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What are you singing along to?

This should have been a shanty in Assassin’s Creed.

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Was gonna post this. Canada’s real national anthem.


Northwest Passage is a classic. Stan died way too young at 33, when reprobates like Shane MacGowan live to be 61.
(I’m joking, :heart: I’m sure Shane MacGowan would be happy to be called a reprobate).

I can’t shake this, it’s really annoying, so hopefully by giving to all of you it will finally get out of my head. I am so sorry for doing this to you. I’ve actually learned to sing the chorus, but not well.

Trout Fishing in America is a very impressive family-friendly band I discovered when my oldest kid was still a kid, and I needed music that would make me happy and also be good for the kid.

This is from (what I think) is their best live album.

This joined the permanent Dad playlist, right up there with TMBG and Tally Hall (and Moondog’s (Louis Hardin’s) rounds and canons, and other classical composers, both new and old, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Glass, Eno, Elfman, blah blah blah) and various traditional reels, folk music, and the pre-Joe Blues Clues audio books.

Good lord, I’m getting old.

Look, I like OK? :slight_smile:

Here’s a friendly British chap-hop riposte:


Right? RIGHT!
Doom Patrol.
I haven’t seem the show but its FB stalks me with ads, and i saw this the other day and yeah.


I’d love to see these guys and gals live. What a tune!


I don’t know exactly why this made me think of “Late July,” but it did.

Maybe because it’s a narrative of someone going to prison/hell because that’s where they need to end up in their own story.

Anyway, Late July is a modern “murder ballad” about a man who is basically interviewing for a place in Hell. He murdered an old man after seducing his wife (he made sure she was dead, too), then he killed a bus driver, stole the bus to sell weed from Mexico, got his operation shut down, it just goes on (machine-gun fight (Big Betty)), and the refrain throughout is how he’s “young, eager and qualified.”
…with the (electric) chair in Late July.

The thing I really want to take away from this is Shakey Graves’ virtuosity as a solo performer and lyricist. Skip the first minute or so if you want, I’m posting the good time-stamp

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A bit of French alternative…

Ludwig Von 88 - En Avant Dans Le Mur

Saez- Mon Européenne

Stupeflip - The Antidote

L’iditenté - Noir désir/les Têtes Raides

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I saw a bit of Jungle Book on the television the other day, and boy it was a lot slower than I remember. Even “I wanna be like you” is like 95% random scatting that goes on for far too long when I was really enjoying the lyrical parts. I figured there would be a remix that captured the memory I had of the song and this one has delivered for me at least.

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I remember Big Bad Voodoo Daddy covering this, and still thinking the original Louis Prima/Disney version was way hotter.

Electro swing is getting a bit of backlash right now, but I still think it’s one of the best flavor combinations in music we’ve had in a long time.

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I have listened to 言って (Itte, by Yorushika) an unhealthy number of times in the last week. There’s something about the pacing of it, and the upbeat rhythm combined with bittersweet lyrics (switch on captions for translations in many languages).

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The Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack is on my regular listening cycle right now and the end credits song is my favourite!

Elevate - DJ Khalil

More movies need to craft their credits with as much love as the Lord and Miller boys!

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Gotta elevate.

I rarely go to gigs these days, much less travel for them, but I went down to London to see War On Women on Friday night and it was pretty damn amazing. A packed small venue with the movement of the crowd actually shaking the floor took me back to going to local hardcore shows when I was a teen. Though my feet and knees aching after standing up so long brought me back to the present :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Los Lobos cover “I wanna be like you” from “Stay Awake” is pretty great. It’s that old album of the pop-stars of the late '80’s singing Disney songs. I recently downloaded it from Apple after not having heard it since I lost my cassette (I’M OOOOOLLLLD) and, honestly, that cover is one of the few things that still holds up.

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Wow, this is really good. I’ve been hearing about them for a few years, but for some reason I thought they were mopey indie-rock*, not something with a little more ooomph. This song reminds me of Rocket from the Crypt or The Bronx. I assume you’ve heard Screaming Females, but if not, check out this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ObpxB1_TV8

*not that there’s anything wrong with mopey indie rock, of course.

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Gloryhammer’s new album. The cheesiest and best of power metal.

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