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What are you singing along to?


This applies to both my singing and my dancing.

EDIT: Oh, my. I just spotted this: Canadian Motorist Fined $118 For Singing While Driving


Semi-charmed life by third eye blind


A relative oldie, but still a fantastic “get pumped up to leave the house for once you lazy fat f*ck” jam (YMMV).


A MONSTER song and a bright, shiny, very creepy video to boot. When you’re stuck in LA traffic, it’s very liberating to sing the chorus of this song very very loud. But take my advice and make sure your kids aren’t in the back seat.


Got this one off the Leaving Earth BGG forums. Warning: horribly catchy.


So, the new St Vincent album is pretty great (as always).


Always Driveway to Driveway. It is my happy earworm that will never die.


My Father has been dead for just over a year now. I’m listened and singing along to his favorite song as a teenager: Sh Boom by the Crew Cuts.


A song that I always associate with the movie Clue.


Was Sh Boom in that? I remember Shake, Rattle, and Roll by Bill Hailey & The Comets.


It most certainly was. It was playing on the record player in the study when the police officer is looking through the house. Methinks you may need to rewatch the movie to refresh your memory :wink:


Probably. It’s been awhile.


The new Jamie Lenman arrived in the post this morning and it’s rather excellent. I was a bit disappointed with his first solo album after how great Reuben were, but he’s definitely back on form with this.


It is a beautiful song, a good fit for a favorite song. I just listened to it and thought of you!


I’m listening to this (though I song along with the bass notes, not Ariana):

Not a Grande fan, but loooove the stranger things music.
Also this:


Oh. Oh, oh, oh. There’s a new Superchunk album on the horizon.


Fan video to The Imagined Village (Eliza Carthy and friends)’ Space Girl.


Well, I didn’t think anyone could top the Jackson 5, but this is, like, the “grownup version…”


Wish I knew what prompted it, but I’ve had the overwhelming compulsion to listen the The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs today. Over and over. Especially Papa Was A Rodeo.

I have no damn idea why this song is so good, but it is. A song that includes a line about wresting 'gators has no business being this touching.


I have been to three weddings, including my own, where “The Book of Love” from this album was sung as part of the ceremony.