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What are you singing along to?


The National are one of my all time favorite bands. Great to see that their participation in GOT helps them get the attention they deserve.


Ruminations is so so so so good! Up there with I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning, Digital Ash and the Conor Oberst s/t album.

Salutations isn’t as good. The songs lose a lot in production compared to the stripped down raw sound of Ruminations.

…I’m a bit of a Conor fan boy.


Speaking of the National, Matt Berninger’s collaboration with Brent Knopf is great…

Props to Brent Knopf too. Thoroughly under-appreciated musician.


The first videos are proof that you just need to do something to make it happen.
Backyard>Treadmills>NASA-assisted Rube Goldburg machines>Racetracks, and etc., and the etc. in between.

They fought for their own label because the record company didn’t know how to monetize their music and visual scope…

Yes, I am an OK GO fanboy. A grizzly, grizzly man who has appreciated their antics since their eponymous album and beyond. When the snark of G4-tv said “meh,” I said, “reevaluate your position!”

Which is not really a cutting response, honestly.

I like the message of indomitable hope they promote, tinged with inevitable (but ultimately overcome-able) despair.

And, really, they’re making some bank right now, and everything they do, generally, is entertaining as hell.


Have you played both simultaneously? (I don’t want to sound like a jerk, is that the obvious thing to do?)

All the yes. Play them both. Don’t worry about the sync.


The Dears



Oh no…

So over lunch I stumbled upon an article about the best indie rock songs of the '00s and now I’m in youtube deep. Let me take you through what happened. Come along now, we mustn’t tarry!

So, I was reminded of this incredible video of Arcade Fire playing with David Bowie in 2005.

Then I was reminded of the simple brilliance of Owen Pallett’s early music. Also, importantly, the article suggested that Broken Social Scene is the Wu-Tang Clan of indie rock because they occasionally release albums and play shows together, but you don’t really need all of them to do either. And they can all go their separate ways and make solo records that are just as good as the band’s records. It’s not wrong.

The article then stated that the following song is the best indie rock song of this millennium so far. Thoughts?

Now I don’t listen to heavy music nearly as much as I used to, but that Japandroids video reminded me that METZ is a really great band and one of the few heavier bands that I have listened to lately.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Aahhh Japandroids are great. You like Tokyo Police Club?


Yeah, Japandroids are great. I bought the 7-inch of their first album back in the day. I’m glad they made it big.

I’m aware of Tokyo Police Club and have been for a long time, but admittedly I’ve never actually listened to any of their music… Let’s just extend this youtube adventure.


This is one of my faves


I like it! I did a quick Wikipedia and noticed they are actually signed by the same label as the band that some guys I grew up with are in. Small music world.


CANADA!!! Hahah :smiley: :maple_leaf:


Haha and they just put out what is probably the most Canadian music video I have ever seen.


oh WHOA, truly. Haha. Labatt even. Magical.


Today I re-listened to an album that I used to listen to every single day about a decade ago. It was my favourite album at the time, but somehow I had almost forgotten that it existed. Funny how that happens.

The album is called The Curve of the Earth by the band Attack in Black. It’s the beginning of their transition from a punk band to a more folk sound before the band eventually broke up. The band was always pretty unique and their sound changed completely with each album. The members went on to other things along with a couple pretty popular and unique solo projects.

I find this album particularly interesting to this day because it has a really neat story behind it. While it is a full 12 track album, it was completely unplanned and never widely released. The whole album was written and recorded in 2 days after one of the band members found an old tape recorder in his house and the whole album was recorded on this tape recorder in another band member’s house. Originally they never intended to release anything they recorded and just did it for fun, but on the second day of recording they decided to release it. Because of this, it’s really unpolished in the most charming way. You can even hear phones ringing and toilets flushing in the background of the recordings and all of the band members alternate singing and playing different instruments in different songs.

Anyway, here is the title track from the album.


I can only apologise.




Don’t apologise, I’ve a smile on my face a mile wide right now. Classic cheese! :joy:


I’ve been listening to this again this morning, Irish duo ‘We Cut Corners’ with a track called ‘YKK’ from a few years back.


Because Rammstein makes me happy!