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What are you singing along to?


This should have been a shanty in Assassin’s Creed.



Was gonna post this. Canada’s real national anthem.


Northwest Passage is a classic. Stan died way too young at 33, when reprobates like Shane MacGowan live to be 61.
(I’m joking, :heart: I’m sure Shane MacGowan would be happy to be called a reprobate).


I can’t shake this, it’s really annoying, so hopefully by giving to all of you it will finally get out of my head. I am so sorry for doing this to you. I’ve actually learned to sing the chorus, but not well.

Trout Fishing in America is a very impressive family-friendly band I discovered when my oldest kid was still a kid, and I needed music that would make me happy and also be good for the kid.

This is from (what I think) is their best live album.

This joined the permanent Dad playlist, right up there with TMBG and Tally Hall (and Moondog’s (Louis Hardin’s) rounds and canons, and other classical composers, both new and old, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Glass, Eno, Elfman, blah blah blah) and various traditional reels, folk music, and the pre-Joe Blues Clues audio books.

Good lord, I’m getting old.


Look, I like OK? :slight_smile:


Here’s a friendly British chap-hop riposte:


Right? RIGHT!
Doom Patrol.
I haven’t seem the show but its FB stalks me with ads, and i saw this the other day and yeah.


I’d love to see these guys and gals live. What a tune!