


I have a pretty wide variety in music taste and am not very big on genres as such but love everything from Guitar based music (rock, punk, indie etc), Electronica, Hip-Hop and Pop music ill generally give anything a go if it catches my ear, which to be fair is how i think most people are these days (Not like my schooldays of “Townies vs Grungers”)

But area lacking in my musical kaleidoscope is most definitely Musical Theater, not due to some prejudice against it just never been shown/heard the right thing at the right time.

Now i had recently heard of a “Hip-hop musical” doing very well on Broadway and being a massive fan of Hip-Hop (more the sort of conscious, clever word play type than all the blingy misogynistic and homophobic shite we get in the charts) I thought i would give it a go.

Hamilton: An American Musical was not a disappointment it is an incredible intersection of song writing, great storytelling, fascinating actual history and incredible rhymes this really was something special and i am a little obsessed with it and desperately trying to score tickets for the West End run at the moment.

Give it a go if you have not it may not seem like its for you (and maybe its not) but i was pleasantly surprised by it so maybe so will others!


Check the cast album on Spotify (Produced by The Roots) as it is hard to find video of the actual performances. Above is the original cast at the White House performing for the Obamas.


Soooo infectious.
Feel-good hit of the summer in February?

Edit: seems like it was released last July, so it’s already been a summer hit!?


Also clicked on a Youtube recommendation to find this band:

Enjoy them a lot :slight_smile:


Lately I sing and dance mainly to The Go! Team, which is what you get if you mix marching band, double dutch chants and car chase music with bollywood tunes and indie rock.

Also, check this gig. I was there, trying to imitate Ninja’s dance moves:


@Anita I’ve listened to a lot of awesome stuff on this thread, but for some reason, The Go! Team is right what I needed to hear, right now.

I’ve become a fan. Thanks.


OK. I actually know these guys, I suppose I should stand up for my local bands, I listen to them all the time. So, long time listener to the thread, first time contributor (sort of):

Also, I’ve been digging on these guys a lot, as has already been discussed in the Weather topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :


Hey! It’s Eurovision soon, so I did my usual listen through all the songs. It’ll be a crime if this doesn’t win.


Isn’t the Eurovision a string of annual crimes?


And surely that’s why we love it?


Speak only for yourself. :face_vomiting: :wink:


Not my sort of music, but there’s usually some gorgeous costuming on display.


I used to join some friends in “ironically” watching the contest years ago. But the problem was that it took a certain amount of alcohol for me to endure most of the music, and over time it just felt condescending towards the people that actually enjoy (and take seriously?) the proceedings.
(The way votes are influenced by political reservations didn’t help, either.)
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m now far too old to “ironically” enjoy things.